Did Michelle Obama’s Brainchild Create “Patient Dumping”?

Michelle Obama leaves the Houses of Commons in a motorcade during an unofficial visit on Monday, June 8th.
Michelle Obama leaves the Houses of Commons in a motorcade during an unofficial visit on Monday, June 8th.

Michelle Obama’s brainchild, the Urban Health Initiative at the University of Chicago Medical Center garnered millions in federal aid, but did it do the job it was supposed to do?

If you are thinking that the Obamas care about any of us, you would be wrong.  Mishy and Bambi are in it for themselves.

Michelle Obama’s Timeline at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

  • The position Michelle eventually takes does not exist at the University of Chicago Medical Center.
  • Obama elected to Senate
  • Position is created (Vice President For Community Affairs), salary, $300, 000.  Michelle is promoted from $121,910 position to $316,962
  • Does not report regularly to dispense her ‘duties’ because campaigning.
  • Obama wins Presidential election.
  • Michelle resigns position.
  • Position is done away with.

And now for the “patient dumping” portion of our show.  Pay attention because this will give you some inkling of what this administration is capable of when it comes to Obama DeathCare.

(P.S. Just a note to ask you to throw a few bucks in the jar if you like what you read, so that I can go to DC for the 9.12.09 March. Every American that CAN, MUST go to show our non-reps that the silent majority is no longer silent.  Many Mahalos!)

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    These people living in our house are such corrupt, evil thugs. I can’t believe yet that thy are there. I am so frightened of this death care plan. I am the age now where if I get a catastrophic illness I will be denied care. Two months ago my ex-husband died of lymphoma. It was discovered in the late stage and he didn’t respond to treatment, unfortunately, but if this plan had been in place there is no doubt that he would have been denied treatment. He was 64 years old, the same age as me. People who think socialized medicine is good need to go on line and read all the horror stories coming from people from Canada, England, etc. I recently saw a video of Prime Minister Blair doing a town hall type thing and a woman stated that she spent 8 months trying to get a referral. This will happen here. Will I be denied treatment for my macular degeneration because I have lived long enough to have seen enough already? When it comes time for my pacemaker battery change again will I be denied that? And I am very healthy compared with many people I know.

    Hopefully the critters in congress will continue to resist signing it. We must send emails, faxes and make phone calls to them in hope that they will listen for a change. And we need to hit the streets in great numbers. I hope Sept 12 won’t be too late. WTW how much do you bet the BOs will be out of town that weekend? Maybe on a nice date to Chicago or NY City.

  • Practical Madman -

    I would bet that Meanchell is holding late night meetings and BO is sleeping. He just gets in front of the teleprompter and reads what she has approved. She is the real power just like Hillary was. She is such an evil, mean, and depraved person!

  • Madman – I don’t want to steal your thunder but recently I made the comment that I am convinced that there are late night meetings at the WH that consist of Mishy, Rahm and David Axelrod and that is why Bambi needs the teleprompter because he is too busy partying and sleeping to learn the material.

    Glad we are on the same page.

  • I am guessing that no one will think that this could be racist, letting the poor and uninsured in your community be treated this way. If a Bush had been behind such a scheme you can bet it would of been because of racism.

    Honestly I am so sick of everything being racist, I know it is the plan to keep us divided but I know many AA are getting tired of it.

    Also as a side I would like to encourage all of those who visit her to please help Diamond get to Washington. Diamond will bring back so much more for all of us that it would be a shame if we were not privileged to have her insight on this march. Even if you never post if you come by and visit and find yourself educated, and I do not know how you can not learn something at each visit, please her help The book the The Creature from Jekyll Island is around $25.00, if you have read the series on the Fed posted here you have saved yourself that money. I know money is tight so I am careful where I spend mine and I know this is something I want to see happen. Please send what you can.

  • Kathy – thank you for your kind words. I never actually think about what it takes to put this together, the research, the money for the secure site, the time away from my family – because this IS the right thing to do! So far we have raised $450 with a pledge for another $200 which leaves another $850 to go. I believe that I will reach the goal – especially with loyal supporters such as yourself.

    I am already planning on who I will be interviewing during the course of the grassroots interviews with lawmakers. I “almost” feel sorry for them.

    Many Mahalos!

  • Making sure you get to DC is the right thing to do. It is the way all of your readers can give back a little. You give so much if all who visit here stop and think about it they will realize just how much you sacrifice.

    Plus we all would love to see a few of these “lawmakers” held accountable. There really is no place for them to hide. Thank God.

  • Michelle Obama is very charismatic just like her husband and it is the reason why i like her. I also feel that she could connect with people more easily than any other first ladies.

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