Goldman Sachs Are Financial Terrorists

H/T Larry for sending these videos along. For your viewing enjoyment because I KNOW there are numerous people that are screaming very similar comments as those you will hear at their TV on a daily basis.   And of course, this is on foreign television.

Max Keiser Part 1:

Max Keiser, Part 2:

7 thoughts on “Goldman Sachs Are Financial Terrorists”

  1. So, Brityank, are the American people going to sleep through this one too and allow this to happen? We need to get rid of this usurper right now because you know that he is going to allow this to happen. He wants to bankrupt this country. This should be the very last straw in taking him out in shackles!

  2. Aw, this is off-topic but it DOES deal with other types of terrorists..

    You’ll notice that a very large proportion of this growing organization’s followers come from Indonesia…

    Chicago Suburb Hosts Hizb ut-Tahrir Conference; Organization Aims to Re-Establish an International Islamic State (Caliphate), Supports Jihad

  3. These idiots have finally figured out what happened last year, now they’re supporting a new global economy – which is exactly what TPTB are looking for! Now I understand why they let Goldman Sachs be the story of the week – the only people that can save us from Bankster A are Bankster B and C.

    You gotta admit – they’re good at this. In just a matter of weeks I’ll bet they have the American public demanding that we scrap the dollar and start over with the New World Order to save us from the evil Goldman Sachs. Brilliant!

  4. GG- I think you have it nailed. “THEY” are VERY good at this and that is exactly what their plan is. They want us to either beg for them to “save us” or have us picking up our guns and revolting. Either way, they think they have the war won. I think more people are waking up every day and TPTB have a surprise coming.

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