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UDPATE: 8.4.09, Glenn Beck:

I’m still down the rabbit hole on this one and will be updating this post on what I find…



Another thread in the web. Recognize the same names?  It is very interesting to watch the different threads bicker over votes, our tax dollars, and control of the country.

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By Logistics Monster


  • A Commie in the Obama administration? I’ve got to say that I am shocked. Shocked I tell ya. How could this have possibly have happened? Nowhere, nowhere I tell ya, were any hints that this might happen. And right here in the good ole US of O, I mean A.

    Snark off.

  • Gary Lewis -

    This was well-documented before the election. Geez… he was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis from the age of 10 until he went into Occidental College at age 18. And that was just the start!

    And people are SURPRISED that he is pursuing a collectivist economic/political model?

    To paraphrase Captain Renault in Casablanca…

    I am shocked, just SHOCKED to find Communists in here!!

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama has surrounded himself with Commies, Racist, Muslims, Black Militants, tax cheats, and just about every kind of despicable person imaginable. He will soon have a Communist, Racist, and anti 2nd Amendment judge on the Supreme court as well. You don’t have to read between the lines to know that the CPUSA had a collective orgasm when he was elected their president. I read some poll results today, and the question asked was: How many Americans would be willing to fight and die to stop the Communist takeover of America. About 60% said they would do whatever is necessary to stop Communism, 30% said the would be happy to accept Communism, and 10% were on the fence. I agree with JB Williams, the Communist in power are not going to give up easily the freedoms and institutions they have stolen from America.

    As I have stated before, I will stand with the Patriots that support America and the Constitution wherever this path may lead.

    Have a good day Comrades. Not!

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    according to MALKIN

    Obama uses the persuasion of POWER ! his thugs do the job if you do not agree with him.

    we see it everywhere, joe the plumber, sarah palin, the policeman, etc.

    destruction if you do not bend down to kiss his feet:


    It is our fault, and we owe it to our children and grandchildren to make a small sacrifice to bring this nation back from the drink:

    NOW and fast:

    As Germany went under Hitler with a 90% approval rating
    so goes the USA under Obama at warp speed:

  • Practical Madman -

    Letty- it will take more than a SMALL sacrifice- something along the order that it took to bring it to life in the first place….the sacrifice will be very great to bring this train to a halt. I am ready…how about everyone else.

  • Just some FYI history:

    In Biblical terminology, Apollo originated from the Greek word apollyon, which means destroyer: (Another name for Satan in Revelation 9:11).

    Napoleon also comes from the same Greek word.

  • Glenn Beck’s recent representation of the Apollo Alliance was filled with distortions and convenient omissions. To set the record straight, Beck failed to note that business leaders across the country support Apollo’s efforts to promote bipartisan policies that will lead to domestic job creation and the revival of our struggling manufacturing sector. Our goal is to put millions of Americans to work in a new generation of high-quality, green-collar jobs so that our country and our citizens can prosper again.

    The clean energy economy is here. The misguided, pessimistic rhetoric coming from those who would rather let our economy fail than be proven wrong is a dangerous impediment to American progress. We need to keep moving forward, embrace new ideas, rebuild the country’s middle class, and finally break our addiction to dirty fossil fuels. For more information about the Apollo Alliance, visit our Website at

    –Jenna Scatena, Apollo Alliance

  • Wow Jenna – thanks for stopping by and dropping free koolaid for everybody – unfortunately for you – we are not partaking.

    “The misguided, pessimistic rhetoric coming from those who would rather let our economy fail than be proven wrong is a dangerous impediment to American progress.”

    Are you freakin’ kidding me? Let the economy fail instead of being proven wrong? Rest assured that simple economics negates everything that this administration and the LAST administration has done.

    As for your Apollo Alliance, rest assured I will start digging on what Glenn spoke about and we will see exactly what I find – and I am pretty sure you won’t like it – but my readers know I am fair and I report all the pieces of the puzzle.

    Hopefully the 1/2 of the country that wants a free ride will wake up soon and realize that there is no free lunch.

    As for the rest of my readers – can you believe the people that come here and just assume we are non-thinking, non-reading, msm slurping twits?

  • Practical Madman -

    Yea DT- it is amazing who drops in and the trash they can leave behind.
    Like I said…What is Amerika coming to?

    I don’t like what I see. There are just too many koolaid drinkers out there. The real troubling thing is they actually BELIEVE what they say! “Green collar jobs”? I am all for cleaning up the ecology and using clean energy technology as much as the next guy, but how about we start with the numerous technologies that are already in existence that have been purchased by TPTB and shelved because they cut into their profits? Why kill real jobs for these fake “green” jobs that will not produce anything positive. Each one of these jobs kills 2.2 real jobs.

  • Madman – look at it another way. Why is Jenna and the rest of the gang here actually leaving comments instead of just lurking, hacking, slowing down the site and crashing the grid? Could you smell the fear of the tide turning?

    Let’s worry about getting a floor under the housing market, getting our taxes down, getting small businesses going – and then start integrating green technologies. Any greenness they institute right now is going to be years away from making any difference in this economy – by then we will all be eating rice and beans and hoping for the second coming.

  • I like rice and beans. Funny, but this green energy hooey is producing jobs at a rate of naught. In fact, didn’t I read somewhere that Mr. Green energy’s administration is pulling the plug on stimulus funds that were going to produce jobs in this very sector?

    Consult the Lemur, but I’m pretty sure Jenna’s Indian name would be Lying Beaver

  • Jenna said:

    The misguided, pessimistic rhetoric coming from those who would rather let our economy fail than be proven wrong is a dangerous impediment to American progress.

    I agree whole heartedly! Could you pass those sentiments along to Congress and the Obama administration?

  • Shtuey,

    You only like rice and beans because you (currently) have the choice to eat them.

    I really think we’d better check with the Red Lemur because it’ a pretty big coincidence that her name would be so close to the Resident’s Indian name: Lying Sack of Shit

  • AthensLibertarian -

    My guess is that the liberals, who according to recent polls only really make up about 20% of the total population, are beginning to sense that their little plan is going to unravel soon.

  • Vietnam Vet -

    Let’s count the issues in order since the GREAT ONE has come to power:
    1.Takeover of the Car Companies and Wall St. -TELL them what to do including a CZAR for ALL Salaries for Corporate execs.- Power over the Economy
    2.Stimulus Package: where did all that money go..not to create Jobs..ACORN and others.-Power over the Vote
    3.Cap-and Trade Bill – Tax created to Fund their agenda under the guise of Global Warming-Power to Tax.
    To Tax.
    4.Health Care Bill- Bring down the Insurance Companies –under the guise of Insuring the uninsured – Power over your Body.
    5.Race Card- Paralyze the opposition – Consolidation of Power

    Next Up:
    6.Immigration Bill- Blanket Amnesty -More Democrat Party Voters – Ensure future Power
    7.Enlarge the House of Reps.- Use the Courts to increase number -Ensure future Power
    8.Fairness Doctrine – Eliminate Free Speech on the Radio – Ensure future Power

    WAKE UP AMERICA….It’s time to inform others and VOTE

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