Daniel Hannan On Glenn Beck 8.7.09: UK’s National Healthcare

Remember! Obama is all about control, control, control…

The british MEP Daniel Hannan on Glenn Beck speaking about the UK’s national health care program and what it really means here:

The Reality Of Socialized Medicine:

My opinion of everything that has been happening on the ground recently is just another Saul Alinsky tactic to make the average American so mad that they get involved in health care reform….but do we really need to be doing healthcare reform RIGHT NOW?  This strategy gets everybody to agree that it needs to be done now, instead of waiting until, let’s say, we don’t have 10% unemployment, we aren’t $71 Trillion in debt, and we have an actual bipartisan elected government giving a crap about us instead of the special interest groups – like say November, 2010?

If you are interested in a 30 minute speech from this british rock star who does actually know THE MATERIAL, unlike Bambi – the constitutional professor, go here.

By Logistics Monster


  • Glad to hear Daniel is as confused as we are by this idea. Why would we do this intentionally? 1.4 million employees? The 3rd largest employer in the world????!!!

    I’ll bet Obamacare beats that stat in the first year if we allow it to go through. Hope I never get to find out!

  • DT… you’re right on the battle on the ground… it’s Rule 10 from Alinsky.

    I finally decided to truly understand this whole proposed health care plan, one has to think like a Statist. A Statist believes that people are basically property of the State and their entire purpose for being is to serve the State. In other words, your purpose is to turn your wealth, what you produce, and your property over to the State.

    If you no longer have the ability to generate wealth or produce or you no longer have property, you are no longer of any use to the State. Barney Frank actually stated that this was why they could not let houses be foreclosed on, because they needed taxpayers to continue to pay taxes… hence the REAL reason… our purpose is to server the state… not own property.

    This explains the eugenics theme that runs through this health care legislation. Once you are of no use to the State and you become a drain on the State, you need to be eliminated.

    This is open warfare on seniors, but particularly on the Baby-Boomer generation. This is nothing short of generational genocide.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Thomas Jefferson warned us 200 years ago with the following words; “If the people let government decide what food you eat and what medicine you take, their bodies will soon be as sorry a state as are the souls of these who live under tyranny. Obviously our founding fathers were far smarter then the idiots running DC today. The Communist thugs attacking citzens trying to attend healthcare meetings are only the beginning, they are pushing Americans in two directions at one time, a win, win situation for Obama, accept healthcare as it is, or accept a slightly modified version, either way America gets screwed. These Communist thugs will not be deterred with words as they push us toward Euthanasia Care or a slightly changed equivalent. As always the communist bastards are one step ahead of us and we don’t even realized we are being manipulated again. As we have seen from the past several days the Commies won’t hesitate to strike down or arrest Patriots. We must demand absolutely no changes to our healthcare system, it is not perfect, but it’s still the best in the world. Patriots beware lest in your anxiety to avoid confrontation you obtain a master.

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