The White House Wades Deeper Into Character Assassination Against Americans

So much has happened to our country and our republic since 1.20.09; it makes my head spin when I start breaking it down.

When I did the compilation for the Socialism Series, I thought that we had found out that Obama and his minions were Saul Alinsky trained socialists that were going to “level the playing field” for all Americans.  I believe that Obama began his journey to obtain the WH as a socialist, but as we all know, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’ and community organizing tactics appear to be a cover to get massive blocks of poor and liberal left-wing Americans to go along with his takeover of the White House.


When this POS was installed in our WH, I still believed that he and the democratic party were socialists, but as time has gone on I have stated often and loudly that I believe that Obama Obama’s administration is this:


Fascism is about control, control, control…

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:


\ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-\
Italian fascismo, from fascio bundle, fasces, group, from Latin fascis bundle & fasces fasces
1often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition2: a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control <early instances of army fascism and brutality — J. W. Aldridge> (emphasis mine)
From Wiki:

Fascism, pronounced /ˈfæʃɪzəm/, comprises a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology[1][2][3][4] and a corporatist economic ideology. [5]

Fascists believe that nations and/or races are in perpetual conflict whereby only the strong can survive by being healthy, vital, and by asserting themselves in conflict against the weak.[6] Fascists advocate the creation of a single-party state.[7] Fascist governments forbid and suppress criticism and opposition to the government and the fascist movement.[8] Fascism opposes class conflict, blames capitalist liberal democracies for its creation and communists for exploiting the concept.[9]fascist negations – its opposition to individualism,[10] rationalism, liberalism, conservatism and communism. [11] In the economic sphere, many fascist leaders have claimed to support a “Third Way” in economic policy, which they believed superior to both the rampant individualism of unrestrained capitalism and the severe control of state communism.[12][13] Fascism is much defined by what it opposes, what scholars call the This was to be achieved by establishing significant government control over business and labour (Mussolini called his nation’s system “the corporate state”).[14][15] No common and concise definition exists for fascism and historians and political scientists disagree on what should be in any concise definition.[16]

From Free Dictionary:



1. often Fascism

a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
b. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.
Read that again:

A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

Centralization of authority = 44 (?) Czars, Financial industry take-over, major industry take-over (GM & Chrysler), Financial Industry Regulation, Healthcare reform that will lead (in Obama’s own words) to “single payer” government run healthcare.

Stringent Socioeconomic Controls = HR 3269, HR 3221, HR 1388, HR 2401, HR 3200, HR 2454.  Want me to keep going?

Suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship = Obama’s Civilian National Security Force, Americans are domestic terrorists, the snitch site at the white house dot gov, and Robert Gibbs implying we are Republican Operatives. The character assassination of average Americans by the White House, the DNC, Nancy Pelosi saying Americans are carrying swastikas to townhall meetings began months ago but has been ratched up in the last week.

Typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism = The Clintons are Racist; GatesGate, Obama is a racist, Michelle Obama is racist, etc.

Now many average Americans have gotten up off their couches and are being pillared by the democratic leadership and the White House.  How much more un-American can this administration get and our non-reps will continue to allow this with only a single letter going to the White House?

For those members of the House and Senate that do fly-bys of this website…

When are you going to




about where this administration is taking this republic?

By Logistics Monster


  • Nancy Pelosi is disseminating false information to try to scuttle the town hall meetings. If any one is showing up bearing nazi flags or wearing clothing with the nazi emblem they are infiltrators trying to cause trouble. No true American would go anywhere near a nazi emblem.

    The average American who attends these meetiings is just there to let their representtives know that we are fed up and we’re not going to sit quietly and be walked on anymore.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama and Pelosi should be showing up their meetings wearing the sickle and hammer or the cresent moon and star, because they are communistic muslim sympathizers who are out to destroy America.

  • The images I have seen are of people with signs with the “ghostbusters” red circle and line thru it over Obama’s healthcare and a swastika. It seems other people think that eugenics is very fascist.

  • This is a over all out line of why I post this, To think back taxes an gun rights or common defense and or self defense went hand in hand. Why cause in the end taxes could not be in forced on a free self governing people. The only way this could be is if in fact an only if a war was declared on our own soil. This was the mind set of those that knew all to well the facts of the history that lead us to the very war called the civil war and those that wish to would rule with the mind set of monarchy and aristocratic claiming to be able to act as kings or the kings Rule with out any action of accountability from any 0ne.1

    That war the civil war was over Re-souces an the control….Money an who con troled the standard of given worth……workers…..and the last the rulers who would be emune…it has really not changed Much…2

    Socialism leads to Nationalization and police states the very mind set that gave the world Hitler. That was all about killing unborn babies as a method of population control. More or less, When we can see Obama’s leadership flowing along the same lines as that, right down to dis-arming the people, and wanting judges like this Sonia Soto mayor that would not up hold the ability of a free self governing people to have a fair court trail, but we can see the leadership of Obama a man of Defense or the so thought leader of it that would jail a man for self defense to protect his self in his own home. Both of the ones above are very bad leader ship but thank God we have term limits, Free speech, Judiciary Contempt Congressional Judiciary Constitutional contempt degradation of dutdity ,Sanctum McGallium and U.S. Title 42 USC section 1983 and the reco act. 3

    Hence for the history that lead to the use of U.S. title 42 usc sections 1983 Congressional constitutional contempt and or judiciary constitutional contempt from what Abraham and fredrick douglass knew from the Sanctum Mcgalluim the ability of a free governing people to be able to take those that are set to govern to court an or sue yes that means even if Obama gets out of line like he has. Again as it went or was to be taxes and war was so the government in action of defense could pay for the defense of the people and to be able to take care of them as said war was on going as like feeding them so on an so on as any said declared war was on going. As to fact of money to run any government after the fact of a war was to be a matter of free will giving as such was action of the church was with giving. be at it is tithing and offering Free will giving, as for defense or Common defense if you did not pay taxes you could not call on the help of United self governing free people. this idea was to help keep big greedy dicatorship out of ganing control. and becomeing tryants. like Obama is doing I mean come on think about it this last Goverment house meeting over the Cap an trade, when the forced unconstutitional tax leadership Obama group did everything they could to shgut the month of the paid voice of the peolpe.4

    I would love to see the old day’s of Gun right’s come forward again with leading the way Miss. Palin showing up to goverment bebates with there Muskits yes I did yes Guns and I would be willing to say you would never ever again hear of this crap like with this last Cap in trade meeting or debate in Washington DC the next time you hear them say the voice of the people only has so much time to speak all you would hear is the sound of cocking of the hammer and the words how much time do we have….Gun right helps’ keep goverment small an honest Amen5

    The bace of Goverment and Armed service was a lot closer to voluntary Service. Read the feduralist papers the historyical facts are a big worning about goverment bail outs (NO) it leads to bigger goverment let them fail. They use your taxes to back them up…6

    That is what was to keep Big Obama mind set of government out of our country, We are seeing the fall out of this mind set today and around the world maxism as to bail out the Big goverment run UAW’s an the like it comes down to big goverment for goverment by goverment that is why at the bottom of the 1040 it reads voluntary if they want to get rid of big government people should just not pay those taxes. When was the last war declared on u.s. soil I think it was the drug war and in fact it was never a act by congress, up held by vote of the Nation. People need to read the foundation more and really start to lesson to Good old Rush Limbaugh and Dave Rasmy more and know you know the rest of the story, personally I think the native Americans should be given this bail out if in fact it is going to be as they say it is a paycheck ..I say give it to end the wait of the oldest law suit still unsettled in our courts waiting after what the Gold Rush and the Daws act 1887 that took the land from them that we get the very gold and resources that backs the very money this bail out up holds. Let them decide who gets what for a change. anything but what Obama wants let them if they wish give out of free will….7


    I could not for get I say give the Native Americans the control of what the real -a state companies have and that will in a real big way change government fast why how much land is own by government people… Is that not what the federalist paper spoke for not to happen hence forth the problems with Big money and big government. I find this mind set of those that claim to understand anything of government at all in fact as it comes to this bail out thing is a pay check thing that will last one time what is the point of reducing the interest rate to a person effected by the fall out of foreign over load of Marxism minds the very jobs are still not here, Community incubator systems like what the Amish are is a better answer again the history of Jews the past needs to be read the mind set of charging interest for things It as far as I can read WAS A BIG NO..NO..why are those that say they are so smart saying it is a good thing to let creadit cards be what they are charging more for the thing is worth and then when thing go to crap we are bailing them out that makes no sence at all…better is to give than it is to for jobs it is like this there are just so many jobs an so many people to work these jobs so many places to build places and so much re-sores….in the end taxes paid out of free will a tithe like the church would run smaller goverment an take care of those that can not work for what ever reason facts are facts…9


    charging interest big NO NO the jews knew this long ago they knew to have every 7 years a wiping clear of dept because they knew money was worthless, As for money being worthless I look at the Native Americans and the gold rush ie the maddness of the yellow Metal that drove men crazy they put more worth on the worthless metal that you could not eat rather then the Meat an or game that would feed them cloths them an the like…As for the present day forced taxs we already have put a flat tax mind set forth it is called sales tax not as that I agree with forced taxation at all if you think about it the mind set of the church and giving is it or does not it sound alot like the sales tax, the over all fail of government starts with the courts in this country time served is time served again probation and parole is a intrusive government made with the mind of war in action running a free people. All these state founded rehab centers and the like are part of it and need to be restructured badly.and any company that supports the after the fact… The people have the power to change this Nation just do not pay the taxes and after a while they will look to those that would be willing to (tithe) or give with out strings that would start the new structure of government why because you would have gotten rid of the Greedy Leaders. big Industry and big government has failed why is Obama trying to patch the holes of a sinking ship…in the end it is not up to him it will be those the people that act to change like deleting credit card companies …..McCain was trying………As I understood it that is why he was trying to push the flat tax…one we already have it is called a Sales tax…I really see the repeat of History that lead us to as a people detors jails….we are dealing with each day with our courts with jail over crowed by big intruisve action as in parole and probation and all the companyies used to provide so called services after a perosn get out of jail just to keep big government up an running. Time served is time sevred the check and balance system was a 20 dollar Gold Peace and a horse still on the books and in the Constutition it talkes about just compensation anything the goverment takes they are to justly give some of worth,,,the greatest of check an balances in the USA…if they would aply it our jail would not be as over full.

    we can see the out come of over seas owned and products suppoted stocks….Go foot ball pay them millions a year get rid of the church jerry Springer rules it gave us Obama. A man that would not up hold defense in his own country as a leader of Common defense enforcing taxes with no war on the soil he govern…being showed the way by the anti-gun…anit- ten commandments working with the ACLU that does every thing to work the UN to stop teaching the bible…trying to disarm us is that not the same kind of thing Hitler did.12

    but thank Almighty there was those Like listed below 13

    Thank you warriors for keeping us safe Common defense, May The Uncreated One Yahweh be over Common Defense; Police, S.A.C., F.B.I, N.S.A, C.I.A, Army, Navy, Air force, Coast Guard, U.S.M.C The Core Semper Fi, Always Faithful, Live free or dig your self a deep hole. Faith with out a just action is a worthless faith, Love drove a nail in its hand to show us many things One Being One mans sacrifice Maintains another’s Freedom’s by actions of Mercy some times answering the call to arms. For freedom starts with prayer, Love and respectful tolerance leads us to actions of Mercy, Mercy is actions of forgiveness and that leads us to peace and Peace is Freedom and Freedom is and will always be found in Common Defense. God Country Family Core, we get our right to keep and bare arms from the Jews the king that said Jews from this day forward shall have the right to defend self for he understood that through greed evil smiles through insanity evil sings. 14

    In Jesus Name was this nation foundation founded on! Secure in ones own home and self…..and this mind set of government lets have many faiths living with out war’s15

    “To be able to live with out fear of retribution from a government”…Jesus’ words “I did not come to condemn but to be a light there for in”…freedom speech…proverbs 27.5 better is an open rebuke then a concealed love.16

    I am posting a poll thingy here on and story write…..Come and see17

    Question Number 18

    (1.) Would you have protested Obama’s inauguration and why?19

    Question Number 20

    (2.) Obama has given his word to help the Native Americans21

    Do you think that the Native Americans should be paid the land taxes to end their waiting for the just compensation from what the Daws Act of 1887 and the Gold Rush Did to them, as it is the oldest Law suits in U.S History are Still un settled are with the Native Americans over land. Should the rest of the unsold land that rest in the hands of real a state agents should it be given over to the Native Americans to let them decide what to do with the money and land and the resoreses.22

    as for this pay out thing for the Nation personally should native Americans should get it all and call it even oh yes and the rest of the land, after all if was not for them and the land we took we would not have the GOLD all this money backs up any way end there wait. I say give them hafe what Gold up holds. 23


    Question Number 325

    (3.) If you do not agree with Obama being in office, would you Stop doing anything Like going to companies that are know to support him.26

    Question Number 4.27

    (4.) Do you think it is right of Obama to take office but yet to have fought to keep the votes of the troops fighting over sea from counting? oh yes why have they not held the election over again sence all the 2 times voting from Indiana I.U. Students…28

    (5.) Do you think he is a Good leader as he to be according to the nations foundations with the leader of common defense and self defense, but yet he would not uphold defense in the usa as to the man he help make sure went to jail for defending him self in his own home from a intruder. With a gun! Check out the N.R.A for details. Heck even supporters of Communism up hold defense! should we look back the cold war cuba an Emperor’s bomb October 1961 tsar the old Soviet Union29

    (6.) If in the end Government was to be for defense (Common) and the general welfare of the people to take care of them as taxes to fund it all only in force-able if in fact a war was declared or our own soil for defense of the people general well being. Hense forth why taxes are truly voluntary after the fact of war. Then why is he calling for bigger government the only war that has been declared on our own soil has been the war on drugs and that was not an action by congress. Or was it! upheld by the vote of the nation. The facts about the (Pot) drug wars what happen to the up holding of the Genvea convention you could not jail any one and or hold or try any one for crimes of war till the war was what over…leave the Pot alone teach it for what it really is. a medical thing from God… look at history is was used with world war two they deeped the cigerats in hemp oil to treat PTSD. oh yes Drug testing we can the facts of Obama mind sets that will not up hold the Nations foundations why cause drug testing is self in crimization..What happen to being able to be sucure in ones self an home with out fear of the goverment….if the genvea convention was good enough for Nuremburg and the S.S. I mean come on…30

    (7.) And this one is it really smart to elect Obama being of Islamic Back ground and two he voted to give 7 main sea ports the control of them over to Islamic nations as we fight an Islamic holy war? common sence 101 those that control your sea ports control what ?31

    and this new thing I hear of Obama siding Not with Israel…and keeping what so many gave there lives to stop what Hitler was doing…..32


    (8.) why is Obama spending tax money on over seas adorations i.e. paying another nation to kill babies so in the end he is making money through his bigger government to found it all and as I understand it is this action is to work to keep on with the stem cell research..Obama and those that follow him are baby killers that get paid….to up hold his big Goverment your tax Dallors Killing babies..Hitler was doing the same things Nationallizing everthing making a police state agreeing with killing unborn babies for a pay check Wake America!34

    Leaders Like him up hold Gays being payed to say we are Married…Not smart…The word it self married means if people would look at the historically Facts would see it means ……..(Sex.. Joined to make Life….)..35

    Gays Complain about rights…Well think about it They have there rights.. to be able to be secure in ones own home with out the fear Of Government….36

    Our foundation as a Nation Was founded on the words Of The Great I am…so people could live free with out (religion) view’s burning ever one at the stake that did not think like them….He said and mind you he was killed for Money…I did not come to condemn but what be the way…Respectable tolerance Mercy…37

    Wachewlapee Compassion…..38

    (9.)the last one when are they going to starting telling why the old TV systems are going off line To witch in come this February the old Rabbit ears TV is going off line because of many reasons one being cross frequency problem and acoustic plague problems yes there are cases of people’s ears with the high pitch ringing in them and or more problems with persons thinking clearly from the hike in from all the cells phones…a local fire department has declined the use of heads sets cause of the confusion it can cause…read more about Nicola Tesla and his warnings around the use of wireless waves on the minds of humans. The S.S. used a great deal of the wisdom that come from pre hilter movement from the usa some of that like was in Bloomington Idiana louisVille Ky and the old Central state hostpital again some of this tect stuff came from studding the effects of radio waves by cutting the tops of heads off live people mainly the mentally ill and or orphans and those in jails with not hope of getting out… poking and prod there brains to see what worked and how. It was the mis-use of the Urim Thurimm the ephod the understanding of the geomagnetic anomalies of The uncreated one Yahweh God and its effects on the minds of man…..and is the base for the book I am working on.39

    As for Obama as a Child of God we are the same as for his leadership I think he was the wrong one….40


    Sonia Sotomayor if she would not give a court date so one could have a fair trail that is a tyrantical traitor… judiciary constitutional contempt…she needs to be kicked out…Dis-bar-ed 42

    I would love to see the old day’s of Gun right’s come forward again with leading the way Miss. Palin showing up to goverment bebates with there Muskits yes I did yes Guns and I would be willing to say you would never ever again hear of this crap like with this last Cap in trade meeting or debate in Washington DC the next time you hear them say the voice of the people only has so much time to speak all you would hear is the sound of cocking of the hammer and the words how much time do we have….Gun right helps’ keep goverment small an honest Amen

    U.S. title 42 usc sections 1983 Congressional constitutional contempt and or judiciary constitutional contempt from what Abraham an Fredrick Douglass knew from the Sanctum Mcgalluim the ability of a free governing people to be able to take those that are set to govern to court an or sue

    Term Limits free speech Voluntary Taxes and Gun Right keeps Goverment’s Small and Honest

    Good Book to read A Conservative Manifesto Liberty Tryranny
    By Mark R. Levin

    © Copyright 2009 Anderson, {Nauck} (UN: epistemology at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
    Anderson, {Nauck} has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.

  • Anthony Lee Roy Hunt -

    I completely agree. The United States Government has been kissing Russian ass for so long, the U.S. Government actually believes that Russia is more evolved than we are. The fact of the matter is the U.S. Government treats it’s citizens like lobsters in a cage. Giving assignments to people to stand outside the cage and push the top lobster off the top, all the while keeping mound of lobsters intact. Incarcerating innocent United States Citizens with false witness testimony, propaganda, in order to provide the state with funds. Targeting hard working Americans the Governments knows will work while they are incarcerated. Making chairs, desks, filing cabinets, for library’s, employment offices, and others Government offices. According to Congressional Quarterly’s 100 commonly asked questions by Patricia Barns, false witness testimony is the #1 reason for appeals in the United States. Not only that, but poor people are the targets of prosecution as well. It’s legalized slavery.

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