Sarah Palin Farewell Address 7.26.09

Ah, the verbal bitchslapping begins; I do believe “its on”!  If the liberal moonbats were not worried before, they had better be now.  The 2nd American Revolution now has it’s speaker and leader!

There is a reason I support Sarah Palin; an intelligent, sincere person who became a politician without becoming corrupt, and resigned when she and her staff were no longer able to get the job done because of ethics complaints bogging them down.   Was not her resignation in the best interests of Alaskans?

By Logistics Monster


  • Gary Lewis -

    DT… yep… there IS a reason why the left is trying to destroy her… she scares them to death.

    Her problem (if she decides to make a Presidential run on the Republican ticket) will be the Northeastern elite Country Club Republican establishment. This is going to be interesting to watch… to see if the Republicans continue their self-destructive quest to become Democrat-Lite or they jettison these elites and go with what wins elections… standing on principle… not trying to cater to every little interest group.

    And for the record… I’m neither R or D.

  • That Northeastern elite country club group is both republicans and democrats and they are called the Pilgrims Society. So with that tidbit out of the way. I’m more worried about a Bobby Kennedy situation occuring if she decides to run.

    I also have been and will continue to be an INDIE because the other 2 (really 1) choice is very very very bad.

  • Robin in Texas -

    Sarah Unleashed. This makes my mouth water with pure anticipation. Now the real fun begins, the little lady has both barrels loaded and she is no doubt in the mood to hunt. Hide and watch, I have trouble believing the media will now take their syes and cameras off of her.
    For the all too liberal women out there. Perhaps you should take a few notes and learn about real women with family values and honor.
    God Speed Sarah

  • I certainly have a deep level of trust in Sarah Palin that I’ve only had once before in a politician and that was my Congressman Ron Lewis, also a staunch conservative. She has what it takes to lead us back away from the abyss we’re all staring into right now.

    I’m a FORMER Republican. I’ve worked the polls for the GOP and I’ve been involved for many years, but after seeing what the establishment has been doing to this champion of conservatism, primarily BECAUSE she is a champion of conservatism, I am now an Independent.

    Thanks for the video……..and thanks for your tweets!!

  • Welcome Lisa – glad to hear that you are an indie now and are aware of the one party system we have going on.

    Robin – I thought she was going to wait until tomorrow to fire the shot across the bow but then again I did not realize her farewell address was today.

    I was pleasantly pleased and she is doing exactly what I believed she would do.

    Everybody please take a moment to imagine Michelle obama, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel and a few choice others running around with their hair on fire right about now.

    That is such a pleasant visual, is it not?

  • i was a republican too, before i became an independent. I hate the one party system that has been crammed down our throats with no regard whatsoever to the American people. I see in Sarah Palin all the thing the liberals have stolen from this great country. God bless her and her family and give her the strength that she will need as she forges through and continues the fight for this country.

  • Practical Madman -

    I love Sarah. I just hope she joins The rest of us and becomes an Indie. I have been one since age 18. She now has a taste of the reality of the one party/two name system and I believe she will come around and become Indie.

  • Leaping Spark -

    I wish Sarah Palin well, but if the Commies have an inkling that she is going to be a problem for them, she hasn’t seen anything yet. Their attacks will be relentless and brutal. Obama and Axelrod will stop at nothing to destroy this women and her family. Sarah, if she chooses to is entering an arena not about corruption in politics, but about a facist/communist led government trying to take over America.

    I will stand with Sarah Palin.

  • Sarah Palin has a tremendous task ahead of her if the Presidency is on the table (and we simply don’t know the answer to that question yet).

    If she opts to lead a charge to take back the Republican party for conservatives……..well, I don’t think she’ll win over enough independents to join her in that because the Republican brand is so damaged now.

    If she opts to lead as an independent, she likely won’t get enough Republicans to support her.

    Either way, a tremendously difficult road lay ahead.

    I like the idea of being relaxed about all of it, put everything in the hands of the Almighty, and just let the chips fall where they may for a while. As a believer, I have to put a lot of trust in God. I know Palin does. And make no mistake, that’s why she can smile and laugh about these things — her faith — and for no other reason. Having said that, there is still a huge responsibility from the people here. She can’t drag us all into the land of freedom like she dragged McCain’s carcass close to victory in ’08.

    We have to get behind her NOW and we have to be willing to network, get the word out, exhort each other, keep the faith and demand from anyone who will listen to us that the country return to its roots.

    If we lose, we’re all pretty much doomed for, perhaps, at least our own lifetimes. If we win, if she gets behind that desk in the Oval Office, I think she could top the Gipper himself. I do.

    That’s how I see it.

    I’ve been in politics for 16 years. I’ve never seen someone as politically brilliant and who cherishes our freedoms the way Palin does…….and doubt I ever will again.

  • Lisa – I am going to go on record here. I believe that Sarah will be running for pres in 2012 and she will not be dragging anybody – they will be running behind her and pushing her as she appears to be the first constitutionalist I have ever seen and I have been paying attention since before 1980. You are underestimating indies. The perfect storm that the liberal/socialist machine has had in the works for the last 50 years has produced Barack Obama AND Sarah Palin. Would she have been chosen and pushed into the spotlight if someone other than Barack had been running? Something along the lines of ying/yang or universal balance. Start asking yourself; how many Republicans want the party to be full of McCains and Powells? Don’t underestimate American patriots that are being presented with an incredibly contrasted choice.

    As for Ronnie; whereever he is – he is wishing he was Palin – not the other way around.

    And I agree – we haven’t seen a Palin before and probably will never see one again.

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