Day: August 4, 2009

Townhall Protestors (Americans) Are Ugly And Distruptive

Bill Press is obviously part of the Beltway crowd that is so totally disconnected to the rest of America that he can make statements like these about average Americans protesting at townhall meetings: If I was a Democratic Congressman or Senator having a townhall meeting, I would pay these guys to show up because I think they show a very ugly side of America. Not necessarily the republican party; I don't know who they stand for... Protestors are Ugly and Disruptive Americans want serious discussion, they just don't want mob rule... It's obviously orchestrated... I don't know who they are,…
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The White House Names Americans “Operatives” Now (UPDATED)

(Satire) Yes Robert, the republican party called me, the little tiny bastard red-headed step-child blogger out in left field personally and asked me to start writing about this issue back on: APRIL 24TH, 2009! Dictatorial Much? In a meeting with House Republicans at the White House Thursday, President Obama reminded the minority that the last time he reached out to them, they reacted with zero votes — twice — for his stimulus package. And then he reminded them again. And again. And again. A GOP source familiar with the meeting said that the president was extremely sensitive — even “thin-skinned”…
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Everybody Give The White House That Special Monster Wave (UPDATED)

None of the Monster's readers are going to be surprised by this because we know who we are dealing with, but I just received this information in an email and I want to send a message to the White House, though I am sure that the little obots that come here and leave the koolaid and verbal grenades have already "reported" me to their masters. Everyone stand up and please give that very special Monster wave to the White House and this fascist administration!  If you feel like standing up to this ridiculous attempt to set fascism in motion and…
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