Remember! Obama is all about control, control, control…

The british MEP Daniel Hannan on Glenn Beck speaking about the UK’s national health care program and what it really means here:

The Reality Of Socialized Medicine:

My opinion of everything that has been happening on the ground recently is just another Saul Alinsky tactic to make the average American so mad that they get involved in health care reform….but do we really need to be doing healthcare reform RIGHT NOW?  This strategy gets everybody to agree that it needs to be done now, instead of waiting until, let’s say, we don’t have 10% unemployment, we aren’t $71 Trillion in debt, and we have an actual bipartisan elected government giving a crap about us instead of the special interest groups – like say November, 2010?

If you are interested in a 30 minute speech from this british rock star who does actually know THE MATERIAL, unlike Bambi – the constitutional professor, go here.

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