Has Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate Been Found?(UPDATED)

(Update: 8.3.09: It appears Hillary is slated to leave for Kenya this afternoon.)

Well, is it Xmas in August?  I wake up to the Birthers and Dr. Orly Taitz and what appears to be an official BHO Kenyan Birth Certificate.  Now this tracks with Barack Obama’s anti-American attitudes and policies much more than the manufactured COLB from Hawaii.

(Updated: Video with new info):


From Birthers.org:

Is this the “OMG” moment that Obama has dreaded?

We now have two very conflicting birth documents,   the Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth is from the Annenberg funded factcheck.org while the Kenyan Registration of Birth is from Dr. Orly Taitz’s website.

If we look at only the source of these birth documents, more weight must be given to Orly Taitz, because unlike FactCheck.org she is an officer of the court and subject to disciplinary actions if she is perpetrating a fraud. Where as FackCheck.org can “ooopsie,” if they are proven wrong.

Because we have conflicting documents, we next need to examine all the facts about Barack Hussein Obama, II’s birth.

The only person attesting to his birth in Hawaii is Dr. Chiyome Fukino, who can offer no testimony to his birth under law. All she can testify to is the vital records documentation in their files which is solely based on the credibility of the informant who provided the information,  whose identity has never been revealed. Any testimony as to his actual birth by her is hearsay, and not admissible in any court in the United States. While Dr. Taitz admits she has no way of authenticating a foreign document, she does have first person testimony to the birth of Barrack Hussein Obama, II in Kenya, that of his paternal grandmother Sarah. This is thanks to the work of Phil Berg, another officer of the court under the same sanctions Dr. Taitz is if found commiting fraud. This eye witness is Obama’s Kenyan Grandmother Sarah, the audio can be heard here. But there is also an official confirming Obama’s birth in Kenya, the Kenyan Ambassador Peter N.R.O. Ogego. After he probably received a phone call from his superior in Kenya he goes on the record with WND saying  “I don’t know.”


More from World Net Daily, go here.

Also, Dr. Taitz’s site has been marked by google as being an attack site with malicious software.   Whether this is actually true or not, I do not know.  I do know that I have seen a copy of the actual lawsuit as it is making the email rounds right now.  Hillary Clinton has been named as one of the defendants because of her position as SOS.

By Logistics Monster


  • Everybody step back and think about this…if Barack Obama is actually a natural born citizen – why would the obots be here on this little site trying to debunk it. Doesn’t he and they have better things to do. Looking like they are protesting too much.


    What happens to Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation as Supreme Court Justice if the Constitution’s “natural born citizen” Presidential eligibility requirement is subsequently determined applicable to Barack Obama on the basis of Article 2’s exclusion of dual citizenship birth (doesn’t matter whether Obama born in Hawaii since his dad was Kenyan/British citizen at the time)? It would seem prudent, if not dereliction of Constitutional duty in not so doing, for the United States Senate to defer voting on Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation at the very least until there is determination, now imminent, on standing in Kerchner v. Congress (USDC NJ) on that precise issue (Congressional failure to take up the raised and known constitutional ineligibility question prior to declaring a Presidential winner in the vote of the electoral college). For the full Senate now to proceed to vote to confirm Judge Sotomayor (an otherwise lifetime appointment) before then, would be a knowing and very substantial exacerbation of any inherent Constitutional crisis — compounding the previous Congressional dereliction. That is, the Executive Branch, as well as conceivably all actions of a Congress under a President determined ineligible, would leave the Supreme Court as an essential unfettered remaining Branch of the Federal Government, that is unfettered so long as Mr. Obama’s appointment to the Court is not yet confirmed by the Senate.

    Will not one Senator, let alone Republican Senator, raise this issue on the Senate floor? The nation is watching.

  • Dug (aka lewisge) -

    DT… exactly right… me thinks they doth protest too much.

    Even if this turns out not to be authentic, the fact that his father was not a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth, means Obama is not a natural born citizen.

    Jack… doubtful they will hold it up. The Sotomayor thing is just one of many, many things that would have to be dealt with when this finally does come out. It does raise an interesting question, though… if she does get installed, as to whether she could hear a case that is basically calling into question her original nomination.

  • VanArsdale -

    Dug, you say; (without indicating your source)
    …Even if this turns out not to be authentic, the fact that his father was not a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth, means Obama is not a natural born citizen…

    If this is true, we have to re-write the history books, because (according to Wikipedia):

    “Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) is the only president born of two immigrants, both Irish. Presidents with one immigrant parent are Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809), whose mother was born in England, James Buchanan (1857-1861) and Chester Arthur (1881-1885), both of whom had Irish fathers, and Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) and Herbert Hoover (1929-1933), whose mothers were born respectively in England and Canada.”

  • VanArsdale

    Andrew Jackson was born on U.S. Soil so what’s your point? This isn’t about the Barack H Obama’s parents status, it’s about him meeting eligibility requirements for the Presidency of the U.S. Native born American means Native born American.



    Given the problem with campaign contributions last election cycle it’s obvious there foreigners meddling in our domestic politics.

    I asked a question on Michelle Malkin’s blog? She gets Hate Mail. I wanted to know just how many comments and emails she was getting coming from out side our country? Malkin’s Book “Culture of Corruption” was sitting at #1 on Amazon when it was released. It’s on the front table of our local Borders. Really think about it you can give the appearance of domestic support for “Progressives” by using foreigners to blog and flame. There are no fences on the internet.

    • It IS about his parents’ citizenship, as well as his birthplace. BOTH parents have to be a citizen at the time of birth to have a child qualify as a Natural Born Citizen. It is irrelevant whether the parents were “Natural Born” or “Naturalized” as long as they were citizens at the time of the child’s birth on U.S. soil. This is the same disqualifying factor for Bobby Jindal. His parents were not U.S. citizens at his birth. They were here only about one year and it takes a minimum of five years to meet requirements. Using the excuse that Chester Arthur got away with is no reason to not enforce our Constitution now. That rationale would also say to not enforce laws against murder anymore because O.J. Simpson got away with it.

  • Jockey,

    Excellent point in your question. (Not to mention that there’s no ID checks going on at Obama rallies inside America.) By way of example, it seems that every time I visit a link to an article in a foreign newspaper like the Guardian virtually all the comments are by Americans. Obviously the reverse could easily be true.

  • Hot2Trot -


    The difference between the examples you provided and Obama’s situation is that Obama’s father was NOT an immigrant. He was a foreign student (Kenyan) and never an immigrant / US citizen. HUGE difference when it comes to determining natural born. Obama can never be a natural born citizen even if he had been born in the White House. Reason being, he did NOT have 2 US citizens for parents (immigrants or otherwise).

  • I found this on Fox Nation: A Mom in Alabama asked her son to help with a commercial for the Tea Party she was involved in,

    “I asked Justin if he could help me make a commercial for my groups “Tea Party”. He sat down at the lap top for about an hour and brought this to me and asked, “is this Okay Mom?’


    Way to go Justin and congratulations Mom.

  • The truth will always work. Lies and deceit only seem to.

    Great video, Kathy!

  • This is shopped. I know because of the pixels and I’ve seen a few shops in my day.

    srsly, check around the fonts, its shopped without question.

    That blurriness around the fonts of his name and other things shows the shop. Its fake, faker than fake.

    Either a desperate birther trying to cause a stink or a lib having quite a laugh.

  • VanArsdale -

    Dear Keyboard Jockey:

    Not MY point, but your Diva Orly Taint’s point; even IF (ACCORDING TO HER) Obama was born in America, he’s not eligible to be POTUS because not both of his parents were American citizens. But I point out that we have already had 6 Presidents who didn’t meet that criteria. So Orly’s legal analysis is incorrect; you CAN be president with only one (or none) of your parents as citizens.
    “Andrew Jackson was born on U.S. Soil so what’s your point? This isn’t about the Barack H Obama’s parents status, it’s about him meeting eligibility requirements for the Presidency of the U.S. Native born American means Native born American.”

    What does natural born mean? No one knows, since it’s never been adjudicated. But certainly, being born IN the US must qualify. To recap: 1)A COLB posted online. 2)The Republican Governor, Dir. of Health, the Registrar of Vital Records all pronouncing publicly that they had seen and verified his information 3)TWO announcements in local newspapers published 47 years ago (with the info provided by the Health Dept.)
    What do you want, video of the birth with Diamondhead in the background?

  • VanArsdale -

    Hot2Trot says:
    August 3, 2009 at 3:56 am


    … Obama can never be a natural born citizen even if he had been born in the White House. Reason being, he did NOT have 2 US citizens for parents (immigrants or otherwise)…

    Hotty, are you being intentionally obtuse? I just listed 6 presidents whose parents were not both citizens, including one who neither of his parents were citizens. IF you need 2 US citizens for parents, can you please explain Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, et. al?

    Second, where the Hell do they make a distinction between “immigrant” and “foreign student”? You’re just grasping at straws on that one.

  • VanArsdale -

    It’s midnight, sooooooooo….HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!

    I apologize if I’ve posted this already, but I think it’s worth saying:

    If EVERYTHING you suspect is true; If President Obama were born in a thatched hut in Nairobi, and his father was Hugo Chavez and his mother was Tokyo Rose, if he was delivered by a Muslim witchdoctor and branded with “666” on the back of his head. If all this were true…


    The only way, and I repeat, the ONLY way you can remove a sitting President is via impeachment. And with a huge majority of Dems in both houses of congress, what are the odds of that happening? Slim and none. And slim just left town. But just for the sake of argument, lets suppose he DOES get impeached. What next? You think McCain/Palin take over? This isn’t the Miss America pageant, with the tiara going to the first runner-up. If Obama were somehow impeached, VP Biden would succeed him. And just for spite, he’d probably pick Hillary for VP! (But he should hire a food taster first; she IS ambitious). Carrying this fantasy even further, for the sake of argument lets assume that since they ran on the same ticket, BOTH Obama & Biden are impeached, convicted & removed from office. Know what happens next? NANCY PELOSI BECOMES PRESIDENT!!!

    It’s been fun playing “what if”. Now hurry and go shopping for the Prez. I hear he likes Bud Light.

    • Wrong; it will be 2010 when dems lose both houses, then we shall at least be able to have checks a balances in Washington. Obama’s School records are what I want to see, Opps can’t blocked, I could go on and on and on wanting to see documentation from this mans past that he has blocked with a Exc. order on first day in the door. He is hiding something and when history is written these documents will come to light and we shall know the truth. I can’t wait until 2012 due to some States are passing laws requiring all persons running for President “Show them the papers”. If he doesn’t run because of this we will know that, and he will be exposed for what he is. Checks and Balances. dats what we do here VanArsdale. Have a nice day.

  • Obots are funny, if this was the opposition, they would be screaming it from the lamp post…did you know Sarah Palin wasn’t the mother of her youngest child? Talk about Birther Gate LOL! They wanted her baby’s medical records released from the hospital, and from Palin’s doctor to prove the parents he was born to. (In this case his mother) Lets see that’s a candidates child not even the candidate himself. NO Barack Obama doesn’t need to show anything to anyone at all, was Stanley Ann Dunham really his mother or was he being passed off as her child too….Too Funny.

    What does someone celebrating a birthday have to do with the FACT that a birth certificate has not been released? Most transparent Administration Evah NOT.

  • People are you kidding, my husband is from Kenya and his birth record is nothing like that. Come on dig deeper. So I guess all the children born to our army men and women serving in other countries not armerican either.

    Katy, Texas

  • Hot2Trot -


    You don’t know the difference between an immigrant & a foreign student? That’s hilarious!

    Let me explain. It’s all about intent. Immigrants come here with the intent to reside, make permanent residence, make domicile & / or become U.S. citizens. Foreign students are people from other countries who have NO INTENT of staying here, obtaining residency here & plan on going back to their native countries to live once school is over. Obama Sr. was a FOREIGN STUDENT. When BO was born, according to the law, he was born under the British Crown (via his father). In other words, he was a British citizen (as Kenya was under British rule at the time). Obama’s father was NEVER an immigrant to this country.

    Obviously, you’ve never lived overseas? I actually have. I lived in another country for over a year. Did that qualify me as an “immigrant” to that country? Absolutely NOT! I was what you call an EX PAT. A person residing in another country that’s a citizen of another country for purposes of work, schooling, travelling, etc. I was NEVER an immigrant to that other nation just because I was living there for a year.

    Do you think that people who work overseas as EX PATS consider themselves or qualify as IMMIGRANTS to another nation? Some US teenagers decide to go overseas to go to school in other nations, does that make them IMMIGRANTS to those nations? The answers is absolutely NOT! PLEASE get real!

    Maybe what you need to do is get off this forum & travel a bit, visit some other countries & see how things work in the real world. Just my 2 cents.

    In addition, not only does BO not qualify to run for President when he was born, he was later adopted by his stepfather (an Indonesian) & then became an Indonesian through adoption. That disqualifies him for natural born status as well because you cannot hold dual citizenship & be natural born. Let’s go over this one more time, he was BORN a Brit at birth & then became an Indonesian. There’s a very good chance BO may not even be an American citizen at all let alone natural born.

    Someone who spends over a million dollars in legal battles in an effort to conceal his birth certificate & ALL OTHER documentation (ie, school records, medical records etc.) has got something big to hide. No doubt about that. A legal long form birth certificate would cost him all of $10 or so. He refuses to do so. Heck, the rest of us have to show legal long form birth certificates just to put our children in soccer, apply for a passport etc. What is he above the law & doesn’t have to prove he’s qualified to run for office?

  • This is why your culture is being erased from existence. Your gullibility is such that you barely deserve to be called human beings.

    There WAS no Republic of Kenya in 1964, and the Constitution grants citizenship to anyone born on American soil (hence the ‘anchor baby’ issue).

  • MC – give it a rest. Your messiah is imploding and YOU KNOW IT. Whether he is impeached for treasonable offenses or we vote his ass out in 2012; HE IS GOING! Only 20% of the population is libtard moonbats, and you guys are the ones who will either starve or be fed by the church going conservatives. So shut up and Get Over It!

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