Want to know the truth about the strategy to move every American onto single payer health care where a bureaucrat decides whether you live or die?  Nothing says “the truth” like tape; always get tape:

Everybody should be aware by now that the Liberal Left wing of the Democratic Party is completely pissing off the Conservative Wing (The Blue Dog Dems), and the left is hell-bent on getting this legislation passed as it is the first step in the total control of Americans without a shot being fired.

There have been rumblings about Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel, Henry Waxman, the Blue Dogs, and this legislation going for a vote next week.

EXCLUSIVE: Price says Pelosi ready for ‘power play’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bypass the committee working on the chamber’s health-care reform bill and put the legislation to a full floor vote by next week, Rep. Tom Price said Friday.

“My sense as of last night is her plan is now to bring the bill to the floor,” said Mr. Price, a Georgia Republican and orthopedic doctor. He spoke on The Washington Times “America’s Morning News” radio show. “We’ve witnessed some remarkable conversations and discussions between the speaker and others that leads me to believe she’s going to pull a power play.”

Mrs. Pelosi, California Democrat, participated in a three-hour meeting Thursday on Capitol Hill in which she and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel tried to negotiate with fiscally conservative Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, where work on the bill has stopped.

And the Blue Dogs response:

Talks break down, intra-party tension heats up for House Democrats

WASHINGTON (CNN) — House Democrats split sharply over the issue of health care reform Friday as negotiations between a committee chairman and party conservatives broke down.

A key leader of the party’s conservative faction later warned the party leadership not to ram the current version of the health care bill through by circumventing the traditional legislative process.

The escalating tension within the ranks of House Democrats raised new questions about the bill’s prospects.

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman told reporters on Capitol Hill that he is willing to keep talking with members of the Blue Dog coalition — an influential group of fiscal conservatives — but also made clear he intends to move forward with the legislation.

Waxman, a California Democrat, indicated that he would bypass a committee vote if necessary and bring the bill directly to the House floor for a final vote.

“We’re not going to let (the Blue Dogs) empower the Republicans. I don’t see any other alternative,” he said.

I thought this was about the American people, not a pissing match between the dems and repubs?

Rep. Mike Ross of Arkansas, one of the leaders of the 52-member Blue Dog coalition, predicted that the bill would fail if Waxman circumvented the committee.

“I think it would be a huge mistake if they removed the bill … and simply (took) it to the House floor,” he said.

Ross is one of seven Blue Dog Democrats on Waxman’s committee. Combined with the Republicans, they have the votes to prevent the committee’s passage of the bill.

“We’re not empowering Republicans,” Ross insisted. “We’re trying to save this bill and save our party. … We’re every much Democrats as anyone else that’s on the committee.”

I like that comment “…save our party.”  It says volumes about how the Blue Dogs feel about the Obama administration and the liberal left wing of their party.   I think they are realizing that they are going to be decimated if they keep ramming unread bills that cost trillions through congress.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said earlier in the week that she believes she already has the votes to pass the current version of the health care plan. Ross, however, insisted Friday that Pelosi was wrong.

“It’s not just the seven of us on the Energy and Commerce Committee that are conservative Democrats that have concerns with the bill,” he said.

“It’s almost the entire Blue Dog coalition, and I can tell you if (the Democratic leadership tries) to bring it up for a vote on the House floor, it would be a mistake,” said Ross.

Remember when Obama said that he would unite us?  This is a three-way fight if you don’t include the American people.  Amazing, truly amazing.

Remember Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) from the above video stating:

“A public option will put the private insurance industry out of business AND lead to single payer.” ” My single payer friends…he was right!  The man was right.”

“This is not a principled fight, this is a fight about strategy for getting there, and I believe we will!”

Jan made those comments on April 18th, 2009, and on May 5, 2009 she did not even make an attempt to walk it back.  Rather, she just changed the subject.

Does Jan’s name sound familiar to you? It should, she is the non-rep. that labeled the tea parties as despicable and shameful.

If you are an American that is just waking up to the covert agenda of this administration, check out the related links to catch up.  This is not socialism as I first thought, it’s fascism.

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From Someone who has read the whole bill, go here.

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