Harry and Louise In “My Little Pony World”

For all my regular readers, move along now, this video will make you puke.  For the rest of you, Harry and Louise are living in “my little pony world” when it comes to health care reform and the belief that this government would EVER be able to make healthcare universal and reduce the cost.  There are enough examples throughout the world to prove this point, not to mention the CBO saying Bambi’s plan would BANKRUPT our nation.

Why don’t we try to make health care consumer driven where Americans have medical insurance policies that are theirs and not tied to the government or their employer.  Start there and see where it takes us.  I know the insurance companies that continue to buy skyscrapers and similar investments are not going to be happy about their monopoly being broken up.

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    The last words on the screen says it all, “paid for by the pharmaceutical companies”. This is the Rockefeller cartel that has their hands in all of our pockets in every facet of our lives. They own oil, they own pharmaceuticals, they own banks, they own government, and they are the major player in the New World Order. Harry and Louise are just puppets and symptoms of the problem.

    Thanks for the warning DT, but it is like a wreck…you just can’t look away. I will go throw up now.

  • brityank -

    Gotta admit – the skunks really are master magicians; redirect your attention while they stick their hands in your pocket and lift your wallet. Your local pickpocket’s got nothing on these guys.

    Someone ought to tell them, you don’t burn down the house to change the dining room wallpaper!

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