Roland Martin Gets Heated Over Obama Birth Certificate

Roland_MartinWow, what a morning bonanza of stupid crap to wake up to.  A president actually calling a peace officer “stupid”, Rush Limbaugh lambasting the press on Greta, TurboTax Timmie trying to ram through more Federal Reserve control,  schools having to “compete” for stimulus dollars, and the hits just keep on coming.  At this point I really don’t know which way to go first, except to put up the Barney Frank piece next.

Roland Martin, Lou Dobbs and Rep. Ted Poe discussing Obama’s “Certificate Of Live Birth” turns into a scream over when Roland gets more than a tad bit upset with us folks that want proof.  I want to go on record again as saying that I want to see all of Bambi’s $1 million dollar sealed records.  For that list, go here.

According to the Birthers, Roland is using a classic Saul Alinsky tactic; go here for more information and an interesting twist.  And now without further ado – Mr. Roland Martin ridiculing Americans with a differing opinion.

H/T to VotingFemale.

(P.S. I wonder if Roland is going to do another flyby of the Monster and leave more scathing comments.)

By Logistics Monster


  • For some strange reason, I can’t get Roland’s hissy fit to load. Oh, well. Guess I’ll live longer this way…

  • LOL – as soon as I posted this, the video loaded properly. Now I know my life span has increased from uproarious laughter at this asshat! What on earth was CNN thinking hiring this guy? He has annoyed me for years, but this is so over the top I can’t believe they didn’t order him to take a 2 week vacation after this aired.

    Methinks the looney doth too much protest…

  • GG – yeppers – but having a fit on the air is not going to make this “go away” now that the MSM finally has decided that it isn’t fringe when you look at the lawyers involved and the money involved to SEAL EVERYTHING – not just the BC. That is what is leading the msm to follow the story even though they aren’t talking about it.

  • Gary Lewis -

    Dobbs question… “Why doesn’t he just produce it to end the controversy?” is a fair question… but… I just love it when people deflect the question… even though the question asked is not the ultimate question to be answered.

    “He’s the President”
    “It’s irrelevant”
    “It’s legal in Hawaii”

    All answers that miss the point.

    The ultimate question to be answered (which the Congressman is addressing in his legislation) is: When are we going to start upholding the Supreme Law of the Land and applying it equally to everyone with appropriate standards of proof? A related question… if the Legislative branch of our government doesn’t uphold the Constitutional standards, who has standing to bring it before the Judicial branch?

    This is the first time that I am aware of in our country’s history that we have had Presidential candidates where there is the remotest chance of the candidates not meeting the Constitutional criteria. John McCain (both parents were U.S. citizens) produced voluminous documentation and resolutions were passed in Congress confirming his eligibility because of the Canal Zone issue. Why was the same standard and degree of scrutiny not applied to Obama, when his father was clearly a non-U.S. citizen?

    Of course, I am saying all this under the assumption that we still have a working constitutional form of government… these days, I’m not so sure.

    But… as the old saying goes… where there is smoke, there is fire. There is so much smoke being generated by Obama’s lawyers, it does make one wonder what fires he is hiding and trying to put out. I’m with you DT, I think the sealed college records are as important as the birth certificate… maybe more so.

  • It sure would help if the congressman they interviewed would get their acts and facts together.

    First several document experts have proven that the documents FactCheck/Annenberg posted on the internet are fraudulent.(Isn’t that illegal; never mind) The background design and the print ink were not even available in 1961. Same as the newspapers birth announcement and his selctive service registration.

    No one has seen his passport except one person who was fired for doing an inquiry on the passport data base and guess what?; he was found with a bullet hole in his head while parked outside his church.

    I don’t think he has an American passport. If he went to Pakistan in 1981, he wouldn’t have been permitted in the country as an American. Pakistan was on the no-travel list for Americans.

    I agree with the other poster; if he went to Occidental in LA, he probably registered as a foreign student. More than likey when he was in Indonesia, he had a passport from that country which one had to declare their religion. At the time he was there, Indonesia did not have dual citizenship. He would of had to give up his American citizenship or even Kenya (if he was born there.)

  • I think the congressman with the proposition of the new bill that would require future presidents to provide the actual birth certificate might just be an awsome fall back strategy. I hate to think I would be the one to “loose lips” this one but if the law passes (should be a slam dunk) and BHO runs for re-election, would he then need to provide it as an incumbent? This law just might prevent the userper from his dictitorial march. The 22nd ammendment reversal bill just might not matter so much if this law passes. I think the congressman has a good back up strategy but 4 years might be to late with this dingbat commie they call a president in office. Keep up the fight. Get him outta there.

  • Practical Madman -

    I think that the BC is a distraction. The fact that McCain had to go jump through so many hoops and BO didn’t, just goes to prove that this is bigger than anyone wants to believe. Sure he is an illegal usurper, but this BC issue just distracts us from the real problems. Personally, I would like to see real physical proof that he won. I have no faith in the computerized voting tally.

    The real problems we are facing are the foreign troops that will be marching on my streets on Monday morning; the 200+ military helicopters in the small town airport 45 minutes from me; the mandatory vaccinations that are coming very soon and the fact that we are under Level 6 Pandemic alert which means that the WHO (World Homicide Org) is in charge and our government has given our sovereignty over to them; the Codex Alimentarious (another WHO brilliant idea) laws that will be in effect in December that makes vitamin C on par with heroine illegally speaking; the many gun bills attacking our right from so many directions and Kissinger telling the Russians that he will have the American people disarmed by September; and so many more things, but I think you get the point. Yes BO is a piece of shit lier that needs to be taken out and placed in the stocks in full public display for us to torment him any way we feel fitting, but this is really, in the grand scheme of things, the least of our problems. BO will go down in flames when TPTB are finished with him, and I have an eerie feeling it is coming.

    We are in deep doo-doo people. Dig your foxholes deep, keep your powder dry, and don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes!


    Rick Sanchez defending the COLA for Obama.

    It seems CNN is in full defense mode. I guess the msm can no longer ignore the issue so they just come out swinging.

    Roland Martin was having a fit because he knows it is getting to close for comfort. If CNN is reporting on it than maybe some of the kool-aid drinkers may actually do a little digging themselves. Maybe it will be wake up time.

  • gg, lm, gl & all, roland martin is, as always, the consummate CNN asshat. his meanderings serve only to deflate whatever cred he may have had. any sane person would have to conclude that anyone who spent over a million dollars trying to hide every record and document of his life is clearly hiding a LOT. Those invested in protecting the myth and the usurper are clearly becoming unglued, but the idea that they could keep the entire world from knowing who this man is, where he is from and what he really is is patently absurd. sooner or later the truth comes out…with a vengeance ;))

  • Practical M, I thought about that for awhile and you may be right in that it could be a distraction. But that would be the one thing that could get him out of power and from accomplishing the rest of the things you wrote about.

    And who would arrest him, the people who could, he’s in charge of DoJ..etc?

    The man is a sinister beast and demogouge with a worst case of NPD than Hitler.

    He just said he was going to release GITMO prisoners to US jails after Congress refused funding and over 70% of citizens do not want them here.

    Just curious; if he feels that EO 13489 protects him, why would he spend 1 mill or so blocking lawsuits?

    On Roland: Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” no 4 in action.

    “Ridicule is best weapon….” why is 600 thousand +- citizens “silly”?

    “1960s community organizer Saul Alinsky, who once wrote: “A People’s Organization is dedicated to an eternal war. … A war is not an intellectual debate, and in the war against social evils there are no rules of fair play.”

  • Robin in Texas -

    Practical Madman,
    I believe you are right. TPTB have come too far at this point to allow BHO to unravel the plan. If he were not around the BC would become a non-issue, or would it?

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