Hank Paulson In Front Of Congress

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Hank Paulson was a 32 year career Goldman Sachs soldier. He also ran the company as COO and CEO from 1998 through 2006 . . . the exact years that we saw the creation of toxic assets developed by his boys and girls at Goldman Sachs. He left Goldman Sachs at the peak of the bubble to take over the Treasury Secretary job so he could complete the final phase of his scheme . . . cover up, steal a few trillion more, laugh at you and the American public.

Hank Paulson being questioned by Mr. Stearns (FL) about the Bank of America merger with Merrill Lynch.  I find the deferred tax issue consistent with the rest of the players now in positions of power, and it is nice to watch Hank squirm even if it is not going to have any real, lasting effect.

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By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond, when Henry Paulson and George Bush first approached Congress for the bail-out money I wrote an article on another blog that predicted exactly what I thought was going to happen, and it was true to the mark. At the time I stated that Paulson was much too nervous and eager to rush this whole business through before it was really thought out. His plea that the banks needed the money fast so that the could lend it out and get the economy moving again just didn’t sound right. As we all know the money did not go to the borrowing public but remained in the bank’s hot little hands, and we all know that he used his position at Treasury to further the stranglehold that his friends and banking associates have on the finances of the country. When he announced that there was a change of plans for the distribution of the money (after he got it) he was not held accountable for what I consider plain and simple fraud.

    Everything has gone down hill ever since, and the Obama crowd with the help of Geithner and Bernanke have only greased the slippery slope more with their lies and shennigans with our tax money.

    Is it any wonder that some of have reached the end of our rope and are ready to push for drastic measures?

    When Obama and his minions are through with us, we’ll be signing our paychecks over to the government and begging for just a little of it to try to survive.

    My brain is overtaxed already and this flu isn’t making it any better so I’ll sign off for now.

    You are an inspiration to all of us, Diamond, and I thank you.

  • California Patriot -

    Lee M, very well put! Sorry you have the flu.

  • lewisge -

    This all has a very surreal quality to it… like a Twilight Zone episode that never ends. I just have three words…. “Abolish the Fed.” (and the sooner the better)

  • LeeM. I feel your pain. I have been sick too! for the last two days. I like Stearns…however it won’t undo a thing that has been done. OMG! Paulson can’t stop stuttering! Please I want to puke!

    OT: Private rescue of CIT marks shift in crisis

    BS! This wasn’t done because investor’s are feeling the economy is getting better they bailed out CIT because they don’t want the government with their fingers in the pie and it was the right thing to do!

  • Practical Madman -

    The New World Order crowd will never be able to put martial law in America, because we are too well armed. People that have had a taste of freedom will fight to keep it, unless you break their resolve. “Their” plan “B” has been put into effect. Bankrupt us and starve us out. If you haven’t started stockpiling food, you are missing the bus. It is time to get our provisions stockpiled, while the money is still worth something and there is still food at the store.

    This is a well planned coup we are witness to. Things are all going according to plan. Nothing else makes sense. People can not be this stupid! If we do not see the train coming, at least look down and see you are on the tracks. MOVE!

  • Navy – you would be exactly right. Letting the government control which small and medium businesses get loans? I keep harping on Fascism and most people shy away from that term…that’s what this is…pure and simple.

    MadMan – I agree with the Plan B if we don’t go along!

  • NoTingles -

    I come away with the feeling that paulson has been caught with his hands in the cookie jar. The Congressman from FL nailed his hide to the door, and all Paulsen can do is sit there twisting in his chair and pointing his finger as if he’s admonishing someone. But he never answered the question, and in my book, it’s probably because he’s lying. The scarey thought is that it’s so out of control even he doesn’t know what the hell is happening, and he has to lie to keep us from figuring out that he hasn’t a clue! How can you be in it up to your nostrils and not smell it? Holy Cow this guy is unbelievable. And they wonder why, at these town hall meetings where they are trying to peddle Obamanomics, that instead of being the knights in shining armour come to our rescue, the American people are having them for lunch! Guess what Obama administration…we can read!

  • Lee – we are at the tipping point…hang in there baby! lee did you read my reply on the other post about talking to the Dame about remedies because she has the mojo?

    NoTingles – thank you for your continued patronage and support! Paulson is damn close to the top of my traitor list.

  • Diamond, I couldn’t find this on Dame Truth. Could you give me a link? Many thanks.

  • “Lee – get with the Dame over at DameTruth – she got the mojo for elixirs on getting better.

    As for being sprayed – who knows – I am sick all the time because of the vog coming out of the volcano….so I wouldn’t know.

    And as for keeping their feet to the fire – NO PROBLEM!
    Thanks for the encouragement!


    My earlier comment.

  • DT, I am not up to date on computer lingo- what does this mean?,

    “P.S. Please send this video viral!”

  • Thanks DT,

    Another thing struck me in regards to this vid. Paulson sold his stock for 200 million tax free in order to fill his post for Bush. If he would have paid 50% tax that means he got a $100,000,000 signing bonus for comming on with the government. Not too bad, not too bad at all.

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