The DC Circus Surrounding Obama DeathCare

The circus surrounding Bambi’s DeathCare is getting more and more interesting.  The rough timeline consists of Bambi saying this has to get passed before the August recess, Nancy saying she has the votes when she does not, the Blue Dogs balking at the close to $2 Trillion increase in the deficit, Bambi backing off his August timeline and pushing it to “by the end of the year”, Non-Rep. Clyburn saying that he thinks they should postpone recess to get it passed, Harry saying the senate won’t vote on it until after August recess, the dems barring the repubs from using charts about Deathcare in their mass mailings, and now this morning Rahm saying that it will get passed in the House before recess.

Does any of this look like one big clusterf*** to you?  These are our non-reps.?

We are so screwed.

Michelle Bachman radio interview about Obama’s health care bill and how she is a target 7-24-2009

By Logistics Monster


  • Not to stick up for our non-representatives but the stamp (franking)office said they could mass mail these as long as they put a disclaimer on them about their accuracy which should be included in every piece of mail authored by our non-representatives. I don’t see a [problem with that. The Republicans are being stupid. Imagine mass mailing those charts with a disclaimer about their accuracy…health care will never be passed!

  • California Patriot -

    I’m doing what I can to spread this around. I also called all the representatives (blue dogs, et al.), to voice my opposition.

    It’s so chilling, especially what she said about people over 55 having to meet with health care people to discuss end of life options! These fucking maniacs HAVE GOT TO GO!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Michelle Bachman is my newest heroine! Thank you, DT, for giving us this great video. I’m going to try to get some others to watch it. This death bill is so scary to me. As I mentioned on another comment yesterday, I will qualify for the death part of it!

  • Diamond Tiger -

    nancy – everybody qualifies for the death part of it. Think about it – I smoke, my spousal unit smokes, my child has PTSD, etc. They will find a reason for every single person because this isn’t about health care reform or insurance reform – THIS IS ABOUT CONTROLLING BEHAVIORS.

    It may seem silly, but this makes me think of the government in Serenity that tries to make people less agressive and end up killing all of them.

    Where does it stop?

  • DT,

    Not only do we qualify, but many of us here at the Monster are being saved a spot at the front of the line, I’m quite sure!

  • Gary Lewis -

    My father has to be spinning in his grave right now.

    As a veteran myself, if memory serves, didn’t we fight a war in Europe some 65-70 years ago to rid the world of a fascist dictator that was killing off segments of the world population as being undesirable?

    Can someone please explain to me how this legislation is any different? The inmates are definitely in charge of the asylum, now.

  • Practical Madman -

    GG- do you think you are on the red list or the blue list? The red list are those to be shot on sight, the blue list are to be take to a “camp” for possible “reprogramming”.

    All of this Health Care/Death Care is a moot point as far as I am concerned. This country is bankrupt and will not last mush longer. The only reason that it is still somewhat floating is the Chinese and Russians are still loaning us money. When they quit, we will be “repossessed by them.

    I do not believe in doctors and the Rockefeller controlled AMA,CDC, FDA, or pharmaceutical industry anyway.

    There are three types of people:
    Those that do as they are told,
    Those that control them,
    and those that refuse to play the game.

    Guess which one I am!

  • She is wonderful! So articulate and makes excellent points. I’m sending this around to all my address book! Thanks so much!

  • GG – would you rather not be at the front of the line if he does actually accomplish his goals?

    Madman – your name tells us who you are… 😉

    Kristen- have at it. More people need to know. Spread the word.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Being of Cherokee descent, I believe that men should die in battle, not due to the infirmities of old age. The Communist murdered 100,000,000 innocent people, and Hitler murdered 10,000,000 innocent people on the way to the creation of their perfect Utopias. How many is Obama’s Euthanasia care going to murder?

    Keep your powder dry!

  • Lettyb aka granny gripes -



    HOW SINISTER < EVIL < OBSCENE do they need to get before we kick their butts out NOW ?

    OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT leadership has reached a new low when the POTUS goes on National TV and announces to the world that USA Doctors rip the tonsils out of kids just to make a buck.

    NOT ONE CONGRESSMAN OR SENATOR condemned this outrageous insult and slander of noble and professional legal citizens.

    NOT ONE LEADER FROM EITHER PARTY stood up to condemn this outrageous lie.



    AND STOP THIS Insane Global Warming HOAX NOW

    AND STOP THIS Insane personal destruction campaign against LEGAL HONORABLE CITIZENS

    BTW: Where are the JOBS and the "SAVED JOBS"
    BTW: Why are the illegals still HERE ?
    BTW: Where is the authentic, brith certificate

  • Lettyb aka granny gripes -

    EMAIL< FAX < CALL every hour for 10 hours

    expand the chains to move folks to action:

    COMMUNISTS NANCY-RAMBO_ OBAMA do NOT WANT or care what the Legal citizens, need, want, or care about

    THEY ARE ON A "TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY" at warp speed move!

    CALL the newspapers
    letters to the editors
    get out on the streets with petitions
    call the News Anchors, etc.

    this is the weekend we preserve what is left or fall of the edge of the cliff


    There is NO ONE TO RESCUE US:

  • Lettyb aka granny gripes -

    RESISTANCE groups need to ORGANIZE a Class action law suit against PELOSI< RAMBO < etc. etc.

    and we need to help get folks signed up to join in:

  • Leaping Spark -

    Something I read yesterday:

    Top Ten Indicators of Obama Deathcare plan

    10) Your annual breast exam wii be done at Hooters.

    9) Direction to docters office to include, after entering the trailer park turn left.

    8) The tongue depressors taste like fudgesicles.

    7) You schedule an appointment with the protologist ant he turns out to be Gus from Roto-Rooter.

    6) Preventative Care Coverage is eating an apple a day.

    5) Your primary care physican is wearing clothes you gave to Goodwill last month.

    4) Patients are responsible for 200% of out of network charges, and it isn’t a typo.

    3) The only expense covered by Obamacare is embalming.

    2) All of your prescriptions come in differnt colors with little m’s on them.

    1) You have chest pains and go to the emergency room, and instead of asking you where it hurts, they ask your age. When you reply 55, the doctor informs you that there is no cure under Obama Care and recites this little rhyme; Bend over, grab your ankles and kiss your ass goodbye, cause Obama Messiah says it time for you to die!

    I don’t know if I remembered this correctly and I made up number 1, but damn scary isn’t it.

    To quote DT ” We are so screwed”

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