After everything we have been through in the last 18 months, one would think that there are not too many things that would send us screaming for the lifeboats after what we already have been through.  At some point saturation and desensitization sets in.  Let’s run through a short list:

  1. The Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting on May 31, 2008.
  2. Hank Paulson scaring the bejesus out of Congress in September, 2008.
  3. T.A.R.P.
  4. Barack Obama being elected by 69 million teary crazed idiots.
  5. Millions of Americans losing their jobs and homes.
  7. The numerous appointments of tax evaders.
  8. The Stimulus Package
  9. The Bailout of AIG.
  10. Nationalization of the banks and financial industry.
  11. The Takeover of Chrysler and GM.
  12. Being labeled domestic terrorists by Janet Napolitano.
  13. Hussein appointing 31 Czars and counting.
  14. Hussein throwing Israel under the bus, hand-holding Iran, and championing the ousted dictator in Honduras.
  15. The Federal Reserve “loses” $9 TRILLION.
  16. Cap and Tax
  17. Al Franken being inducted into the Senate.
  18. Obama DeathCare
  19. Talk about Porkulus II.
  20. The Big NY Banks posting profits after eating each other.
  21. Possible $23 Trillion in Bailouts.
  22. An almost $2 Trillion Deficit THIS YEAR!

I was pretty much inured to it until I saw this photo this morning where I promptly had a visceral reaction and found myself immediately in fight or flight mode.  How about you?  Does this scare the bejesus out of you? Anybody like to caption this? (and the Winner is now the caption.)


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