Remember this from Wed. July 22, 2009:

..and a mere 3 hours later Barack Obama pulls the race card at his healthcare reform infomercial.

On 7.25.09, I wrote a piece called Rush Limbaugh Nails It! where I stated this:

Many of us have known for a very long time that nothing, and I mean NOTHING is done by accident with this administration.  Y’all have realized by now that every single event surrounding this “residency” is planned, orchestrated, rehearsed, and every possible contingency is taken into account before the event is allowed to happen.  You know this, right?

At least five times today I stated that the ‘the police acted stupidly’ comment made by Bambi on Wednesday night was so over the top that it had to be an actual planned event with the distinct possibility that it was a distract and deflect measure.  That may not be the only reason, but it is the usual one with the Bambi think tank inside the WH.  He knew exactly what he was going to say if he had to walk it back, and he gets an “F” for his apology. He never meant to apologize.  Put this whole situation into perspective; how long did it take Barack Obama to make mention of the killing of Private William Long by the islamic jihadist?

The timeline of the Gates arrest, the surrounding fiasco with the resident pulling the race card, and the most likely reason Bambi created a media storm?

  • Thursday, July 16th, 2009: Henry Gates arrested.
  • Monday, July 20th, 2009: The first reports of the arrest hit the MSM news.
  • Wednesday, July 22, 2009: Glenn Beck previews House of Represenatives’ Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s report “Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a Criminal Enterprise?”
  • Wednesday, July 22, 2009: Barack Obama pulls the race card during his health care infomercial.
  • Thursday, July 23, 2009: Acorn report is released to the public.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: What is the MSM talking about? Henry Gates and the Cambridge police – NOT the Acorn Report.  Is it possible the resident knew the exact details of the police report filed 6 days earlier?

Barack Obama was ACORN’s lawyer, he was one of their community organizer mentors, he taught the Saul Alinsky methods to their members.

Will ACORN be Obama’s Achilles Heel?

H/T to MsPlacedDem for saying just the right thing to make the pieces fall into place.

UPDATE: H/T Redstate:

From The Corner:

Robert Gibbs on FNS

On today’s Fox News Sunday, presidential press secretary Robert Gibbs admitted President Obama had been prepared to answer questions about the Henry Louis Gates arrest at his press conference last week. Bret Baier, filling in for regular host Chris Wallace, asked Gibbs, “Before Wednesday’s news conference, did you prepare [the president] for a question about Henry Gates’s arrest in Cambridge?”

“Well, look,” said Gibbs, “Let’s just say it’s safe to say we went over a whole lot of topics that we thought might come up, and certainly this was a topic that was, has been in the news . . .” He then went on to try to un-ring the bell by repeating the line that the president “hadn’t calibrated his words well,” and blah, blah, blah, beer at the White House, blah, blah, blah.

So now we know that President Obama didn’t properly “calculate” his words about the Cambridge police “acting stupidly” even after being prepared for such a question in advance. Thus is revealed the president’s tone deafness in failing to anticipate the backlash such an answer might provoke.

By Logistics Monster


  • Here is my link:

    Amazing….I am the one who made the connection to the fuss over the Cambridge Police and Gates-gate and the ACORN report. Sometimes I am much to close to the ACORN criminal enterprise to see the forest for the trees.

    Thank you for recognizing what I couldn’t see despite it being right in my face.

    And that explains the letter I got from the FEC about two weeks ago. It went something like this we are looking into your complaint about Obama for America and ACORN. By the way I filed that complaint in August, 2008. Hmmm!

  • Gary Lewis -

    The web deceit and redirection in all this is just amazing… ACORN, Tides Foundation, Campaign for America’s Future, etc…. it’s huge.

    Thanks DT and MsPlacedDem for pointing all this out!

  • Gary Lewis -

    From Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals:

    RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new. (Attack, attack, attack from all sides, never giving the reeling organization a chance to rest, regroup, recover and re-strategize.)

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama Deathcare, ACORN, and Cap and Trade all have two things in common, Barak Hussein Obama and the the fact that are all intended to screw the America people out of wealth and freedom. Most of the American people have never heard of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, it’s worth the read as it will give you the true nature of the game plan that Obama, Emanuel, Pelosi, Clinton, Reid, Barnes, Sotomayer, and the rest of the Commies are using in Washington DC to facilitate the takeover of America.

    Keep your powder dry!

  • Practical Madman -

    You are right Sparky. Not enough people have read Rules for Radicals. You had to go to an elite school for liberals to be exposed to this. These schools have been a breeding ground for socialism and communism for a very long time. It is a shame that this has been so ingrained into the minds of so many. They are taught that we are the useless eaters and they are our overlords. They have no conscience because of this brainwashing.

    Keep your powder dry, dig your foxholes deep, and don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes!

  • Actually you don’t have to read Rules For A Radical as a friend recently pointed out to me. While the military is not a radical organization unless you pay attention to the Code Pinko types, they use Alinsky techniques all the time. Imagine I spent thirteen years being inundated with the rules…UGH! Think it about for just a couple of minutes….direct action, always keeping the enemy on his toes, etc…

    It isn’t the rules themselves it is who uses and for what end!

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    1776, 1/3 supported the KING, 1/3 HID behind skirts waiting to see which side won, and 1/3 led the Revolution!

    Fact: a Serious revolution is brewing, no idea where or who the POLLSTERS talk to, however, when you out and about, people are willing to talk and they are FURIOUS! Unlikely people are brewing yet they are not organized to “ACTION”.

    Assume that not counting Seniors over 75, we have roughly 200 million adults, do you wonder why only about 1 million are pounding and hounding ? WHERE are the people ?

    We know that the “DUMBEST” generation now the seniors in HS and the college bums are illiterate and too ga ga to even notice or understand that their freedoms are going, going, going, almost gone. WHO RAISED THOSE BUMS, parasites, leeches, illiterates. When “it” hits the fan, they will NOT SURVIVE.

    Consider that save my Heath Care petition struggled to get near 1 million signatures: IS THAT TELLING or what;

    And sinister, evil Obama knows that: THEY “COUNT”.

    WE are all spending too much time typing at each other. We need to get out into the streets with petitions, etc.

    NO ONE can count on anyone in the GOP leadership, panty waists to peep.

    Think Glenn Beck is on to something, he says that if the people do not organize, spread out and push harder every day and never tire, we will very soon all have hell to pay and our children and grandchildren will suffer the most.

    And enough credible folks suggest we are 6-9 months away from a HELL we could never imagine.

    10 people to 10 people has to become 20 people to 20 people very soon or we will lose it all.

    We need someone with a spine to lead the revolution, and when that someone steps up: We all need to double and triple our efforts to advance the fight.

    BOXER is 4 points ahead of Carly in CA

    WE HAVE TO Do WHATEVER from WHERE EVER to get rid of evil sinster, Pelosi and Waxman.

    And those SNOTTY “ULTRA” conservatives who get on their HIGH HORSE to sit at home and Let evil come to power all deserve to lose it all.

    OBAMA’s death care is more sinister, evil and dangerous than is Cap N tax, etc.

    SO FIRE UP THE PHONES< emails, faxes, etc. YOU NEED TO send 4 a day now. THEY ARE ONLY counting, not reading:

    An incredible action site is: and so easy to USE, and so many action opportunities is located at:

    middle left side of page or site
    type in zip code, hit go
    above your senators, congressmen, in FINE PRINT, click
    a format appears that allows you to fire off emails without any effort:

    SO HOW HARD is it to get everyone you know to use this ?
    and get it passed around;

    THE SITE also has other "ACTION" items you merely have to click, click, click and emails and petitions are fired off;

    careful: the "EVIL" ones are registered on the site too:
    so know what you are clicking.

    HOW can we just do NOTHING:

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    SRY: about the errors

    and forgot to add:

    BTW: WHY are the illegals still here
    BTW: where is the authentic Birth certificate?

    Where is a folk of birds when you need them?

  • Sunshinelvr -

    Love your posts! (even though I can’t drop by as much as I used to!) I am in a rush right now , but plan to come back when I have more time to linger and enjoy your information. TC

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