Katy Abram: “Mom, Why Didn’t You Do Anything?”

Katy Abrahm is spending her vacation and her anniversary going to a Arlen Specter Townhall Meeting on Healthcare and she is telling it like it is:

Katy’s interview on Fox this morning:

Katy & Sam on Hannity:

By Logistics Monster


  • I am just ashamed by what you brainwashed fools are trying to do. Millions need health care it is a basic human right. Look at where the money is. Look who stands to lose. You are the same fools who allowed this country into a needless war costing trillions! You people are just wrong, and history has proven you wrong many times before.

  • Katy is likely a low information ditz, who if the truth be known, is a product of the toxic mix of fundamentalist religion and single issue politics. Her depth of knowledge of the subject matter she was addressing, as well as her demeanor as a thirty-five year old woman is appalling. Her comment on one of the talk shows, that she is a “regular person” whose friends “go on mission” provides some insight as to where she is coming from.

    On a related matter, the old guy in the gray tee-shirt at the Specter rally (remember, “God will stand before you and your cronies”) appeared on The Shawn Hannity show the other evening. When asked how he would describe himself, the only thing he could get out was that he is a “Born-Again-Christian” and that Specter’s office promised him five minutes to speak. Hannity fortunately had another guest on with the tee-shirt and quickly turned to her.

    Brainwashed, yes. Filled with rage, yes. Fundamentalist Christian, yes. Is there a connection?

  • Anna Merican -

    Anyone who need medical treatment in this country can get it. A hospital cannot turn you away. the legislation beiong proposed is not about healthcare, it’s about power and government control. The more money spent and the bigger the government gets, the better it is for the liberals. once the people get hooked on a benefit, you can’t get them off of it…it’s like being addicted to drugs. It’s why you can’t get rid of welfare or social security…people are used to it now, so you can only reform it. They are doing the same to healthcare. Get it into the governnment’s hands and the people will come to expect it. Once they have a hold of it, they won’t let it go. Don’t let the governemtn get control of your health, there is a better way to get the healthcare to those that don’t have it and it is not a governemtn healthcare system.

  • To Diamond Tiger–Interesting that the use of “f…ing” (spelled out) passes the screening on this site, but a comment on the fundamentalist religious zeal exhibited by two of the speakers at the Specter town meeting does not.

    I believe you are missing a very big part of this story.

    • William – are you talking about your other comment or the fact that the religious right is as bad as the liberal left when it comes to the “but a comment on the fundamentalist religious zeal exhibited by two of the speakers at the Specter town meeting does not.”? The only comments I do not post are lewd ones. Your previous comment is there silly.

  • Isn’t it amazing how quickly evil people try to stamp out Christians, freethinkers, and individualists? It’s as if Evil is afraid of good people.

    “Brainwashed,” indeed! What cowards!

  • NormaJean -

    To Mel and William Allen, Public health has always been a government interest. However, the framers of our Constitution were deeply influenced by the thought that every individual has a ‘right of personal security’ which includes protection against acts that may harm personal health. This is a natural right to life which means that it does not come from government yet from “nature and nature’s God”. Our founders declared the purpose of government is not to create new rights but to secure preexisting natural rights to all persons, as to life in liberty and pursuit of happiness. The priority of protecting people’s health no more requires government to provide health care programs than their obligation to supply public housing. Government should secure these rights, but not as an obligation. Free markets have provided the opportunity for prosperity for all. Government should begin by looking to correct and making competitive free markets more effective.

    So, the next time you want to take a cheap shot and someone’s personal convictions, try doing your homework.

  • Grandpa Chet, Evil has always been afraid of good people. As long as good speaks up evil will be held in check.

  • Speaking of evil, it has been reported on the Beck show tonight that this woman has been called on her cell phone and harassed in some way. Apparently she called Beck on his radio show and talk to him and that call can be heard on his web site.

    You can think what ever you chose about this woman but she should not be intimated in any way for expressing her views.

    Evil at work, God bless her and protect her and her family.

  • The hypocrisy of those who protested against the Bush government and cried about their 1st Amendment rights being infringed, while now trampling that same right of an independent citizen, is astounding.

    I swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States 14 years ago, and I intend to keep it. I will NOT infringe on the rights of others in this nation to speak their minds, whether I agree or not. That’s something that you people attacking Katy are blatantly ignoring.

    Your right to public discourse and free speech are null and void at the second you infringe on the free speech of others. You’re welcome to come to my blog and exercise you’re 1st Amendment rights. I won’t delete your hate-speech.

    If you threaten my life, or that of my family, then you’ll be acquainted with the rights of the 2nd Amendment.

  • “Telling it like it is”…???….no…sorry. Katy doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about, and neither do her ‘supporters’.

    Just curious, how many of you who are freaking out about HealthCare ALSO support the bans on LGBT Marriage? You don’t want to have to pay more in taxes to help those who can’t afford proper medical care…and yet you DO want to go out of your way to stop LGBT couples from marrying?

    You are the people who are insulting America. You are the modern day anti-integrationists.

    People who use “Christianity” as their reason to oppress the LGBT community (even though Christ said nothing on the issue) who then forget Christ’s commandments to GIVE GIVE GIVE to those less fortunate.
    You can’t have it both ways, hypocrites.

  • Little Kiwi – I don’t often respond to people that like to use the phrase “you people” like you just did:

    You are the people who are insulting America.

    …but in this case I am going to let you know that you are one incredibly dumb POS that knows nothing about any of the people on this site or myself. I’ll let you in on a rare bit of information – I’m not a christian and I support the LGBT community. So why don’t you just throw yourself in the snowbank so that I don’t have to track your sorry ass down and do it myself? Hmm?

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