Pajamas TV Hits A Home Run On “How To Destroy A Leader”

It is always a pleasure to be able to return a linking h/t. This one goes to Why Mommy Is A Palin Supporter for the following post:

A Lesson On How To Destroy A Leader:

Bill Whittle of Pajamas Media has released a commentary on the multi-faceted campaign to bring down Sarah Palin that pours down thirteen minutes of unadulterated verbal smackdown on the heads of those in the media, the Democratic Party and the Republican establishment who have been attacking Sarah Palin. This is a “must watch” video commentary that sends a reverberent cannon shot directly into enemy ground. Few names are mentioned, but the enemy is identified, exposed and crushed with facts that do not merely reveal, but truly inspire.

Please do watch the entire thirteen minutes.

I applaud Bill Whittle for one of the clearest and most concise commentaries I have heard in years, and as “Mommy” states, listen through the entire commentary because the suppositions at the end about moral and immoral people, and Saul Alinsky and his tactics are a MUST HEAR and HEED!  The commentary will also give you more than a bird’s eye view of what the coasts think of the little peeps in fly-over country.

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By Logistics Monster


  • What a tremendous find. I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind not watching the whole segment. I cannot disagree with a single thing he said. Pure genius. Thank you!

  • Off topic but important for bloggers to know! Take care…

    A.P. Clamping Down on Bloggers; New Stance Will Stifle “Even Minimal Use” of News Articles Online

    And I mean really clamping down…as in they’re going after anyone who even uses a headline and a link!! And they want their 1400 newspaper list to join in, too….

  • IA – thanks for writing that story up and dropping the link here. I just have not had time to write about it after I saw it over at Maggie’s. You rock!

  • Practical Madman -

    Great!! I thoroughly enjoyed this vid! We need more people speaking up like this!

  • DaveinPhoenix -

    I watch everything Bill Whittle puts out, and IF ONLY we had more like him. IF ONLY we had Conservatives who would stand up and fight – the video reminds me of how corrupted and out of touch the GOP leadership really is. Here we have the first real down to Earth awesome America loving Conservative value candidate in (?????alifetime), and they led her into oblivion. God Bless Sarah Palin and her ENTIRE family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DaveinPhoenix… yes, it’s one thing to have your opponents attacking you… yet another to have your “side” attacking you. I don’t trust either party anymore. They are both corrupt.

  • brityank -

    I’ve followed Bill Whittle since I ran across his Eject … Eject … Eject … blog and commentaries, and his clarity is something we should all aspire to. This needs to go viral, and sent on to all of the Maggots in the Media!

    As an aside to the coming AP debacle, I personally believe that the way the copyright laws have been implemented and misused by the MSM is a direct violation of OUR rights as stipulated in OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our governments have taken upon themselves, along with the coercion and connivance of the ‘Journalist’ community, the policy of keeping the Public out of the political news gathering venues that they restrict access to.

    Point in case; you cannot just attend any of the Press Briefings in our Capitol without a “Press Credential”. Who grants those credentials? Our government has let the MSM determine who qualifies, and several people have been banned or refused admittance due to its lack.

    Corporations are a creation of government, and as such are given Privileges not Rights. Conflating and confusing those two specific and separate principles have been used by the corporations to assume the same Rights as a Man before the Bar – such rights were never intended by the Founders or by the authors of the 14th.

  • That was amazing and very griping till the end. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Palin yet. She’s strong enough to succeed despite the attack if she should choose to go that route.

    Also, InsightA, if the AP chooses their elitist path, they and the failing newspapers that support them will be history. Who needs them anymore? There is growing demand for fresh, truthful and patriotic news. There are conservative journalist majors and right-minded media geniuses who are or need to be the new entrepreneurs. There is a reason the country has been greater than all the rest and the USA isn’t ready for Obadma’s Utopian movement.

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