Obama’s Single Payer Healthcare

Barack’s single payer in his own words:

Where does all the money for healthcare for some 308 million (and rising) people come from?

I have to ask the question.  Why do certain segments of the population think that single payer health care is the way to go?  Why?  Is it because they really think it’s free, or because they have numerous pre-existing conditions that they cannot pay for treatment of, or because they just plain think they deserve it without earning it?  I’m just lost on that one, and that is probably because I am such an unapologetic capitalist with morals.

My tax dollars go to Medicare and I have absolutely no problem with that because I believe that a society that does not take care of it’s elders has some very serious moral compass issues.  Our elders have untold amounts of personal life experience and wisdom to impart if we just stop and listen, and I am always amazed at those folks that just shove their parents off into nursing homes to wither.  The “greatest generation” is currently “going home” and with them untold amounts of knowledge.

On the flipside, this does not mean my tax dollars should go to take care of every single person in the country that decides not to take care of themselves, eat right, exercise…etc.  America was built on the principal of independence and personal responsibility.  For too long our healthcare system has been driven by what the insurance companies will allow, and their capitalism on steriods.  I have watched many small businesses suffer because they have less than twenty employees and either have to change their plan, not be able to compete because they cannot offer medical benefits, or go bankrupt.  I have spent most of my life without any health insurance at all, and have paid the emergency room bills out of my own pocket.  Now I have insurance that I pay a pretty penny for because I work for a small business, but the insurance company won’t pay for lab tests on a yearly checkup; so I do.

I still believe the free market is the best way to go.  Consumer driven insurance policies that cut across state lines and make the insurance companies compete for your policy that you take with even when you change jobs.

I’m looking for the downside to making the insurance companies work for their dinner.  Let me know your thoughts because I am definitely open to coming up with something better than that 1017 page piece of shinola that our resident and non-reps think is the “best way to get to single payer”.

Sen. DeMint: People Are “Panicked” About Obamacare

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond – I heard the break down of the uninsured and it was something like this: about 12 million are illegal, they should not be part of this plan. Another 15 million are making over 50 thousand a year and CHOSE not to buy insurance. There is a group who are in college or just out who have not found employment, and than there are the poor about another 15 million who are in true need. Those numbers may be accurate as to how many do not have insurance but take out those who are not legal citizens and those who can afford to buy but do not you have a much smaller number of the population.

    I agree that something needs to be done but not on the scale that this plan proposes. Also I am self-employed I make no where near 50 thousand a year and I buy my own insurance. My biggest issue is I wish the premiums would raise at a more affordable rate, but I will pay what I need to, make the necessary sacrifices so I will have coverage.

    I feel most people without insurance are either illegals are people who CHOSE not to make it a priority in their lives. Fine you can CHOOSE not to have insurance but the government can not CHOOSE to make me pay for someone else who does not have the desire to cover themselves. That takes my CHOICES out of my hands because others think this will be the answer to their lack of responsibility.

    There should be a safety net for the people truly in need , better minds than mine should be able to figure out how that should work. In the county where I live there is a system set up for the truly needy, and if you can believe it, it is not filled with a waiting list. You can only receive health care in this county, it does not apply anywhere else. So why are people not taking advantage of it? You have to qualify and follow their guidelines, what do those who think Obama’s plan think it is going to be. There are going to be so many rules and exclusions it will make our heads spin.

  • Yes, Kathy, but the big difference will be that people that work and pay for their health insurance will be the ones that don’t “qualify” (ie: you’re too old, too sick, too white to be saved)and are excluded.

    We already have the system you describe; it’s called welfare and the Alinsky-ites ruined that years ago with their Cloward-Piven tactics. That’s all this is, too: pure Cloward-Piven. Overburden the system legally and let it collapse under it’s own weight.

  • Seems to me that you could have a combination of the following:

    o Employer who is already paying a portion of an employee’s premiums… put that in their paycheck… it is already part of their compensation package.
    o Tax incentives to small businesses and self-employed
    o Something more like medicare advantage for seniors
    o Catastrophic coverage for young people

    …all through private insurance that is portable across state lines and recognizes existing conditions.

    Other than the tax incentives, the government doesn’t need to be involved. But, this is a capitalist idea… sorry… can’t have that!!

  • Kathy,

    I am one of the uninsured, and it’s not because I’m an illegal or because I’ve chosen not to make it a priority in my life. Unfortunately, I, like many others, simply cannot afford it. Since I do not have insurance, and therefore pay all medical costs out of my own pocket, I do my best to eat right, exercise, and take care of my health. When I am sick, for the most part I do what I can to heal myself. If that doesn’t work, I will go to the doctor, but it often means that another bill goes unpaid.

    I’m not in favor of government-run health insurance. My mother, currently in hospice care, has to rely on Medicare and Medi-Cal (California’s version of Medicaid), and for the past 18 months it’s been a nightmare. If you don’t have the money to pay for good supplemental Medicare insurance, you end up with sub-par HMO care. That’s been my experience, and it’s been confirmed by all the wonderful health care providers trying to work within the system who have assisted me and my family over the past 18 months.

    As far as Medi-Cal is concerned, I’m in the application process, which can take up to 2 months. When I told one of the many Medi-Cal workers I’ve been dealing with that my mother will likely die before the application process is completed, she told me that would facilitate the process. To her credit, she admitted it was absurd but unfortunately, as she said, it’s how the system works.

    It’s not a workable system, unless you have money and can afford to pay for care privately or can purchase supplemental insurance. The government hasn’t a clue how to run health care, except to run it into the ground.

    We are a capitalist society and I don’t think the insurance companies should be forced out of business. I DO think they need to be regulated, and I DON’T think that just because someone cannot afford health insurance they should be allowed to die (as 22,000 people each year do).

    There’s a better answer than what the Congressidiots are coming up with. They just need to actually work to create it. But, they won’t, because it’s not about health care and it’s not about people, it’s about politics.

  • California Patriot -

    First of all I want to say, Diamond Tiger, that I share your “moral compose”, and admire your ability to express your inner substance, of which you have so much, and I’m thankful for that.

    Now I like to say that my husband and I have been blessed with the best health coverage in the world,i.e. $85.00 per month (for both of us), and $15.00 and less co-pay, with no out of pocket for anything else. However, I am well aware of how hard it is for millions of Americans. And it’s not just the older Americans, it’s the younger ones too. If they are sick with no insurance and are barely getting by, they have to go to either the ER or one of those health clinics (and they do pay). I’ve seen it with my son’s friends.

    I too am a capitalist and believe in free enterprise. Regarding the insurance companies, I think they have gotten greedy, as have the pharmaceutical companies. In fact, the pharmaceutical companies are the greediest and most evil of all. Would it help to lower the costs if there were more insurance companies so there would be more competition? I think so. Is some of the high costs due to the devaluation of the dollar? I think so.

    Does anyone ask, why, if we are in a health care crisis does the government continue to allow illegal immigration? Why does the government continue to allow LEGAL immigration to people to have no skills and no ability to contribute to the system? I know the answer, as do many of you. They want to water down our American society. They don’t really care about our health; they want to break us, and they want to kill us. This obama plan is all about control of the masses.

    Do I fear obama’s death care? You bet I do. Do I want to be sent out to pasture in my later years to die? Hell no.

    This is America, not Europe. We are a strong people who believe in the right of every American to chose, prosper, and live to a ripe old age. We do not take lightly a fascist bunch of street thugs telling us that we have to accept, limited benefits or hospice.

    Like I’ve said before, if any government agent comes to my door to talk about end of life issues, they better be ready to go with me, because they will.

  • I’m not so sure I totally buy into the “greed” meme on the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

    There is some of that, I will agree… but, the insurance companies are regulated to death already and are literally prevented by the government from offering certain types of coverage even today.

    As for the pharmaceutical companies, they have huge research and liability costs, yet are still wildly profitable. Like doctors, they could benefit from tort reform. The issue I have with pharma is them charging completely different prices for drugs between Canada and the U.S…. Canada being cheaper.

    The other thing about insurance is… we are no longer buying insurance in the traditional sense. We are essentially buying pre-paid medical treatment. If we would just go back to paying for routine things out-of-pocket and use insurance as insurance, things would be much cheaper overall.

  • SFIndie- I hope that I was not misunderstood. The point I was making was that the number that the gov. is putting out about how many are uninsured is really not a clear picture of how it is. Some people chose not to be insured others should not be eligible to be on the plan.

    I understand about about not being able to afford health care insurance. Those are the ones that the gov. should be trying to find a solution for, not to revamp the whole system.

    I am sorry to hear about your Mother and I agree people should not be treated in such a manner.

    I think most of us agree we do not want the gov. to run our health care. I would like to say they should regulate it but I just do not trust them with that either.

    Once again I hope I did not offend anyone without coverage, that certainly was not my intent.

  • Kathy – I do not think your comment was offensive – just informative.

    As for what is going on with these idiotchildren in Washington just stop and read what you wrote again:

    “I think most of us agree we do not wan the gov. to run our health care”…

    Where in the constitution is the provision for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to be involved in our lives to this degree? Where?

    If you just start there then this whole debate becomes completely meaningless, BUT they Federal Government got involved in our lives on a daily basis back with FDR and now instead of getting them OUT of our lives – it’s just getting worse with every passing day.

    I think Congress should start OVER on a lot of issues.

  • Kathy – no offense taken! You’re right, the numbers of uninsured the gov’t is giving out is completely skewed. Who really knows at this point what’s real and what’s not with this administration?

    DT – couldn’t agree more about the level to which the Feds are involved in our lives. Those Congressidiots need to re-read the Constitution. We know The Pretender won’t.

    I think we should start over with Congress, period! Clean sweep. Move ’em all out and replace them with real people living real lives. And while we’re at it, let’s get rid of The Pretender too.

    Oh, and White House….in case you’re peeking…I’M AGAINST OBAMACARE!!! Come and get me! I expect you have a place in the re-education camp for me.

  • Practical Madman -

    I do not have insurance. I do not believe in doctors. Sure, they are great for fixing you if you are broken (bones, stitches, etc,) but they know NOTHING of HEALTH!! I take a multitude of vitamins and minerals, as well as maintain a hydrogen peroxide regimen. I do not get sick. I do not let the drug companies put their vaccines and witch doctor concoctions into my body. And how do they treat me? At the end of the year, Codex Alimentarious goes into effect world wide, making vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements ILLEGAL, putting them on par with heroine! Now “THEY” are going to pass a law that demands I participate in this witch doctory or go to jail!

    “THEY” do not want you healthy! “THEY” want you to be a part of the “system” so they can profit from your illness created by their drugs. “THEY” want to give you a shot or pill then charge you $50 for it and it only cost them 3 cents to make it, and that shot or pill will create more illness from the side effects that will require MORE shots or pills!!! In 1900 cancer was almost unheard of, very very rare. 30 years ago there were 1 in 300 that had it, today it is 1 in 3!! Does this sound like something you WANT to be a part of???? Does this sound like they know what they are doing???? The one thing you can do to maintain health, is soon going to be ILLEGAL!!!

    Wake up people! “THEY” want us dead! “THEY” want us sick! “THEY” want to suck all of our wealth out of us and leave us destitute and dying on the side of the road!

    This “health care” bill is to take care of our health alright, take the last of it away from us!!!! It is just a distraction and dividing technique “THEY” are using to keep us busy so “THEY” can finally pull the plug and make the rest of what remains of this country go down the drain!

  • Practical Madman -

    Creating the “single payer” system makes you 100% slave to them and takes away what little freedom remains. That is what “THEY” want. “Good little slave, now take your pills or we will put you in jail!”

  • Practical Madman -

    “No little slave, you do not want to take those nasty vitamins. I, as your master, know what is best for you”

  • Thank you all for your comments…i feel more educated. I would like to say 1 thing. I think the problem is the fact that the health insurance companies are now FOR PROFIT. This was not so not too long ago. When the industry was run as not-for-profit, the costs were much more manageable. The thought of wall street in my health care is cause for concern alone. But when I realize that the way the companies make their money now is by spending as little as possible on healthcare (keeping more of premiums), i see clearly that healthcare is 1 area that i feel capitalism may not be the best answer. This is not cable tv, this is not selling encyclopedias…. this is my health, my well being, my very life. I dont trust greed to be the proper motivation in such an intimate area.

  • The insurance industry was never Not-for-profit. It was, however, once just what the name implies: insurance. Against catastrophic illness. Just like Collision and Comp on your vehicle. Major Medical it was called, and that’s just what it was. If you went to your GP for an illness or injury, you paid for the visit. If you needed surgery, hospitalization or expensive tests, your insurance kicked in. No one cared what doctor you went to or what treatment he/she ordered. That was up to the person you chose to tend to your health. The system was supported because you paid an annual premium that was rarely used by most.

    We need to go back to that. If you think this crap Obama wants to cram up our butts down our throats is health care, speak to a Brit. They’ll tell you exactly what MP Hannon says: Once you go there, you can’t take it back!

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