H.R. 3311; More Big Brother Government

Control, control, control…

Congressman wants government GPS in cars

An Oregon congressman says he wants to test having a government GPS unit in every car so a tax could be imposed on the miles driven.

The proposal, H.R. 3311, which calls for a test costing $150 million-plus, was introduced by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore.

“Oregon has successfully tested a Vehicle Miles Traveled fee, and it is time to expand and test the VMT program across the country,” he said in a statement on his website. “A VMT system can better assess fees based on use of our roads and bridges, as well as during times of peak congestion, than a fee based on consumption.

“It is time to get creative and find smart ways to rebuild and renew America’s deteriorating infrastructure,” he said.

His plan calls for the Department of the Treasury to study the idea with test GPS-equipped car projects in every state.

Blumenauer said the Oregon test “charged drivers for the number of miles they traveled rather the fuel they consumed. The test was convenient for drivers, protected personal privacy, and proved to be easily administrable.”

Make sure to go over and read the whole article as Henry Lamb in a WND column has some interesting views of how this bill could be used.

Now put aside the big brother aspect of this POS bill for just one second.  Think about this bill from a different angle; once again, “the producers” (people who work) in our country are going to get taxed greater than the “consumers” (people that do not work) because they actually commute to a job or their small businesses almost every day.  Our non-reps CANNOT be this stupid.  If it looks like a duck…it probably is a duck…

I have emphasised the interesting parts:

H.R. 3311: To direct the Secretary of the Treasury to establish a pilot program to study alternatives to the…

To direct the Secretary of the Treasury to establish a pilot program to study alternatives to the current system of taxing motor vehicle fuels, including systems based on the number of miles traveled by each vehicle.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


(a) Road User Fee Pilot Project-

(1) IN GENERAL- The Secretary of the Treasury shall establish a pilot program under this subsection to study alternatives to the current system of taxing motor vehicle fuels. Such program shall be known as the ‘Road User Fee Pilot Project’.

(2) MILEAGE BASED PROGRAM- The Road User Fee Pilot Project shall study technology and methods for recording and reporting the number of miles traveled by particular vehicles, including–

(A) the manner in which a Federal system would receive payments with respect to the number of miles traveled by such vehicles, and

(B) integration of such technology and methods with State and local revenue systems and demand management systems.

(3) EVALUATION OF METHODS AND TECHNOLOGIES- Technologies and methods tested under the Road User Fee Pilot Project shall be evaluated on the basis of–

(A) protection of personal privacy,

(B) ease of compliance,

(C) public acceptance,

(D) geographic and income equity,

(E) integration with State and local transportation revenue mechanisms (including demand management systems),

(F) administrative, cost, and enforcement issues, and

(G) potential for fraud and evasion.

(4) GEOGRAPHIC DIVERSITY- The programs carried out under the Road User Fee Pilot Project shall be conducted in each State and shall be conducted in areas that are diverse geographically and in vehicle density.

(b) Establishment of Working Groups- The Secretary shall coordinate with the following agencies to coordinate the creation of three working groups and integrate their findings into the final report required under subsection (d):

(1) TECHNOLOGY WORKING GROUP- In coordination with the Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Secretary shall convene a working group to study appropriate technology platforms and standards to facilitate the most effective revenue systems.

(2) TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM WORKING GROUP- In coordination with the Secretary of Transportation, the Secretary shall convene a working group to evaluate the costs of collection and administration.

(3) ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP- In coordination with the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Secretary shall convene a working group to study the potential to manage demand and to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

(c) Technology Research Program-

(1) IN GENERAL- The Secretary shall establish a grant program to aid the development of on-board technologies necessary for a miles based program described in subsection (a)(2).

(2) ENTITIES ELIGIBLE FOR GRANTS- The following entities shall be eligible for grants for grants under paragraph (1):

(A) Institutions of higher education, as defined in section 101(a) of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1001(a)).

(B) Commercial manufacturers with an established record of passenger vehicle innovation.

(C) Technology manufacturers with an established record of wireless networking and communications.

(d) Report- Not later than 18 months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of the Treasury shall submit a written report to the Congress, providing initial findings from activities authorized by this section. Not later than 36 months after such date, the Secretary of the Treasury shall submit a written report detailing final findings and conclusions from the activities authorized by this section.

(e) Authorization of Appropriations- There is authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary of the Treasury–

(1) to carry out this section (other than subsection (c)), $150,000,000, to remain available until expended, and

(2) to carry out subsection (c), $4,500,000, to remain available until expended.

Could we use the $150 Billion they want to spend on this “study” on something better? Like tax cuts for the American people so that we can start rebuilding the economy they crashed with the Community Reinvestment Act?

By Logistics Monster


  • Man, you’ve got more on this page than most networks. Thanks for making my “Angry Mob” part of it. Stop back sometime.
    Glad to see you’re on that GPS thing–why didn’t that shit-for-brains just write a bill to put one in all our heads? Then, they could track us and tax our thoughts, in a more literal manner.

  • Bullitt – you should have seen this page before. I had to pare it down because it was taking FOREVER to load. 😉

    Keep making those great images and I will keep putting them up and FOR GOD’S SAKE – stop giving them ideas – sheesh – gps in our heads….

  • Hey all- I am busy forwarding all my spam mail to flag@whitehouse.gov. Then I’m going searching for articles on fish to send to them. I’m pretty sure we can flood the system if we really try hard. Also we should all join liberal groups and send those articles on as well. Let’s just flag everybody.

  • Tim – you are a freakin’ genius! I’m so busy chasing down the insanity of the dems holding us hostage that I never thought to do that.

  • Hey – while you are at it, why don’t you put a gps in my scrotum and tax my f*ckin’ balls, you pricks!

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -


    THEN pass it on and on and on and on:

    SO many things we must do on this site, so little effort and so little time. They have done an outstanding job putting together “action” tools, you can do it in your sleep!


    It is our years and years of DO NOTHING fault that we are in this mess and we owe it to our grandchildren to fix it, and not dump on them the worst possible life for them.

    Be sure to sign the jobs here jobs now petition:

    Download the other petitions to take around to get signed and submit

    One month of our lives to save this nation, restore our freedoms, reduce the obscene tax burdens we created for our children and grandchildren is not asking too much of every LEGAL CITIZEN.

    Remember, throughout history our military have given years, lives and limbs for our freedoms, it is so
    little to ask to save this country from the certain disasters it is facing.

    No to Amnesty

    No to OBAMACARE (it is not HC reform, it is taking control of every aspect of our lives and it is population control

    No to cap n tax, double our energy prices and food prices to support that global warming HOAX.

    No to taxing the food we eat and having Obama decide what we can eat and how much we can eat.

    No to “rationing” HC, energy, and food

    NO to “YOUTH ARMY” Obama’s mandatory community service for our children and grandchildren

    No to letting ACORN, SEIU, Obama’s illegal CZARS from running every aspect of our lives.

    and so on and so on:

    STAY EDUCATED, do your research, listen, grow a spine, be tough and be there.


    AND FOLKS: TIGER has made an incredible personal sacrifice to keep you informed, and working butt off to save this nation for you, your families, loved ones, kids and grandchildren.

    EVERYONE can certainly spare 10 bucks to send her to DC:
    come’on, everyone chip in now! Make a sacrifice, we can’t go but we can send a strong solid voice and a SPINE:

  • Diamond, I’m trying to read the full text of the Health Care Reform bill so it’s hard for me to spend too much time anywhere right now, but if a person wants to keep up with what’s what they just need to click on to you two or three times a day. Once doesn’t cut it, you’re posting something new more often than once will keep me informed.

    Control, control, control – you’re right – that’s what it’s all about with Obama.

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -


    Nationwide Rally, August 22nd at your congressman’s HOME STATE OFFICE,

    GET everyone you know to be there: EVERY LEGAL CITIZEN needs to grow a spine and be there:

    SHUT UP:
    FLASH YOUR SIGNS, deliver your petitions:

    KEEP the mouth shut: pick up the trash, bring your own
    lunch, etc.


    do not forget to flip for 10 bucks or more to help
    Tiger get to DC for the “HYSTERICAL < INSURANCE SUPPORTED" extremist right wing organized MOB RALLY"

    Those 3 new state of the arts private jets to haul the corrupt criminal democrat controlled congress to their next rape the nation events!

    Can you legally pray for a flock of birds, early and often.

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    FYI: on the OREGON communist congressman proposing the snoop technology on your auto, trucks, etc.

    WELL, THE SOCIALIST State of OREGON (80% communists, CA transplants, of the nuts and sluts that destroyed CA) are behind this.

    They did some test here in OR and used the excuse that it would be another more fair means to tax gas consumption.


    20 mpg, you use so much gas
    30 mpg, you use so much gas

    BOTTOM line is how much you use: NOT WHERE YOU GO, WHERE YOU CAN BE FOUND, etc.

    Recently moved here from the Ultra liberal state of MN, well trust me, MINNESOTA is the extreme right wing compared to the socialist state of OR.

    the few normal “EMPLOYED” folks in OR have been fighting this for over a year; WE THOUGHT it had lost its steam:

    WELL, we will get back on this issue here.

    The resistance groups here are pretty well organized, but small because 80% are the parasites, displaced sluts and nuts, the CA freaks who have invaded this great state and they are destroying what is left at warp speed.

    OREGON enjoys an actual unemployment rate of 16% but they only count those “activly” looking for a job as unemployed and brag that it is at about 12% :

    TO GET A JOB in OREGON you must speak spanish. We are the haven for illegals, corrupt criminals, parasites, the deranged and demented.

    NOTHING green about OREGON, they have litter and trash in the public square a foot high from border to border. IT IS A filthy PIG PEN. But they think they are green and clean:

    It was a shock coming from MN a pristine state with “CLEAN” beaches on their 10,000 lakes and if you pitch a gum wrapper out of the window you get your throat slit:

    OREGON brags every spring and fall about the hundreds of tons of filth the volunteers pick up along the rivers and Ocean front: imagine that:


    WE WILL BE ON his case: so give us a helping hand.

    THEN I WILL MOVE TO THE NEW COUNTRY OF TEXAS, and help them build that fence, on every inch of its border, (as in N, S, E, W) a double wide: 40 feet high and 20 feet deep:

    WE need to support and salute TEXAS for their spine:

  • Letty – you know sh** is upside down when you of all people are screaming on my site. I do believe I will be joining you in TX.

    Lee – see what happens when Obama’s stimulus (all those billions for Hawaii) kicks in and I get my hours reduced – I WRITE MORE! lol

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