Townhall Protestors (Americans) Are Ugly And Distruptive

Bill Press is obviously part of the Beltway crowd that is so totally disconnected to the rest of America that he can make statements like these about average Americans protesting at townhall meetings:

  • If I was a Democratic Congressman or Senator having a townhall meeting, I would pay these guys to show up because I think they show a very ugly side of America.
  • Not necessarily the republican party; I don’t know who they stand for…
  • Protestors are Ugly and Disruptive
  • Americans want serious discussion, they just don’t want mob rule…
  • It’s obviously orchestrated…
  • I don’t know who they are, but I don’t think they are doing the republican party any good.

Bill? I do not know who you are either, and you may be right that what is happening is making the republican party look bad. Guess what? I don’t give a flying super secret squirrel’s tail!


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  • It’s the same old game. Demonize those who object to what you are attempting to shove down their throats without their permission. Politics as usual. So much for hope and change.

  • Well, damn…that’s what they said about The Founders. I consider “being ugly” a badge of honor. I appreciate you pointing it out.

    BTW…Congress…you haven’t seen nothing yet. This is OUR country, and we obnoxious and ugly and disruptive Americans are taking it back.

  • Dr. Dave would be correct! Everybody else – check out “The Message To The House and Senate” in the sidebar.

  • Actually no. Nobody rejects the notion of debate, but you guys just want to screech. And you seem to miss the fact that Republicans got their asses handed to them in the last election, so I don’t think you have any idea what America wants.

    Oh… and you are also a bunch of losers who wouldn’t know whether or not they shit their own pants. Seriously guys… why don’t you go trying to dig up some more fake birth certificates?

  • NoTingles -

    I hope turkeys like Press will read this. He calls repeatedly for a “healthy debate”; Obama keeps telling us we need to consider a wide range of ideas. But that’s just LibSpeak for saying that debate shall consist of us, the elite, telling you, the unwashed, what is good for you and you will like it. Now I’ve been watching quietly, and in this public debate, round one was them telling us what healthcare system reform would consist of. Round two was us telling them it was no freaking good and to go to hell if they think they’re going to foist that onto us. That’s debate, isn’t it? One side gets a chance to speak, and then the other. That’s what I see happening, but the problem in all this is, since our response wasn’t what they wanted to hear, we are now anger driven assholes and we need to be ratted out by rat-fink Obamanaughts…and we’re all waiting to hear the reason for that. Lemme ask y’all, if that isn’t spoiling for a dust-up, what is?

  • DT, I felt the same way when I saw Bill Press. SO smug in his dismissal of all of these people standing up for their rights. Even the language used shapes the perception of the protesters, essentially calling them a “mob” as opposed to, well, “protesters.” It is intentional to belittle and demean them.

    When I was in OK recently, I overheard some women talking, small business owners. They were NOT happy abt this Health Care plan, and what it would mean to them. Of course, these are Middle Americans, and the Beltway occupants are WAY too cool to have to listen to them, but that’s what they were saying. Actual people who will be affected by this plan. I guess since there were three of them, they were a mob, too?

    Thanks for covering this!!

  • Practical Madman -

    Dr.Dave is 100% correct, and I stand next to him, proud to be considered on par with the founders. I am ready to eject this illegal foreign corporation from the Capitol and reinstate the Constitution that the founders lost their wealth for, and died to create.

  • DaveinPhoenix -

    Hundreds of thousands of servicemen and women have died keeping our freedoms “free”. I will personally protest for them so that the honor that they bestowed upon us will not have gone to waste. What a sad day – the Democratic Party USED to be a relatively honorable party, but now supports repression of liberty, irresponsibility, socialistic values, and absolutely none of the ideals that our nation was founded upon. I don’t have a clue who Bill Press is, but if they’re not happy in America, then maybe our Stimulus money should go towards shipping all of these creeps to North Korea, or any other waste of humanity nation.

  • peter oneill -

    I dont believe anything the democrats say when it comes to this healthcare.. These are not fringe protesters. These are people who are fed up with politics on both sides. Demonize us all you want. We are fed up and not stupid

  • I am getting SO frakkin’ sick of being called a Republican!

    Listen up, asshats:


    Why is that so hard to understand???

  • Welllll, Shucks! If being a “RABBLE ROUSER” and voicing your views is being an “ugly disruptive, citizen”….then I must one of the most ugly SOBs in the country! Those anal orifices need to be reminded…no, TOLD who they work for!!! What part of
    PISSED OFF” don’t they understand?

  • Dug- thank you for sharing the video, I know there is hope for our Country. We just have to remind ourselves from time to time. That was a wonderful reminder.

    I can not help but wonder just how many of the hundreds who lined those streets would be considered operatives.

  • Kathy… as a Vietnam-Era veteran myself, I sat there with tears rolling down my face as I watched it. I can’t begin to imagine the emotions of the family as they went through about three different counties and the people were just everywhere.

    These are just ordinary folks that are living in extraordinary times… police, fireman, bikers, housewives, people taking off from work… all to pay tribute to one fallen soldier from their area.

    These are the people that are the backbone of this great country. I pray that they will remain strong in the face of this great assault on our freedoms being waged by our own government.

  • Dug- If anyone could watch that video without tears I would be worried about them.

    Thank you for your service to our County, I know too many Vietnam vets did not receive the respect they deserved.

    This Country will pull itself out of this and it will be because of the ordinary folks. We all know that because the ordinary folks do not want to live in a land they no longer recognize.

  • NoTingles -

    Kathy, thanks for sharing that link. Here’s another one:

    I hope Press will read it too. He doesn’t get it. What was the relevance of his comment about us making the GOP look bad? So, effing what? This isn’t about the GOP; like DT sez: THIS IS HAPPENING BECAUSE THE BELTWAY HAS NOT BEEN LISTENING! We are not following any party affiliations. We are following the money, and where it leads is corruption of epic proportions, and greed that seeks to swallow up not only our wealth but our rights as human beings and Americans as well! He thinks we’re from the GOP? Think again, but more realistically this time.

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    FRIENDS, Relatives, FELLOW countrymen, sorry to say,
    I have to turn all 50 million of you into the SNITCH
    Police at

    Der Fuehrer commanded us to do so:

    AND all of you are required to turn everyone else in too:

    anyone who talks or types about OBAMASCARE must be reported

    so what are we waiting for: lets “CARPET BOMB” the snitch police and send the bill to ??? who is it today that is supposed to be paying us: the Insurance companies, or the EXTREME right wing, or the RNC / GOP operatives, I just lost track?


    • Letty!!!! You are awesome! If you want, let these people here know exactly how old you are and how cool you being here is!!! I am so impressed and honored.

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    UGLY, is it safe to say,

    will be what will happen if those corrupt criminal communists pass this NOT Health care reform but LIFE control in HR3200 or any other version of it:

    I am willing to bet 30 pieces of silver on that one:

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    THE big event is: August 22nd

    Nationwide rally, HIGH NOON at your congressman’s home
    state office

    YOU cannot report this post to the “SNITCH POLICE”
    because I did not say anything about OBAMACARE in this

    report me for other posts, but not this one

    SO NOW, pass it on and on and on and on:
    Post it everywhere
    you will NOT GET TURNED in for announcing a nationwide rally.

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