The 8.1.09 Ohio Tea Party You Haven’t Heard About OR “Thank You From Baghdad”

On August 1, 2009, over 10,000 people gathered in Columbus, Ohio for ANOTHER Tea Party to protest the out-of-control spending habits of this congress and to express their support for Ohio Senate Resolution 13, reaffirming the sovereignty of Ohio.  There seemed to be a surprise speaker calling in from Baghdad stating “Thank you From Baghdad”.  Of course the MSM is NOT going to tell you about this:

According to Judge Napolitano during his speech speaking about Obama’s job as president; “His first job is to keep us free…”

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    I am glad to see these tea parties, and I will continue to participate, but the lack of coverage by the MSM is to be expected. I am also troubled by them at the same time. I read a great summary of their effectiveness somewhere: “These tea parties have as much effectiveness towards stopping this government as putting a box fan on your porch has in deterring an approaching F-5 tornado.”

    The only thing the tea parties really do is show the sheeple that their voice is generally ignored. No matter how many show up, there is scant coverage, and even less reaction from the people in their employ in DC. This serves the purpose of letting those in DC that are honorable know we are not happy, and those that are not honorable know they have to intensify their speed and get things done while they still have control. This explains the “hurry” they seem to be in DC. Lets hope the sheeple continue to wake up and rally, before we run out of time.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    If we continue wih our tea parties they will have to eventually cover us. We tried he letters, faxes, emails, and phone calls and we were not heard. They know we are out there and they will eventually have to listen. If we have a HUGE march on Washington on Sept 12th they will hear us. But it has to be huge. The only way we can really accomplish results is to hit the streets and protest, I feel.

  • Actually I believe the fact that the media’s lack of coverage is helping. This is making the resolve of the dedicated stronger. We are not giving up, as they had thought.

    The more tea parties, town hall meetings, gatherings outside of the reps offices is getting noticed. The longer the media ignores the more the people push forward.

    I doubt Columbus Ohio got a lot of coverage, but just by happenstance some people who did not know about this movement must of noticed 8-10 thousand people. If just a few stopped and payed attention than it did not matter to those folks if the media covered the story. They too will start to ask Why is not on the news? A single journey starts with one step. Sorry I do not remember who said that.

    The msm is trying to figure out how to save face, as they too thought this would all go away.

    Watching O’Reilly on the bc issue is becoming amusing. Last night he says that Obama will not release his bc because he want to make the republicans look stupid, or words to that affect. He can not figure how to come out of this looking good. He claims the “folks don’t care about the bc”, I beg to differ you need to check the direction of the wind Bill, because the bc is not the only issue people care about but we do as well as the college records and others that he will not release.

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