Did Michelle Obama’s Brainchild Create “Patient Dumping”?

Did Michelle Obama’s Brainchild Create “Patient Dumping”?

Michelle Obama leaves the Houses of Commons in a motorcade during an unofficial visit on Monday, June 8th.

Michelle Obama leaves the Houses of Commons in a motorcade during an unofficial visit on Monday, June 8th.

Michelle Obama’s brainchild, the Urban Health Initiative at the University of Chicago Medical Center garnered millions in federal aid, but did it do the job it was supposed to do?

If you are thinking that the Obamas care about any of us, you would be wrong.  Mishy and Bambi are in it for themselves.

Michelle Obama’s Timeline at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

  • The position Michelle eventually takes does not exist at the University of Chicago Medical Center.
  • Obama elected to Senate
  • Position is created (Vice President For Community Affairs), salary, $300, 000.  Michelle is promoted from $121,910 position to $316,962
  • Does not report regularly to dispense her ‘duties’ because campaigning.
  • Obama wins Presidential election.
  • Michelle resigns position.
  • Position is done away with.

And now for the “patient dumping” portion of our show.  Pay attention because this will give you some inkling of what this administration is capable of when it comes to Obama DeathCare.

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H.R. 3221; The New Indentured Servant Act

Between Barney Frank trying his utmost to strangle free enterprise in this country, (a new post on a new bill introduced coming soon), and the State Department’s budget, this bill slipped by me.  Rest assured, as soon as GovTrack comes back up from it’s crash status I will read it and let you know what I find.  In the meantime, Glenn Beck and Matthew Spaulding had a discussion yesterday about the following bill and the ramifications for us when combined with other legislation that has passed.

H.R. 3221: Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009

There will be no more private student loans that are guaranteed by the government.  The government will forgive your loans if you become a government employee or work for an “approved” non-profit for ten years.

The College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 established a new public service loan forgiveness program. This program discharges any remaining debt after 10 years of full-time employment in public service.

Who is not going to jump at that?  Most of the population is not educated enough on what this country and our Constitution is all about to understand how they are just selling themselves into indentured servitude.

Remember H.R.1388 that was signed by The One on 4.21.09? Oh, that’s right; so much has been driven through by this fascist administration that you may not remember.  Here’s some highlights:

H.R. 1388 Serve America Act:

Aims to increase the percentage of disadvantaged youths in the National Civilian Community Corps to over 50% by 2012 (Sec. 1503).

Expands the National Civilian Community Corps mission to include projects on energy conservation, environmental stewardship or conservation, infrastructure improvement, urban and rural development, or disaster preparedness needs (Sec. 1506).

More information, go here.

And now for Glenn’s breakdown of H.R. 3221.

CBO Director Summoned To White House: More Chicago Thuggery?

CBO Director Summoned To White House: More Chicago Thuggery?

elmendorfd_portraitYesterday, the director of the CBO, Douglas Elmendorf, (also a former senior fellow at the Brookings Institute 2007-2009), was “invited” to the White House to meet with the resident’s “key budget and health advisors”, and outside experts to discuss “achieving cost savings in health reform”.

I am supposing that people would not be making such an issue about this visit if it weren’t for Bambi’s Chicago thuggery record.  Here are just a few examples and don’t be fooled by the titles:

Republicans Assail President Obama Meeting with Congressional Budget Office Director As Inappropriate

Republicans on Wednesday criticized as inappropriate a meeting President Obama held Monday with the director of the Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Elmendorf.

Elmendorf, a Democratic appointee, has been a thorn in the side of President Obama and congressional Democrats for the way he has analyzed health care reform legislation. In their view, Elmendorf hasn’t sufficiently given their health care reform proposals enough credit for cutting costs – which has caused them political problems in getting the legislation passed. Last week, frustrated at one analysis by Elmendorf, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., snapped, “what he should do is maybe run for Congress.”

“No one blames Mr. Elmendorf for accepting an invitation from the President of the United States,” House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said in a statement.“The issue is whether it was appropriate for the White House to invite him to discuss pending legislation before Congress at all.”

CBO is tasked with providing “objective, nonpartisan, and timely analyses to aid in economic and budgetary decisions on the wide array of programs covered by the federal budget.”

The White House flatly rejected the idea that there was anything untoward about the invitation or the meeting, which took place on Monday for just under an hour. In addition to the president and Elmendorf, present in the meeting were White House officials such as Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs Phil Schiliro, Director of the White House Office of Health Reform Nancy-Ann DeParle, Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag (a former CBO director himself), National Economic Council Director Larry Summers, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers Christy Romer, senior adviser David Axelrod, and press secretary Robert Gibbs.

Others were there as well, including Department of Health and Human Services adviser Meena Seshamani, Harvard University economist David Cutler and Alice Rivlin of the Brookings Institute, who was founding director of CBO from 1975-1983.

Wow, a heck of a list of heavy hitters.  Once again, for those of you new to the Monster, check out the links on the backgrounds of these people.

Phil Schiliro, Nancy-Ann DeParle, here and here, (check out JP Morgan Chase and Covington & Burling – a Pilgrims Society law firm), Peter Orszag, Larry Summers, Christy Romer, David Axelrod, Meena Seshamani, David Cutler, Alice Rivlin (a former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve), and not to be left out, the Brookings Institute, here and here.  If you haven’t taken the time to research the Brookings Institute – now would be the time.  Brookings is tied to everything.

From my The Fed page:

Paul Warburg became known as a persuasive advocate of central banking in America, in 1907 publishing the pamphlets “Defects and Needs of Our Banking System” and “A Plan for A Modified Central Bank”. His efforts were successful in 1913 with the founding of the Federal Reserve System. He was appointed a member of the first Federal Reserve Board by President Woodrow Wilson, serving until 1918.

In 1919 he founded and became first chairman of the American Acceptance Council. He organized and became the first chairman of the International Acceptance Bank of New York in 1921. International Acceptance was acquired by the Bank of the Manhattan Company in 1929, with Warburg becoming chairman of the combined organization.

He became a director of the Council on Foreign Relations at its founding in 1921, remaining on the board until his death. From 1921 to 1926 Warburg was a member of the advisory council of Federal Reserve Board, serving as president of the advisory council in 1924-26. He was also a trustee of the Institute of Economics, founded in 1922; when it was merged into the Brookings Institution in 1927, he became a trustee of the latter, serving until his death.[8][9]

So you see the connections from the past to the present through Aldrich, Rockefeller, Warburg, The Council On Foreign Relations and the Brookings Institute?

But back to the thuggery story:

“The President invited the director to the White House to discuss health care reform and reducing health care costs,” said White House spokesman Reid Cherlin.

Gibbs described the meeting as a way to discuss ways to reduce health care costs, with no discussion of the CBO methodologies that have annoyed Democrats in their drive to pass health care reform legislation.

Former CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a Republican appointee who advised the 2008 presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said that he never had a private meeting at the White House during his time helming CBO, from 2003 to 2005.

“The only appearance could be that they’re leaning on him,” Holtz-Eakin said. “CBO was created for Congress, for independent analysis. The White House did him (Elmendorf) a terrible disservice.”

This is what the CBO has said about Bambi’s DeathCare:

CBO: Health care reform to increase federal cost

Congress’ budget watchdog warned Thursday that Democrats’ health care bills would not lower skyrocketing costs and would drive up government spending, undermining one of President Obama’s chief arguments for the overhaul.

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Douglas Elmendorf said the plans already released by the House and Senate would keep costs rising at an unsustainable pace, fueling criticism from Republicans and some conservative Democrats that the overhaul will bankrupt the country.

I keep stating that the takeover of this country started some 100 years ago and finally people are catching up.  The Pilgrims are behind the CFR, Brookings, AIG, and numerous other think tanks.  Stop worrying about George Soros.

UPDATE: Cavuto Video About This Meeting:

Lou Dobbs Is Catching Up On Obama’s Birth Certificate

Yes Lou, all of Barack Obama’s records are sealed.  Yes Lou, Obama has paid $1,066,691.o9 bucks to Perkins Coie, (the Dems go-to law firm), to keep his records sealed.  Yes Lou, at the time of Obama’s birth, foreign nationals could get a Hawaiian birth certificate.  Thanks for waking up, smelling the coffee, and joining the rest of thinking Americans when we say, “why is Barack Obama hiding everything?”

Kindergarten records
Punahou school records
Occidental College records
Columbia University records
Columbia thesis
Harvard Law School records
Harvard Law Review articles
Scholarly articles from the University of Chicago
Medical records
Files from his years as an Illinois state senator
Illinois State Bar Association records
Any baptism records
Obama/Dunham marriage license
Obama/Dunham divorce documents
Soetoro/Dunham marriage license
Adoption records
Long form birth certificate

Lou Dobbs says Obama has no proof of a valid birth certificate yet. 1 of 2

Lou Dobbs says Obama has no proof of a valid birth certificate yet. 2 of 2

California To Release 27,000 Criminals This Year

Heads up for my readers in California, and for the rest of you out there that haven’t been paying attention.  Can’tcha just wait for this to start happening EVERYWHERE?

State budget deal reduces prison inmates by 27,000

Reporting from Sacramento — The state budget deal negotiated by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders would reduce the population of California prisons by nearly 27,000 inmates in the current fiscal year.

That would be done with a combination of new measures, including allowing some inmates to finish their sentences on home detention, creating new incentives for completion of rehabilitation programs and scaling back parole supervision for the least serious offenders.

The proposal, details of which were obtained by The Times, would save a total of $1.2 billion in the coming year.

It is unclear whether Republicans will vote for a budget plan that includes reduction of the state prison system, which now houses 170,000 inmates. Some GOP votes are needed to pass a budget in California.

If Republicans demur, the Democrats who dominate the Legislature could approve the prison proposal as separate legislation with a simple majority vote, which would not require GOP support.

The plan would grant authority to state corrections officials to allow any inmate with 12 months or less left to serve to complete his or her sentence on home detention, although state officials would not be required to do so. Prison officials could also put any inmate who is over 60 or medically incapacitated on home detention instead of in a prison cell.

The state would use electronic monitoring for inmates serving time at home, and officials estimate that about 6,300 could do time this way.

Go over, read the rest, and then contemplate your 2nd Amendment rights.

Thought You Were Desensitized To The Horror?

Thought You Were Desensitized To The Horror?

After everything we have been through in the last 18 months, one would think that there are not too many things that would send us screaming for the lifeboats after what we already have been through.  At some point saturation and desensitization sets in.  Let’s run through a short list:

  1. The Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting on May 31, 2008.
  2. Hank Paulson scaring the bejesus out of Congress in September, 2008.
  3. T.A.R.P.
  4. Barack Obama being elected by 69 million teary crazed idiots.
  5. Millions of Americans losing their jobs and homes.
  7. The numerous appointments of tax evaders.
  8. The Stimulus Package
  9. The Bailout of AIG.
  10. Nationalization of the banks and financial industry.
  11. The Takeover of Chrysler and GM.
  12. Being labeled domestic terrorists by Janet Napolitano.
  13. Hussein appointing 31 Czars and counting.
  14. Hussein throwing Israel under the bus, hand-holding Iran, and championing the ousted dictator in Honduras.
  15. The Federal Reserve “loses” $9 TRILLION.
  16. Cap and Tax
  17. Al Franken being inducted into the Senate.
  18. Obama DeathCare
  19. Talk about Porkulus II.
  20. The Big NY Banks posting profits after eating each other.
  21. Possible $23 Trillion in Bailouts.
  22. An almost $2 Trillion Deficit THIS YEAR!

I was pretty much inured to it until I saw this photo this morning where I promptly had a visceral reaction and found myself immediately in fight or flight mode.  How about you?  Does this scare the bejesus out of you? Anybody like to caption this? (and the Winner is now the caption.)


Hank Paulson In Front Of Congress

H/T GoldmanSachs666

Hank Paulson was a 32 year career Goldman Sachs soldier. He also ran the company as COO and CEO from 1998 through 2006 . . . the exact years that we saw the creation of toxic assets developed by his boys and girls at Goldman Sachs. He left Goldman Sachs at the peak of the bubble to take over the Treasury Secretary job so he could complete the final phase of his scheme . . . cover up, steal a few trillion more, laugh at you and the American public.

Hank Paulson being questioned by Mr. Stearns (FL) about the Bank of America merger with Merrill Lynch.  I find the deferred tax issue consistent with the rest of the players now in positions of power, and it is nice to watch Hank squirm even if it is not going to have any real, lasting effect.

P.S. Please send this video viral!

Bailouts Could Cost $23 TRILLION

Bailouts Could Cost $23 TRILLION

Say Goodbye To Your Money!

Say Goodbye To Your Money!

Are you ready for this boys and girls?  We knew this was coming…and we are already broke.

Neil Barofsky, is a special inspector general  testifying to the House oversight committee tomorrow, (Tuesday 7.21.09),  and the prospects are dim considering “they” always lowball the figures.

Bailouts could cost U.S. $23 trillion

A series of bailouts, bank rescues and other economic lifelines could end up costing the federal government as much as $23 trillion, the U.S. government’s watchdog over the effort says – a staggering amount that is nearly double the nation’s entire economic output for a year.

If the feds end up spending that amount, it could be more than the federal government has spent on any effort in American history.

For the government to be on the hook for the total amount, worst-case scenarios would have to come to pass in a variety of federal programs, which is unlikely, says Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general for the government’s financial bailout programs, in testimony prepared for delivery to the House oversight committee Tuesday.

The Treasury Department says less than $2 trillion has been spent so far.

If $2 Trillion has been spent so far, what about the $9 Trillion the Fed’s IG cannot account for?

Still, the enormity of the IG’s projection underscores the size of the economic disaster that hit the nation over the past year and the unprecedented sums mobilized by the federal government under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama to confront it.

In fact, $23 trillion is more than the total cost of all the wars the United States has ever fought, put together. World War II, for example, cost $4.1 trillion in 2008 dollars, according to the Congressional Research Service.

Even the Moon landings and the New Deal didn’t come close to $23 trillion: the Moon shot in 1969 cost an estimated $237 billion in current dollars, and the entire Depression-era Roosevelt relief program came in at $500 billion, according to Jim Bianco of Bianco Research.

The annual gross domestic product of the United States is just over $14 trillion.

Treasury spokesman Andrew Williams downplayed the total amount could ever reach Barofsky’s number.

“The $23.7 trillion estimate generally includes programs at the hypothetical maximum size envisioned when they were established,” Williams said. “It was never likely that all these programs would be ‘maxed out’ at the same time.”

It was also not likely that Americans would lose $1.3 Trillion of their personal wealth in the first quarter of this year, but it happened.

So let’s say the bailouts “only” come to $12 Trillion; aren’t we still using red crayon math?

And then there is this from WSJ:

Treasury Is Criticized Over TARP

WASHINGTON — The special inspector general overseeing the $700 billion financial-sector bailout said the Treasury Department isn’t disclosing enough information about how taxpayer money is being spent.

In prepared testimony for a Tuesday hearing of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Special Inspector General Neil Barofsky said the Treasury has rejected several of his recommendations for more transparency on its part.

Mr. Barofsky also said the Treasury has declined to require bailout recipients to explain what they are doing with their government funds.

Mr. Barofsky is pushing for the Treasury to provide more frequent valuations of a portfolio of assets it has obtained in connection with the TARP. He said the department hasn’t committed to providing such reports more than the once a year required by law.”Treasury’s default position should always be to require more disclosure rather than less and to provide the investors in TARP — the American taxpayers — as much information about what is being done with their money as possible,” Mr. Barofsky will tell lawmakers.

The special inspector general’s office collected its information by surveying 364 institutions that had completed agreements to receive government aid as of Jan. 31. The office didn’t attempt to independently verify the information provided by the institutions, the report said.

The report provides a broad glimpse at how TARP recipients used federal capital. It shows 43% of the banks used the money to meet capital or reserve requirements set by regulators. Four percent used it to complete acquisitions, often in transactions facilitated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. About a quarter reported investing in mortgage-backed securities affiliated with federal housing agencies, and 14% reported using the money to pay down other debt obligations.

The report cited 80% of respondents as using the money in ways that supported their ability to lend. More than 100 institutions said they used the funds to support residential mortgage loans. Sixty-one banks reported using the funds to support other forms of consumer lending.

If all of these institutions are “using the money in ways that supported their ability to lend”, then why is the credit market still frozen?  Why are Americans losing their jobs and homes?

And as my spousal unit has stated; Joe Biden saying that we will make $1.50 for every dollar we spend only happens when you are a coke dealer.

Arabfest In Dearborn, Michigan

(H/T WhimsyGirl)

This happens to be a very interesting video and urge you to watch it to the end. It summons up thoughts about this lawsuit.

Our greatest strengths are now being used against us; and yet, I would not have it any other way….because I am a true patriotic American who believes in the Constitution.  Maybe I am a dinosaur; I don’t know yet.

Harry and Louise In “My Little Pony World”

For all my regular readers, move along now, this video will make you puke.  For the rest of you, Harry and Louise are living in “my little pony world” when it comes to health care reform and the belief that this government would EVER be able to make healthcare universal and reduce the cost.  There are enough examples throughout the world to prove this point, not to mention the CBO saying Bambi’s plan would BANKRUPT our nation.

Why don’t we try to make health care consumer driven where Americans have medical insurance policies that are theirs and not tied to the government or their employer.  Start there and see where it takes us.  I know the insurance companies that continue to buy skyscrapers and similar investments are not going to be happy about their monopoly being broken up.

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