Day: July 24, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Nails It!

Many of us have known for a very long time that nothing, and I mean NOTHING is done by accident with this administration.  Y'all have realized by now that every single event surrounding this "residency" is planned, orchestrated, rehearsed, and every possible contingency is taken into account before the event is allowed to happen.  You know this, right? At least five times today I stated that the 'the police acted stupidly' comment made by Bambi on Wednesday night was so over the top that it had to be an actual planned event with the distinct possibility that it was a…
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CDC Thinks All Children Should Get Seasonal Flu Shots

People, we are talking about the flu here, not polio, not small pox, not any of a myriad of childhood diseases that threaten adults when exposed.  This is the flu that has always been with us, will continue to be with us, and is ever mutating.   By the time the pharma companies get enough vaccine (that may not work and may actually threaten lives), ready, the flu will have mutated again. As I work my way through H.R. 3200 - Obama's DeathCare bill, I will be looking for the provision that gives the federal government power over your ability to…
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The DC Circus Surrounding Obama DeathCare

The circus surrounding Bambi's DeathCare is getting more and more interesting.  The rough timeline consists of Bambi saying this has to get passed before the August recess, Nancy saying she has the votes when she does not, the Blue Dogs balking at the close to $2 Trillion increase in the deficit, Bambi backing off his August timeline and pushing it to "by the end of the year", Non-Rep. Clyburn saying that he thinks they should postpone recess to get it passed, Harry saying the senate won't vote on it until after August recess, the dems barring the repubs from using…
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Roland Martin Gets Heated Over Obama Birth Certificate

Wow, what a morning bonanza of stupid crap to wake up to.  A president actually calling a peace officer "stupid", Rush Limbaugh lambasting the press on Greta, TurboTax Timmie trying to ram through more Federal Reserve control,  schools having to "compete" for stimulus dollars, and the hits just keep on coming.  At this point I really don't know which way to go first, except to put up the Barney Frank piece next. Roland Martin, Lou Dobbs and Rep. Ted Poe discussing Obama's "Certificate Of Live Birth" turns into a scream over when Roland gets more than a tad bit upset…
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