Obama DeathCare Roundup: Where To Start?

The circus in Washington surrounding this issue continues, and I am wondering if anybody else is asking the important question, “Why is this such an emergency when we know that this healthcare reform is not going to reduce the deficit, create jobs, or help the economy?”  It is more than obvious that this is just another plank in the fascist platform that is called “Government Takeover” by the liberal left wing of the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party formerly known as the party of slavery; The Democrats.  Don’t believe me, look it up here and here!

Remember Bambi and Nancy keep talking about the three fronts: Energy (Cap and Trade), Education (Americorps and HR3221), and Healthcare reform (Obama DeathCare).  They just didn’t tell you that they were going to take over large segments of the economy like banks, financial institutions, car companies, insurance companies, set pay for executives, appoint umpteen czars, etc.  If you are thinking this all just happened by accident and some cosmic perfect storm created this, go here and find out what has been going on under your noses.

Now, let’s take two steps back to 7.22.09 and this post: CBO Director Summoned To White House: More Chicago Thuggery?

Yesterday, the director of the CBO, Douglas Elmendorf, (also a former senior fellow at the Brookings Institute 2007-2009), was “invited” to the White House to meet with the resident’s “key budget and health advisors”, and outside experts to discuss “achieving cost savings in health reform”.

I am supposing that people would not be making such an issue about this visit if it weren’t for Bambi’s Chicago thuggery record.  Here are just a few examples and don’t be fooled by the titles:

In the Washington Times, 7.28.09:

CBO boosts Obama’s health plan

President Obama and his Democratic allies, scrambling to broker a health care deal Monday, finally got an upbeat assessment from Congress’ official scorekeeper when it said the plan for government-run coverage would not force out private insurers.

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer trumpeted the report from the Congressional Budget Office, Congress’ nonpartisan budget analyst, that said private insurers could survive competition from a government health insurance option – contradicting a chief criticism from Republicans.

“Now we’ve heard that the reform will represent a government takeover of health care. A point of fact: The opposite is true,” said Mr. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat.

Republicans have said the public health insurance option, which would likely have low reimbursement rates, would drive private insurers out of business. They argue that once private insurers are gone, the public option would be the only health insurance option. (emphasis mine)

Republicans touted a report from the Lewin Group, a health research firm owned by an insurance company, that predicted 100 million people out of the 160 million now covered by employer-sponsored insurance would go to the government coverage.

Not so fast Bambi.  This video I put up a few days ago with the very words from the democrats horses’ mouths:

The Truth About Obama Health Care Reform

Want to know the truth about the strategy to move every American onto single payer health care where a bureaucrat decides whether you live or die?  Nothing says “the truth” like tape; always get tape:

Nothing says truth like dems talking about slowly and strategically moving everybody toward government controlled single payer health care because private insurers won’t be able to compete.  I KNOW THEY WON’T, I work for a small business that is getting creamed by health insurance costs.  If it comes down to the company surviving by moving everybody to the government plan or going bankrupt, I KNOW what my employer will do.

Moving on; Senator DeMint seems to be the only public person besides Sarah, Rush and Glenn to be doing a damn fine impression of Paul Revere, and raising the alarm about what is happening with the snake known as the Obama administration.

S.C. Senator Is a Voice Of Reform Opposition

DeMint a Champion Of Conservatives

As anxiety about health-care reform was being expressed Monday on the medical center’s campus in this conservative suburb of South Carolina’s capital, Sen. Jim DeMint (S.C.) was sharpening his opposition to President Obama’s attempt to overhaul the health-care industry.

The Republican has used fiery rhetoric to create a sense of urgency on the matter, making himself a champion of conservatives in the process.

“I’m swinging on this issue,” DeMint said in an interview. “If I can stop a government takeover, I will. . . . It’s not personal. It’s not political. It’s about stopping a bad policy.”

Republican Senate leaders have distanced themselves from DeMint, saying they are opposed not to health-care reform but to the proposals Democrats are pressing. Sen. George V. Voinovich (Ohio), a retiring moderate, told colleagues Monday he thinks DeMint and other conservatives are to blame for the party’s downfall. And none of DeMint’s colleagues has endorsed his Waterloo comment.

Excuse me? Who decided John McCain was the champion of the Republican Party, or Colin Powell, or Michael Steele; none of which have any cajones to slow the momentum of the train wreck occurring to our nation?  I still want to know what the Dems promised the Repubs to allow Bambi in office – was it this deathcare or Sotomayor?

The Democratic National Committee seized upon the remark, airing a television ad on cable stations here accusing DeMint of “trying to kill health-care reform” and “playing politics with health care.” The party announced on Monday that it had extended the ad through Friday, and a Democratic official said DeMint’s outspokenness is helping to recruit candidates to challenge him in 2010 when he faces voters again.

“We’re certainly not trying to quiet Jim DeMint,” DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse said. “He’s given us a gift because we’re able to go to other Republican members and say, ‘Do you agree with Jim DeMint that health care should be used to break the president politically?’ I don’t think it at all has been helpful to the Republicans.”

So the dems are attacking Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint and whoever else is trying to expose the lies of the Obama Administration and his zombies in congress.

DeMint, 57, who before entering politics owned a small marketing business and struggled to negotiate affordable health-care coverage for his dozen or so employees, said fixing the system has been one of the main causes of his career. But he considers Democratic plans a threat to freedoms Americans treasure.

Since arriving in Washington in 1999 as a House member, DeMint has been on a crusade against the bureaucracy of the federal city. He sought to abolish the federal tax code and once staged a rally in his home town of Greenville, where he tossed all 17,000 pages of the Internal Revenue Service tax code from a hot-air balloon.

“I’m working with a lot of people up here [in Washington] who don’t really understand the health insurance market,” he said. “I don’t think anyone in his Cabinet, or Obama himself, understands the business. I’ve been around doctors all my life.

“We need some real health-care reform,” he added. “So, Mr. President, get your hands off of my health care and let’s make health insurance work better.”

James L. Guth, a political scientist at Furman University, said of DeMint: Health care “in many ways kind of crystallizes all of the concerns he used to start with. His first campaign slogan was ‘Bring Freedom Home,’ and he sees all of these government programs as a gradual encroachment of American freedom.”

Some medical professionals here in Lexington County agree.

“Whenever I mention it to patients, they are afraid,” said John G. Black, a longtime internist at Lexington Medical Center and president of the South Carolina Medical Association. “You could go to any state in the union and you could find patients and physicians who are afraid they will lose freedom in making medical decisions.”

I wonder what the rest of the day will bring…

By Logistics Monster


  • Gary Lewis -

    Diamond… not sure you have seen this. Having worked with the deaf in the past, I found this to be very moving.

    H/T Gateway Pundit


    Here is the text of his comments:

    JULY 27, 2009

    I am a young adult who is profoundly deaf with a cochlear implant, starting my second year of college in September.

    I would not be able to hear anything without my implant, except maybe a jet engine.

    With my cochlear implant, I can talk on the telephone, I can carry on oral conversations, and I can hear music. It has enriched my life tremendously.

    Cochlear implant surgery is not inexpensive. Currently it costs between $50,000 and $60,000 per ear.

    After this surgery it is important to receive the correct education afterward so the child can learn how to talk. It is expensive to educate a child who is deaf.

    It is also expensive to provide services to a child who is deaf who is not oral. Interpreters are needed for them to talk to people who are hearing.

    When my mother told me of the health bills being considered by the House and Senate, and how they impacted disabled people, I wanted people to know how that would impact me and how difficult it would be to succeed in life without the services I have received.

    Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm Emmanuel’s brother, who is involved in the wording of the House Bill said, “Medical care should be reserved for the non-disabled, not given to those “who are irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens…” “.

    Does that include me? If medical decisions are being made by the government; not by my doctors, my parents, or me, I would be determined to be too expensive to receive the services I need to be able to navigate my way in the world.

  • Leaping Spark -

    ObamaCare is not about healthcare at all, it is about stealing more of your freedoms, and the takeover by Obama’s Communist government of the sixth largest industry in America. Obama and the Emanuel brothers don’t give a damn about your health, they just want control of the money and the power. JB William’s article about people being afraid of Obama spelled everything out for all of America to see. They are taking over the country and everthing else is just a smoke screen to confuse and scare the sheoples. Communism and facism murdered a 110,000,000 people with their cleansing of the elderly, the infirmed and the disabled. Just think how much money they must have saved. In the end it wasn’t about healthcare anyway. It was about power and money and control of the masses. Obama’s plan is transparent for a America, a Communist dictatorship with the Messiah at the helm. Obamacare, Cap and Trade, Takeover of banking and Industry, the MSM used for a propaganda machine, the schools used to propagate a communist agenda, an assault on the 2nd Amendment, unchecked illegal immigration, and lest we forget Hamas refugees being given free flights to America and free housing by Obama after they get here. America is being stolen in front of our very eyes and will continue to be stolen because we do nothing!

    There is no easy answer in this situation, but I will stand with the patriots.

  • They are rushing this through because if people have an opportunity to discover exactly what the bill(s) mandate they will demand that their representatives vote against it. It really is that simple. With the August recess looming all representatives understand that they will be required to face up to their constituents who are already soured on the last bill of (financial) health they crammed right through. Jobs, I ain’t seen no stinkin jobs. Loans? They claim I’m not qualified even though I paid to keep them solvent.

    This is all a sham. And much worse. Much much worse.

    I’ve taken a look at this so-called reform bill from another perspective, namely the inequality of care afforded the common American as opposed to the excess of care offered the federal government. You can read it on my blog right here: What’s good for the Moose is good for the Panderer

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    NOW EVIL dictator and EVIL congress want to tax everything we eat:

    IS THAT a tax on the RICH, super rich, or the POOR and SENIORS ?

    WE ARE NOT “FAT” meaning at 5’6” I weigh 108, why the hell should I BE TAXED for drinking soda, eathing ice-cream, and chucking down fast foods and junk food, if I WANT TO : (and I DO)

    SO NOW:
    BUY 12 stamps:
    send snail mail letters to your 2 criminal senators (both parties) and criminal congressman all parties:

    Senator GRASSLEY
    Senator SNOW
    and the other traitor
    Criminal DODD
    evil dictator POTUS
    criminal RAHM E
    and the :::: W. W. of the West Pelosi

    and at least 2 to some of the weaker BLUE DOGS!

    then get everyone you know to do the same and get 20-to get 20:

    FLOOD their mail boxes for the next 2 weeks:

    THEY ARE LAUGHING at our email campaigns, petition campaigns and
    deleting them especially if you are not from their state or district:

    SHOW UP AT THE TH meetings and home state offices in HUGE numbers, with signed petitions in hand

  • Practical Madman -

    The “health care” bill is about anything but health care. The health care industry is controlled by the Rockefeller dynasty, as is the Federal Reserve, the oil industry, and the government. The “Health care” bill is about collapsing the economy and culling the population.

    In the origins of modern medicine, there were two main trends in thought. One was led by Antoine Beecham who was of the Hippocrates opinion of “you are what you eat- acid/alkaline balance and minerals and vitamins were essential to health”. The other was led by Louis Pasteur who believed that all maladies of the human body came from outside and the symptoms needed to be treated. Antoine was a nerdy little guy with glasses and a high voice and Louis was a good looking, well spoken guy that people gravitated to.

    Modern medicine has been based on the second of these two options, but the first is the more accurate. As long as we base our “health care” on these flawed principals, we will never be healthy and the ones that control the pharmaceutical industry will rule the world. We will never have true health care and especially if we give control to an unfeeling government controlled by the money changers. This government has gone so far as to sell out our sovereignty to the UN and the WHO and Codex Alimentarious will soon make the main vitamins and minerals that maintain health illegal, so it matters not what kind of “health care” we get. Health care became managed death.

  • Richard B -

    Hey what do you guys know about French, the British, and the Canadian health care systems? Why do you think that something similar to the French system wouldn’t work here?

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