Message From The Monster 8.10.09

Dear Readers,

If my site really starts acting weird, let me know…

I have had even more interesting visitors in the last week and have reason to believe the site will crash…

…and for those visitors – the truth is coming out and there is nothing you can do about it…

(P.S. Everybody send out a great big Monster wave to Perkins Coie!)

By Logistics Monster


  • Big wave to Perkins Coie.

    Matter of fact Diamond, your site is running very slowly but I thought the fault might be on this end, although I’m not experiencing any problem anywhere else. They won’t let up on you Diamond, because you are determined to get the truth out there and they are afraid of the truth. Because as the saying goes “The truth will set you free”, and the last thing TPTB want to see is a free thinking people.

    BTW/ Have you received my snail mail to you with a donation towards your trip to Washington? I think it is very important that you make that trip. If my physical health permits I will be there also.

  • DT… your site is very slow in responding… more so than others.

    Text does not seem to be the problem… but more on the graphics side. Many times, the videos or graphic images will time out and only the text will render in the browser. It may take a couple of tries to get the entire page to render.

    You may want to try and cut down on the number of video/graphic images imbedded in your side columns… or have a landing page that is less graphics-intensive with links to other pages that have more graphics-intensity… and see if that helps.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Hey, Perkins Coie– Did you know we want the usurper out of OUR house?!

  • California Patriot -

    DT, sometimes when I log on it just shows some of your post across the top of the page with no pics. It’s weird.

  • Thanks for the messages about the site. I am tracking all of it and the same events are happening for me. Dug – I wish it was about the graphics…that’s easily corrected.

    Lee – yes, I have received your snail mail yesterday and thank you so much!

    I will keep you posted in email about what is happening – just wanted you to know it’s getting strange on the backstage.

  • DT… I think it is really all the off-site videos and widgets in the sidebars that may be causing some of the slowness. That’s a lot of stuff to resolve and cache. I see this on other sites that do similar things.

  • Love your website, but it is taking a really long time to load and never quite finishes loading.

  • I always find the site rather slow to load, and I’ve always assumed it was due to all the videos and widgets in the side column. I have wireless broadband service with limited monthly bandwidth, so I’d prefer to read the posts in my Bloglines account in order to spare my bandwidth, but even though I have it set to show the entire posting, I only get a summary of the post, and have to come here to read the entire post.

  • Julie Patton -

    Just listening to old man Spector and Robert Gibbs is so a waste of time. I like that sign “you cant fix stupid, but you can vote it out.

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