Lou Dobbs Is Catching Up On Obama’s Birth Certificate

Yes Lou, all of Barack Obama’s records are sealed.  Yes Lou, Obama has paid $1,066,691.o9 bucks to Perkins Coie, (the Dems go-to law firm), to keep his records sealed.  Yes Lou, at the time of Obama’s birth, foreign nationals could get a Hawaiian birth certificate.  Thanks for waking up, smelling the coffee, and joining the rest of thinking Americans when we say, “why is Barack Obama hiding everything?”

Kindergarten records
Punahou school records
Occidental College records
Columbia University records
Columbia thesis
Harvard Law School records
Harvard Law Review articles
Scholarly articles from the University of Chicago
Medical records
Files from his years as an Illinois state senator
Illinois State Bar Association records
Any baptism records
Obama/Dunham marriage license
Obama/Dunham divorce documents
Soetoro/Dunham marriage license
Adoption records
Long form birth certificate

Lou Dobbs says Obama has no proof of a valid birth certificate yet. 1 of 2

Lou Dobbs says Obama has no proof of a valid birth certificate yet. 2 of 2

By Logistics Monster


  • Lou Dobbs outta be ashamed!!!!!!! I can’t believe he opened up that topic without doing any research. A kindergartener could argue the meaning of life better than Lou Dobbs argued this. 30 minutes of research is all it would take 30 stinking minutes and he would have had that lib professor bumbling and stumbling.

    DT, please send Lou Dobbs a link to your site. Let him know he had better have some duct tape handy to wrap his head in, because there is a whole world outside of his little fantasy world of Red elephants and Blue asses.

    I suppose it is good that it was on his show, but what a squandered opprotunity.

  • But doncha know Walt that the Monster is a registered tinfoil hat wearing conspiracist? Sheesh – nothing on this site is confirmed or back up or sourced – nothing. (snark)

    Here is the upside of Lou talking about this – it’s just one more MSM talking head that is bringing the issue into the main stream. Yesterday, Glenn Beck was joking about how people would start saying that Obama isn’t a natural born citizen. His words…they are all sending up trial balloons to see what happens….the word is getting out. It’s the $1 million Bambi has spent to keep it all sealed that is going to be his undoing. Once again, I don’t give a rat’s ass about the BC, I want to see all the rest of his records – probably shows that he is an indonesian national after his adoption.

  • One more thing Walt – I also don’t care that the news outlets aren’t stopping by – I have EVERYBODY ELSE including Perkins Coie dropping over for a visit to see what is going on. That’s enough to tell me that where there is smoke, there is fire.

  • Everybody – please give your best Monster wave to Eli Lilly & Company who are here looking at the post about Obama’s Occidental College Records! 😉

  • Welcome Eli Lilly & Company!!! Order your tin foil hat before the supply runs out!!! Better yet make sure you go long on Aluminum futures because soon everyone but a few guys at MSNBC and CNN will be wearing tin foil hats. Trust me this new market demand for tin foil will last and is not just another Goldman Sachs ponzi scheme.

  • Walt,

    I’m sure Goldman Sachs bought plenty of shares of Reynolds before this thing started to go viral. After all, they’ve had 2 years…

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    It’s very amusing and at the same time frustrating to see these MSM critters talking about the eligibility issue now as if it is so shocking and we have known about it for a year. (Well, maybe some of you knew it before that.) it also just blows my mind how so few Americans have no idea what “natural born” means. I agree with you, DT, I want to see all of his other credentials. How about his civil service registration. Is that what it is called when they have to register at age 18 for the military? If he is an alien he wouldn’t have registered for that.

  • Good point on the civil service record Nancy. I doubt he would have registered even if he was a natural born, knowing his background as a “fellow traveler.”

  • I had to show mine to get my drivers license renewed,much easier than hiring a law firm and paying out big bucks.
    Why does nobody ask where he got that extra million plus to pay for all of those legal services???

  • Since this is the “most transparent White House in history” why can’t we see that birth certificate without relying on picture files validated by factcheck and snopes? I want my country back.

  • DWB – you want your country back? Are you attending Tea Parties? Are you going to Washington DC on 9.12.09? Can you? Are you educating your family, friends, and neighbors about this fascist administration?

  • I do what I can with my non stimulus budget which only includes local travel. As a veteran, I took an oath to support the Constitution and now our government ignores that constitution. I still want my country back.

  • MacSuibhne -

    Diamond Tiger – Add Selective Service Registration to the list of hidden documents.

  • Carrot Top -

    It doesn’t matter where he was born,if he was born in Kenya, he’s not eligible,; if his father was Mzee Barack Hussein Obama Sr.,a student who had been flown over by his Kenyan mentor Tom Mboya to go to college in Hawaii, not the Kennedy’s, and who had long connections to Marxism, he was born to a father who was a citizen under the colonial rule of Great Britain, thus a British subject. Kenya did not become free until 1963. Our Constitution requires the office of the President to be held by a “native born citizen”, not just a citizen, a “native born” being born of two parents who are citizens of America, both born on American soil. He takes the citizenship of his father, a foreigner, and is thus not elgible for the office of President. The laws in effect at the time of his birth are the laws that demand the requirements for the office.
    That ought to “stir the pot” a bit.

  • Bush released all of his college records and his military records. Why can’t Obama? My gut feeling is Obama is hiding something. Why else would the campaign shell out all that money to keep his records quiet. I’d like to see some classmates speak up. So far, I haven’t heard of any. Maybe he doesn’t have classmates. Somebody’s got to know this guy. Obama is a lawyer. Law students often group together into study groups. Where are the members of his study group? Maybe he worked on the college campus. Where are his co-workers? Are they afraid to speak up? I think all of his naysayers should keep the heat on Obama. All the presidents before him are easily traced through historical records. Obama will be the only eignma.

  • I’ve been wearing my tin foil hat for over a year now, and have taken a lot of abuse over the say I feel, but I’m a big girl and I can take it.

    IMO Obama was conceived in hell, gestated there, and born finally in Indonesia where his so-called birth mother was flirting with socialism, communism, Islam, and who knows what else. He could have hatched out of an egg for all we know. He is surrounded by nincompoops in the congress and senate who can’t see the pit for the flames. They are willing to overlook this because it suits their own agendas.

    No one with the authority to realy open this can of worms is willing to do so.

    Just the fact that he is wiling to spend millions of dollars to keep his background and ancestry hidden should set all the bells ringing in every belfry in the country but this is the most perfect cover-up of any ever attempted in the world.

    From hospital attendants to Supreme Court justices, rather than tell the truth they bow down to this pretender and trample our constitution into the ground while they’re at it.

    Day by day I see more and more people coming around to the same idea.
    Why? When the whole question could be put to an end by producing some of the documents we have been demanding. Where is all this transparency we were going to get? Let him start by telling us who he really is, how he managed to be admitted to these schools without the bc., and why he thinks the most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim call to prayer.

  • Right On Lee! No one that is telling the truth needs to shell out over $2 Million dollars to fight court cases to keep his records sealed AND DOES NOT SIGN AN EXECUTIVE ORDER AS HIS FIRST ACT AS PRESIDENT SEALING ALL HIS RECORDS FROM FORMER AND FUTURE PRESIDENTS. EO 13489 If it’s on the up and up, why so secret?

  • I wonder if this administration ever thought that there would be this much push back on his records, did he think we all would stop thinking after the election? The biggest question will we ever know the truth.

  • yourmomscalling -

    Ok I ask you this WHY then is he spending so much money to hide it????? answer this for me ???? AND GET THE QUESTION STRAIGHT !! (WHY IS HE SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY ON HIDING HIS RECORDS)???

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