Rush Limbaugh Nails It!

Many of us have known for a very long time that nothing, and I mean NOTHING is done by accident with this administration.  Y’all have realized by now that every single event surrounding this “residency” is planned, orchestrated, rehearsed, and every possible contingency is taken into account before the event is allowed to happen.  You know this, right?

At least five times today I stated that the ‘the police acted stupidly’ comment made by Bambi on Wednesday night was so over the top that it had to be an actual planned event with the distinct possibility that it was a distract and deflect measure.  That may not be the only reason, but it is the usual one with the Bambi think tank inside the WH.  He knew exactly what he was going to say if he had to walk it back, and he gets an “F” for his apology. He never meant to apologize.  Put this whole situation into perspective; how long did it take Barack Obama to make mention of the killing of Private William Long by the islamic jihadist?

It seems Rush has the same thought process, (I should be frightened, I know), and he passionately states everything that we have been saying to each other and screaming at our TVs for quite some time.

So smartypants readers; here is the walking back video and you tell me why he made such an incredibly stupid comment. What was the outcome that he was trying to achieve with all the news coverage of his comment and the ensuing media circus surrounding it?  Slow the momentum of his tanking numbers, give cover to Nancy and Rahm while they twisted the arms of the Blue Dogs, steal the camera from the republicans hammering his handling of the economy tied to healthcare….?  (Update: 7.26.09: Go here.)

By Logistics Monster


  • lewisge -

    DT…. I thought the same thing, as well… that this had to be a calculated event to deflect attention. The only reason I can think of is that the news media (even some that are in the tank with him) were starting to see what was in HR 3200 and report on it… which they DO NOT want… especially on rationing of care, senior euthanasia, etc.

    I’m starting to pay more attention to his phrases. For example… “I could have calculated my words differently.” Remember my Chairman Zero Inverse Statement Theory. Based on the theory… he calculated his words perfectly. His phrase… “you notice no one is talking about healthcare”… true enough statement… but with the theory applied the truth then is… it was by design.

    Of course, I also think this… there are times when the curtain is pulled back slightly and we see the true man behind the curtain and that he is NOT the portrayed Great, All-Powerful Oz. We see his true nature… a community organizer who has real hatred toward this country and in particular certain segments of society, because he was raised by communists and mentored by them and black liberation theologians.

    He sees himself as the expert on racial issues, hence why he waded into this. Most men in his position would have taken a more Presidential approach and stayed out of the discussion, at least until all the facts came out. But, he chose not to do that… which just proves he is not functioning as President, but as Community Organizer-in-Chief and the foremost authority on racial issues. But remember… in his election… he portrayed himself as transcending race… again… remember the Chairman Zero Inverse Statement Theory!

  • NoTingles -

    I don’t watch TV. I didn’t see the BHO answer the question (off topic anyway) from the press about what happened ‘to’ the good professor. But I heard about it. Now, If I heard about it, then I KNOW DAMN WELL that the BHO was amply informed about it. Which makes me wonder…why was he grandstanding? So that later, when his “reacted stupidly” remark hit the fan, that he could show us how humble and open-minded he is by admitting he was wrong? If, as he admitted to the whole country, he didn’t have the facts, he wisely should have left it at that, but he didn’t. I think the thing was calculated. It’s a distraction to be sure. You see, the deeper we look into the way our government really works, the closer we get to the evil centers of power that actually run things and the more we realize that what we see on MSM is just exactly what they want us to see. Granted, I get mine in snippets of YouTube video, but I READ a lot, and widely. So what are we going to do about Carlyle Group you people? Along with The Bilderbergers, it is they who are the movers and shakers, and the more they move and shake things in this OUR world, the RICHER they get!! This crap going on in DC is penny-ante by comparison, and only the tip of the iceberg. So, the closer we get to the truth, and start spreading the word, the more frenetic things are going to get in DC. Right now, we are focused on the nexus on Capitol Hill, and they know in September we are going to descend on them with a fury. Meanwhile, just up the street from there, they will watch the fracus from the comfort and security of Carlyle Group, and probably saying, “Let them thrash about all they want as long as they don’t know what’s going on in here!” But, you know what? Their evil hasn’t gone unnoticed. I think God knows exactly where the jugular is, and my spidey sense is that He is going to hit them where they least expect to be hit, and at that critical point where they are most vulnerable. I don’t know where that point is, but He does. May the grace of God shine upon all those of us who believe and cherish freedom as His Gift, and may we not be put to shame, but vindicated now and in ages to come! Amen.

  • Gary Lewis -

    Oh… and I forgot to say… his statement… “this is a teachable moment”. He says it’s all about everyone else having cooler heads. The truth is… it’s again all about HIM having a cooler head. Chairman Zero Inverse Statement Theory in action again.

    This theory is going to be an axiom here before long.

  • Well sure it’s a distraction…but he doesn’t like cracker cops either. This is a twofer for Marack a la Pampers.

  • NoTingles -

    I’ve been thinking about what Rush said all day. I don’t listen to him, but in that video he was in rare form. And DT, you’re right, he did nail it. I stopped listening to him years ago when he came out in favor of NAFTA, and I haven’t been back since. Does he still fill his hours on air with more blather and paper rustling than substance like he used to?

    • NT – I wouldn’t know, I don’t listen to Rush that’s why I said it was frightening that he and I are thinking the same way about Barack’s move to “stick his foot in it”. I always thought Rush was crazy, but I think maybe he is figuring out what we know already – the country is in desperate straits and now may not be the time to be creating chaos to make money. Now might be a better time to be a patriot before it all gets flushed by this frakkin’ congress and the fascists in the WH

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama always had shills in his audiences even during the campaign. They would faint ot interupt his speech at the appropriate time and would be revived by the Messiah or he would dazzle the audience with his brillance in handeling a rough crowd. Everything Obama does is planned and rehearsed, this has always been the MO of students of Alinskys Rules for Radicals. Obama is an expert at orchestrating controversy for personal gain and running misdirection ploys.

    Unfortunately everytime he says “hey is that a rabbit over there” 50% of America ends up looking the wrong way and while they are distracted, Comrades Pelosi, Emanuel, and Obama back door us again.

    Obama is a street corner hustler and a good one, but slowly and surely his mask is coming off. People are starting to see him for what he really is, a puppet sitting on David Axelrod lap.

  • […] Logistics Monster has more on the Professor Gates-gate: Many of us have known for a very long time that nothing, and I mean NOTHING is done by accident with this administration. Y’all have realized by now that every single event surrounding this “residency” is planned, orchestrated, rehearsed, and every possible contingency is taken into account before the event is allowed to happen. You know this, right? […]

  • Practical Madman -

    Like GG said..DT nailed it (and continually does so)- Rush is just catching up….or is he? I still listen to him, because of a lack of other choices, and I am amazed at his demeanor lately. Remember, he is just a puppet for TPTB and he is playing the “good cop” part right now. “THEY” have too keep us divided in order to sneak their agenda through. Rush would not be on 600+ radio stations and even own a few, and have the graces of TPTB to continue, if he was not playing his part well.

    AS far as BO’s ‘stupid’ remark- this WAS planned, rehearsed, and has an ultimate goal. TPTB are still debating amongst themselves whether the police will join their side, or the revolutionary side when TSHTF. It is my belief that this ‘stupid’ statement was made to force them to choose and make their choice known. They will be judged by their reaction to BO’s statement, and plans will be made accordingly as to their part in the upcoming revolution.

    TPTB KNOW the volume of arms purchased by the American people, and they KNOW the general dissatisfaction of the people in regards to the government’s actions. They are gearing up for the revolution, and with great efforts, trying to force it. IMHO “THEY” have been doing everything in their power to ‘push us’ over the edge, and are, quite frankly, wondering how much we will take before we cry “ENOUGH!!!”.

    Every move BO makes, and every word he says, has been weighed, measured, and calculated BEFORE it is placed on his teleprompter. His only job is to not screw it up in the delivery.

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