encyclopedia.jpgMike Morgan of GoldmanSachs666.com is now introducing the next website in the series.  You guessed it, JPMorgan666.com.  Seems Mike has been getting requests for the “complete set” of banksters.  Let’s not wear him out kids, he’s still recovering.

Here’s a taste from the new site:

The Clever Accounting of JP Morgan’s Stellar Quarter

Accounting perversion gone wrong (via Money Morning) and the case of JP Morgan’s blow-out quarter (like our friends at Goldman Sachs, there is quite a bit wrong with this picture – JPM needs to brace for a second round of damage as consumer credit defaults are on the rise and commercial real estate is proving “fragile” at best):

Make sure to do a fly-by and check out the new bankster site.  I wonder who will be next considering the list is so freakin’ long!

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