“Kill The Bill”; Dingle Says The Crowd Was Infiltrated

ObamacareonburnsOver 50 year career Non-Rep. Dingle received an earful in Romulus, Michigan at a townhall meeting.  The police were brought in and then when all the fireworks were over, Dipstick Dingle stated:

This meeting has been rather heavily infiltrated by folks who wish to make trouble as you all saw.  They were very diligent and effective at the matter.

Yes, non-representatives and congressional leaders, keep believing we are all getting secret messages from Michael Steele, Rush Limbaugh, the insurance companies, and lobbyists to crash your parties.  Let’s see how it works out for you a little later in the day.

Town Hall Becomes Town “Hell”

H/T Rob

By Logistics Monster


  • Hi all- When you are sending your fishy emails to the president, keep in mind that I heard on t.v. yesterday (Beck or O’Reilly) that the White House is not allowed to delete any of the emails. That they go into the permanent record and will be placed with the Obama records. So, I’d recommend sending any and all articles detailing the criminal/thuggery articles in regards to Dear Leader and the Queen. Future generations should have the benefit of this information. Also remember to keep on forwarding all your spam, especially that from Kenya and other African nations.

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