New Artwork Ranging From to Obama DeathCare

Take a gander, then go here for the rest of the new artwork springing up.

The Dems came up with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and has held the states hostage with money for roads…among other things.

Is it a good idea to give them our health care too?

Anyone doubt that America is Waking Up?

Astro-turfing my a**!

If people had any trust left in this administration, you probably would not be seeing these so quick…




Please feel free to send me or leave a link to all new artwork you find!

By Logistics Monster


  • Great! Thanks- I’ll add some of these to the collection I already have on my car.

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    PRICELESS and so accurate:

    TODAY’s letter to congressmen and senators:

    If Obama Care is so HOT, why are we not standing in line to sign up for it?

    WHY is the PRESIDENT LYING about what is in the bill.

    Barbara Wagner, OR, Under OREGON STATE RUN HC, was told to go kill herself because it is a waste of money to treat her. That is alarming! SINISTER, CHILLING

    WE HAVE READ EVERY word of HR3200, Obviously you have not:

    THIS IS NOT close to a HC REFORM or INSURANCE reform:

    it is a population control scheme, and a scheme to control 100% of every aspect of our lives, Government decides if we live or die in misery,
    who gets to live and who gets to die!

    JOHN HOLDEREN, a CZAR and other OBAMA advisors advocate population control, we need to be very alarmed!

    THE BILL DOES provide end of life counseling.
    This bill does imply rationing
    This bill does cover illegals and migrant workers and extended families

    WHY ARE YOU HIDING AND LYING AND LYING about what HR3200 and proposed amendments contain

    Why do you vilify LEGAL CITIZENS who have read the bill from exercising their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS ?

    WHY ARE YOU HIDING from the legal citizens, because you cannot tell the truth about this bill
    or CAP n Tax
    or AMNESTY
    or THE FDA bill
    or Card check

    WE are all very very very alarmed. We have to conclude that we can no longer afford your representation.

    WHEN will FREEDOM RING again, the right to self determination.

    WE have asked you to READ the bills, and to do the right thing.

    The campaign to replace you will have to begin.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama is beginning to let all Americans see what a Communist POS he actually is. The heathcare plan is more about a grab for wealth, power, and control then anything else. Seniors who are at the center of his Euthanasia Care target are probably the largest group of Communism hating Americans, middle age people are probably split between Capitalism and Communism, and the youth have been indoctrinated for the last twenty years to accept Communism, so I would guess that the majority of them favor Obama’s Euthanasia plan and Communism. Stalin and Hitler accomplished in their countries what Obama is planning for America. Obama use of his brown shirts was expected as was the violence that erupted. Obama is counting on the Amerian people to be sheoples and expects that a show of thuggery will chase them away from the townhall meetings.

    One of the founding fathers said, “Beware lest in your anxiety to avoid confrontation you obtain a master”

    Nancy Coppock recently wrote, ” Rising above the demolition man requires that we keep the flame of our individual spirit not only ignited, but also fanned into a bonfire of yearning for liberty and freedom. Against that fire there is not an obstacle that cannot be overcome, because the choice is simply, ” Give me liberty or give me death.”

    Keep the ridicule coming there is nothing a Communistic Muslim Usurper hates more then ridicule.

  • If ObamaCare is so great, why not test it first on a Blue state.

    Any volunteers? No? ……I didn’t think so.

  • Dug,

    Actually Massachusetts tried a version similar to this. I understand they have issues similar to the UK with wait times and not enough Docs.

  • Kathy… as one dog to another, the dog in that video will never have to wear “the cone of shame” 😉

  • GG… yes, I was aware of the Mass. experiment. Like ObamaCare, they never addressed reducing costs, the prime contributors being:

    1. Out-of-control trial lawyers and a court system that awards lottery prizes for settlements of which lawyers get most. This drives up doctor’s malpractice premiums and their fees. It also causes them to practice defensive medicine with additional tests, thus causing more cost.
    2. Consumers using insurance as pre-paid medical treatment, instead of paying for routine medical treatment out-of-pocket and using insurance as insurance for truly catastrophic events.
    3. Illegal aliens who are not part of the system and burden medical facilities with costs that cannot be reimbursed, but are passed on to other consumers.
    4. Other consumers that have no regular doctor, but use the ER for things that could be handled through normal office visits, if they had an ongoing relationship with a doctor. Read: Not federally-mandated insurance.

    Just to name a few.

    As I have said, time and time again… and others have, as well… this could all be handled in incremental ways with minimal government involvement. But, this assumes that this whole debate is about health care and reducing health care costs… it is NOT. It is all about nationalizing another part of the economy and controlling people’s lives.

    The pharmaceutical companies are sowing the seeds of their own destruction in this whole debacle by supporting this. They will be spending $150-200 million this Fall on advertising to push ObamaCare on behalf of the administration after the administration cut them a deal to limit their additional cost exposure to $80 million. Fat chance of that last part actually happening.

    They THINK they are going to get a new revenue stream from all these “uninsured.” That may happen initially. But, as Milton Friedman pointed out in the video I posted before in another of DT’s posts, it is an incremental advantage until the government needs to further reduce costs. Then the government will lower the hammer on them and basically takeover the drug industry.

    So, the government will be able to dictate procedures doctors can perform on which people and when… and the resulting fees that can be assessed. They will also eventually takeover the drug industry and if the public option comes about, that will put the health insurance industry out of business, resulting in single-payer.

    It will also kill most innovation that currently occurs in our health system, on which we and the rest of the world relies.

    You’re right… it has already been tried in a Blue state. But, that doesn’t matter. Throw reasoned, critical thinking out the window. These are evil Statists that want what they want and are bent on imposing it on everyone… no matter the consequence.

    I pray to God every day that this will be defeated and our Constitutional Republic will stand.

  • Dug, I was thinking that the dog would have better care than the rest of us under the Obama disaster.

    Many others are praying that same prayer, we just have to stay strong in our faith.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    So, why haven’t the military gone in there and taken him out in shackles yet? Our time is running out. Sept. 12 may be too late to stop Obama death care.

  • “Guess who beat up Gladney. Seems it wasn’t just your ordinary thug.”

    Gee… what a surprise! Beyond disgusting.

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