Today’s AYFKM? Award: Glenn Beck; “GET OFF MY PHONE…”

I’m working this morning folks, (yeah!), but I just had to swipe this from Patriot Room – (thanks guys!)

Today’s AYFKM? Award goes to Kathy who was stupid enough to call into Glenn Beck and start spouting the liberal left talking points to someone more well informed, and obviously, quite a bit smarter than she.

Go Glenn!….and Kathy? You have to start reading the Monster and Patriot Room for starters!

P.S. The Monster is acting strangely this morning: 1.) My server is having problems again, 2.) The Monster has been discovered and is getting hammered, 3.) Someone is trying to crash the site. You choose – I haven’t figured out what is going on yet.

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By Logistics Monster


  • Why is it that no one wants to talk about why health care
    is so expensive – maybe if we find out why it is, that would
    be the easier way of trying to solve a problem.

    Just some to name a few:

    1. Lawyers – they seem to sue for millions against doctors.
    Look how much Edwards made.

    2. Illegal immigrants get free health care – who pays.

    3. The medical industry sends millions for lobbyists.

    4. Doctors seem to pay thru the nose for insurance.

    5. Medical equipment costs are through the roof along
    with the salaries of sales people.

    This is just to name a few – How many can you add to this.

    Maybe solve this problem (many lawyers are in Congress)
    and there just might be some kind of solution.

  • DT said, “… The Monster has been discovered and is getting hammered, 3.) Someone is trying to crash the site. You choose – I haven’t figured out what is going on yet.”

    I think what you have here DT is the actualization of the old Amway pyramid dynamic. Your downline is several generations deep and…well…you have made it! Congtrats! Pretty soon your hit counter will be moving quicker than the national debt counter. And if that happens it means people are waking up, and maybe we have hope the debt counter will stop.

    PS I like that Atlah “white folks gonna riot, and I’m gonna join em.” guy.

    I had never heard of Larry Sinclar before I watched that vid. SUrley someone has a hair sample from BHO to test for that 1999 crack cocane allegation. Perhaps BHO could submit one so we can clear that deal up. I you want to make a million take out a life insurance policy on Mr. Sinclair.

  • Walt – my host is getting crashed. 2500 other sites were affected. I just can’t believe it’s me. As for being discovered – I don’t want to be famous – I just want America to WAKE UP! and get the traitor in the WH OUT NOW!

    I would like nothing better than to shut this site down, spend some time with my family, write the book that is forming in my head and “get back to work”….but if I have to keep telling it like it is – I will until we get our country back…then I’ll just have to sit like a big watchdog and keep track of whoever gets in next time around. &*(*%%#$&*

  • Wow! On Monday morning, the Drudge Report had a few links to show where YOUR money is going via the “stimulus” bill. Californication’s 34th Congressional district, which is represented by Lucille Roybal-Allard (Dim-ocrat), is 77% Mexican and gave 74% of its votes to The Chosen One. The payoff is a $2,531,600.00 “stimulus” contract to buy frozen hams from Clougherty Packing Company. Then there’s a contract for $1,191,200.00 for frozen hams from Clougherty Packing Company. Yes, two multimillion dollar contracts for frozen hams from the same company. Minnesota’s 1st district is represented by the Democrat Farmer Labor Party’s Tim Walz (what is the Democrat Farmer Labor Party???). That district gets a contract (it actually goes to a company based in Wisconsin’s 6th district, rep’d by Tom Petri of the GOP) which pays $16,784,272.00 to Lakeside Foods Inc. for canned pork. Is it just me, or is someone looking to have one heck of a pork product picnic on our dime?

    The USDA tried to respond to the Drudge Report posts, saying that the hams had been purchased at the bargain price of $1.50/pound to feed those who are having tough times. Drudge responded by posting the weekly ad for Food Lion stores, showing the price of smoked hams at $0.79/pound for shanks and $0.89 for butts. Secretary Vilsack…FAIL!

    Wait, there’s more! Ohio’s 11th district, which includes part of Cleveland and is listed as the 4th most Democratic district in the nation outside of the Chicago area, is represented by Marcia Fudge (do I need to ID the party?). That district got a $1,562,568.00 contract to Miceli Dairy Products Company to procure a lot of mozzarella cheese. Minnesota’s 2nd district is represented by retired USMC Colonel John Kline, who is considered one of the most conservative critters in Congress. Somehow, his district got a $5,708,260.00 contract to Bongards’ Creameries to buy some processed cheese product. Yes, these two spending lines, totaling $7,270,828.00 are just for more free cheese for the gummint to give away. How is that stimulating the economy? Oh, I get it now. They needed the cheese to go with the pork products to make ham & cheese sammiches for their picnic. Where’s the $40,000,000.00 contract for bread and $5,000,000.00 for mayo? It’s gotta be in there somewhere!

    There is also a contract going to a company in the 18th district of Noo Yawk, which is 67% black, gave 62% of its vote to The Messiah, and is represented by Nita Lowey (Dim-ocrat). The work is happening is the 8th district of Noo Yawk, represented by the formerly 1500 pound Jerry “Where’s the dessert cart?” Nadler. This contract is for $351,807.00 to replace the dumbwaiter at Veterans Contracting Group, Inc. Hey, just because the guy’s an idiot doesn’t mean you have to spend that much to replace him…yes, I do know what a dumbwaiter is, and I don’t see any reason to spend $351,807.00 to replace one at a business that is not a multi-level restaurant. As long as we’re fixing building parts, a DOOR at Dyess AFB in Abilene, TX (19th district, Randy Neugebauer of the GOP), is being fixed by a company in San Antonio (20th district, 67% Mexican, Charlie Gonzalez, Democrat) at the price of a measly $1,444,100.00. Yes, to fix a DOOR costs $1,444,100.00.

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has a good way to spend the “stimulus” money. They’ve taken $60,000.00 of it to make signs to show that road projects are being paid for by the “stimulus.” Typical liberal waste of YOUR money. Then there’s a traffic signal installation at Hickam AFB in Honolulu (Hawaii’s 1st district, Neal Abercrombie, Dem) that’s costing the taxpayers a cool $541,119.00.

    If you come to our nation and get involved in organized crime activity, you need to be sent back to the hellhole you came from. The Crawfish doesn’t care if you came from Italy, Ireland, Russia, Japan, China, Mexico, El Salvador, Somalia, or any other place. The Minneapolis region has a large Somali refugee population, and while many of those muslims have been recruited to go back into the wild and join terrorist organizations, many have also started criminal gangs. It is time to round ‘em all up and put ‘em on a ship sailing into pirate-infested waters.

  • Diamond —

    Thought I’d run this by you! You can respond, delete or whatever.

    My traffic is down to roughly 10-15% of what it was around the 4th of July & I’ve had considerable difficulty with server. In fact, I even had a pop-up that said something like “error/someone might be attempting to impersonate server”. Sound familiar?

    As I do “borrow” some of your “stuff” & recommend Monster & The Dame, perhaps the same evil spirits are lurking in my neck of the woods.

  • Nam:
    1. whoever they are – they know who you are.
    2. your server may suck and is causing you to lose readers.
    3. I would change servers if you are getting a weird error message like that – check with your server first.
    4. Send me an email with all the particulars of who, what, where and when – k?

  • letty aka Granny Gripes -

    well Tiger !

    the lazy internet addicts need to get off of their !

    YOU give everyone enough info, facts, links, they need to get off their _________ send daily emails to the corrupt criminals in government, get 10 folks to get 10 more to do the same!

    get a resistance group organized and show up at the TOWN HALL MEETINGS, warn them that they will all experience a TOM DASCHLE moment in the next election.

    They all need to print FLYERS ! with facts, reference points and ACTION suggestions and get them out into their neighborhoods and ask that they get out on the streets to spread the word!

    GET A decent candidate lined up and begin the “REPLACEMENT” campaign,

    I HAVE asked my Senators to RESIGN NOW, we can no longer afford their representation, and that there is NO redeption for them now:

    I still get their “FORM LETTERS’ the approved talking points filled with lies, distoritons, exaggerations etc.

    THEIR snotty aides keep sending us the dismiss your concerns form letters, so we are now telling them we will show up at their town hall meetings and public events and make a scene.

    EVERYONE is liable for what has happened and EVERYONE has to take action every day to fix it: NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • letty aka Granny Gripes -

    The flyers cam be simple

    URGENT Action needed by the LEGAL Citizens of the USA!

    OUR Country, Our Economy, OUR Freedoms, Rights, Liberties and rights to self determination are being destroyed at warp speed from within.

    The USA legal citizens can save this great nation with very little effort! We ask you to come to the defense of your great nation.

    Educate yourselves:

    1. Cap n Tax, (double our energy costs, food costs and put small businesses out of business bill about to be passed.

    go to _____________________________________ read and research

    2. Socialized “RATIONED” HC is about to be passed.

    go to pages ________________________________of the bill

    3. Amnesty for all illegal immigrants, including the criminals presently in USA prisions is about to be passed !

    go to _____________________________________

    4. Free speech is in the process of being shut down.

    go to_______________________________________

    5. 2nd amendment is under serious threat!

    go to __________________________________


    Call, write, email, fax, snail mail your Senators and Congressman and tell them to vote no on all measures.

    Organize a resistance group and appear at their TownHall meetings to raise your objections.

    Organize a petition dirve and deliver the petitions to the Home State offices of the Senators, Congressmen.

    Ask 10 people in your circle of influence to contact 10 people in their circle of influence and inspire them to action.

    Seek a candidate to replace the incumbent Senators, Congressmen who are NOT EVEN READING THE BILLS they pass!

    Demand that every right to individual self determination be restored.

    We allowed our country to get off track by not taking action and participating in our civic duties, now is the time to come to our own country’s defense.

    FELLOW Concerned Legal Citizens

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