Arabfest In Dearborn, Michigan

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This happens to be a very interesting video and urge you to watch it to the end. It summons up thoughts about this lawsuit.

Our greatest strengths are now being used against us; and yet, I would not have it any other way….because I am a true patriotic American who believes in the Constitution.  Maybe I am a dinosaur; I don’t know yet.

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    What makes you think this is still America? Just because the maps and talking heads say so doesn’t make it so. It may be the location that is still called “America”, but the ideal has long been gone. This video is further proof that our country has been stolen from under our noses. First the bankers steal our wealth then the politicians let anyone sucking air in. It is our fault. We did not do due diligence to keep it. Of course we were lied to and we were not taught how important it was for us to keep guard, we trusted the people that lie to us to do that for us. Welcome the the USSA, comrade, home of the New World Order. It will take actions similar to those that created America to restore it to it’s former glory.

  • I say we stand up and fight this evil, as I heard and read of the recruiting taking place in Chicago last weekend,It shows they are getting BOLDER and they are not being stopped by our elected officials. I think the leader of this new administration is very comfortable letting Islamic and Arab groups overpower in OUR COUNTRY. After all, look at his chummy attitude in the middle east, when he was there. Also giving BILLIONS to the Phillies, to fight against Isreal. He is trying to tell Isreal, NO building in Gaza! I am glad to see Neteyauhu stand up to him, and tell him, THIS IS OUR LAND! These group promte terror, and if we don’t stand up , we will be living under their rule. NO NO Not FOR ME!

  • Leaping Spark -

    DT the threat of Islamic Jihadist has gone unnoticed by most Americans. Obama is letting Militant Muslims flood into this country by the thousands. Most Americans buy into the moderate Muslim bullshit and as you and I know there are no moderate Muslims, they are all enemies of America and the free world. Obama is bound by his Communistic and radical Muslim beliefs and is going to try to subjugate the American people through the slavery of Islam and Communism. So far he is doing an excellent job.

    George Washington had a dream about the current state of affairs in America over 200 years ago and saw the war that maybe coming to American soil. In his dream the patriots of America won. However, the father of our country could not have forseen how badly outnumbered we will be if the open border poilicy of Obama continues.

    We the people have been sold out by our government, as they continue to let an illegal alien from Kenya sit in the Whitehouse. The window to saving our country is closing rapidly as Obama, the Nation of Islam, and the CPUSA are pushing it down, while only a handful of American patriots ae trying to keep it open.

    I broke my heart yesterday to hear a free American say that Obama could tax him a 100% as long as he got enough back to survive. People are already beginning to accept slavery to the Massa Obama, the Nation of Islam, and the Communist party. If we as patriots don’t stand up soon we will all be living as slaves to the Communist, Muslims, and Massa Obama.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    This is why we need to get that usurper out of OUR house IMMEDIATELY!! Let’s not fool around any longer folks!


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Our cry on September 12 in Washington should not be about spending and taxes. It should be a united cry to get him out of that place and we shouldn’t leave DC until he is gone!!!

  • The treatment of those video taping and asking questions is appalling. However, I would also point out that “free speech” zones were set up at both Democratic and Republican conventions in the past. I still remember several cases where people were put out of Bush events for wearing political tee-shirts.

    So to say that Sharia has come to America because your Constitutional rights were violated is disingenuous. The last Republican convention in St.Paul, Minn was a police state event with law enforcement being bussed in from other states.

    While I agree that rights were violated, I disagree with the video being used as propaganda by non-muslims.

  • Donnielr -

    I agree if we Americas don’t stand up and fight we will lose we all have to come together as one first off the the ababfest should never have happen, it was just to recruit.
    Where were all the true americans I guess the people in Dearborn are all brain dead and just don’t care. And I see how good the police were no help at all. We need to act before it is to late the longer we wait to take our country back the harder it is going to be

  • Leaping Spark -

    Most Americans have their heads buried in the sand and are hoping that all of the bad ju ju is going to go away. We are being attacked by our own government folks, they have allowed Muslim extremist, black militants, and American hating illegal aliens from all corners of the globe to sneak into our country by the thousands. Obama’s army is forming all over the United States. There are at last count 35 known terrorist camps in America. Truth be known there are probably more. Our enemies are both foriegn and domestic and they are already on American soil. Practical Madman you have it right it’s going to get ugly in America, and we are going to have to take our country back from those who want to enslave us with the yokes of Communism and Islam.

    Keep your powder dry!

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