I Wonder How The Beltway Will Insult Us Today?

Average Janes and Average Joes who all have the super secret decoder ring that activates them to be paid GOP hacks to storm the trenches when Rush calls them up.  (Pay attention to vid #4 and the number of secret agents for the GOP)

Russ Carnahan’s future after dozens are locked out of townhall meeting:

Kathy Castor Town Hall Erupts in Tampa Florida, August 6th, 2009

Near Riot at Town Hall Meeting 06AUG09 Congresswoman Kathy ‘Castro’ Castor (FL-11) Tampa, FL

6 thoughts on “I Wonder How The Beltway Will Insult Us Today?”

  1. Another thing, besides the internet, that Alinsky did not factor in are camera phones.

    I am starting to believe that the Rules for Radicals may only be affective is the targets feel isolated. This is not the case here. The more they demean the more people show up.

    The Chicago boys are now playing defense, and imo, not very well.

    Take a hint: If you insult them , they will come, and in very large numbers.

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