Barack’s single payer in his own words:

Where does all the money for healthcare for some 308 million (and rising) people come from?

I have to ask the question.  Why do certain segments of the population think that single payer health care is the way to go?  Why?  Is it because they really think it’s free, or because they have numerous pre-existing conditions that they cannot pay for treatment of, or because they just plain think they deserve it without earning it?  I’m just lost on that one, and that is probably because I am such an unapologetic capitalist with morals.

My tax dollars go to Medicare and I have absolutely no problem with that because I believe that a society that does not take care of it’s elders has some very serious moral compass issues.  Our elders have untold amounts of personal life experience and wisdom to impart if we just stop and listen, and I am always amazed at those folks that just shove their parents off into nursing homes to wither.  The “greatest generation” is currently “going home” and with them untold amounts of knowledge.

On the flipside, this does not mean my tax dollars should go to take care of every single person in the country that decides not to take care of themselves, eat right, exercise…etc.  America was built on the principal of independence and personal responsibility.  For too long our healthcare system has been driven by what the insurance companies will allow, and their capitalism on steriods.  I have watched many small businesses suffer because they have less than twenty employees and either have to change their plan, not be able to compete because they cannot offer medical benefits, or go bankrupt.  I have spent most of my life without any health insurance at all, and have paid the emergency room bills out of my own pocket.  Now I have insurance that I pay a pretty penny for because I work for a small business, but the insurance company won’t pay for lab tests on a yearly checkup; so I do.

I still believe the free market is the best way to go.  Consumer driven insurance policies that cut across state lines and make the insurance companies compete for your policy that you take with even when you change jobs.

I’m looking for the downside to making the insurance companies work for their dinner.  Let me know your thoughts because I am definitely open to coming up with something better than that 1017 page piece of shinola that our resident and non-reps think is the “best way to get to single payer”.

Sen. DeMint: People Are “Panicked” About Obamacare

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