If Google Says So…Then It Must Be True…

usamgooObviously Larry Summers has been smokin’ the same koolaid/crack pipe that most of congress has not taken a break from since the Fascist-In-Charge, (31 czars and counting), was installed in our White House.

Since when does anybody think that Google is the barometer of economic or any other success?  Larry, how dumb do you think we are?  Stop pretending to be stupid, we know you are not.  Also, keep talking down to us and find out where that gets you…

Larry Summers cites Google search as progress

Of all the statistics pouring into the White House every day, top economic adviser Larry Summers highlighted one Friday to make his case that the economic free-fall has ended.

The number of people searching for the term “economic depression” on Google is down to normal levels, Summers said.

Searches for the term were up four-fold when the recession deepened in the earlier part of the year, and the recent shift goes to show consumer confidence is higher, Summers told the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Summers continued the administration’s push-back against critics of President Barack Obama’s handling of the recession, defending the economic stimulus package against Republicans who have tried to paint the program as a failure because it hasn’t stemmed the unemployment rate.

“We pledged at the time the Recovery Act became law that some of the spending and tax effects would begin almost immediately.,” Summers said in prepared remarks. “We also noted that the impact of the Recovery Act would build up over time, peaking during 2010 with about 70 percent of the total stimulus provided in the first 18 months. Now, five months after the passage, we are on track to meet that timeline. “

And for those of you that want a primer on Larry Summers, try these links out.  For those of you just catching up, make sure to look at the education and organizations and you will start to see the pattern the rest of us are completely and totally aware of, and go all the way to the end of this post for another story.  The corruption goes well beyond donkeys and elephants.

Lawrence H. Summers

Lawrence H. SummersAKA Lawrence Henry Summers

Born: 30-Nov1954
Birthplace: New Haven, CT

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Economist
Party Affiliation: Democratic

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: US Treasury Secretary, 1999-2001

Father: Robert Summers (economics professor)
Mother: Anita A. Summers (public policy professor)
Wife: Victoria Summers (tax attorney, div.)
Son: Henry
Daughter: Pam (twin)
Daughter: Ruth (twin)
Wife: Elisa New (Harvard professor, m. 11-Dec-2005)

High School: Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA
University: BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1975)
University: PhD Economics, Harvard University (1982)
Professor: Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1979-82)
Professor: Political Economy, Harvard University (1983-91)
Administrator: President, Harvard University (2001-06)

D. E. Shaw & Co. Managing Director (2006-)
US Secretary of the Treasury 2-Jul-1999 to 20-Jan-2001
World Bank Chief Economist (1991-99)
US Council of Economic Advisers Domestic Policy Economist (1982-83)
Bilderberg Group
Bretton Woods Committee
Brookings Institution
Center for Global Development Board of Directors
Council on Foreign Relations
Econometric Society Fellow (1985)
Group of Thirty
National Academy of Sciences 2002
Institute for International Economics Board of Directors
Obama for America
Partnership for Public Service Board of Governors
Trilateral Commission
John Bates Clark Medal

Author of books:
Understanding Unemployment (1990)
Reform in Eastern Europe (1991, with others)

Is Larry Summers Taking Kickbacks From the Banks He’s Bailing Out?

Why did Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley steer millions to a company Larry Summers directed while he administered “stress tests” on them?

Last month, a little-known company where Summers served on the board of directors received a $42 million investment from a group of investors, including three banks that Summers, Obama’s effective “economy czar,” has been doling out billions in bailout money to: Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley. The banks invested into the small startup company, Revolution Money, right at the time when Summers was administering the “stress test” to these same banks.

A month after they invested in Summers’ former company, all three banks came out of the stress test much better than anyone expected — thanks to the fact that the banks themselves were allowed to help decide how bad their problems were (Citigroup “negotiated” down its financial hole from $35 billion to $5.5 billion.)

The fact that the banks invested in the company just a few months after Summers resigned suggests the appearance of corruption, because it suggests to other firms that if you hire Larry Summers onto your board, large banks will want to invest as a favor to a politically-connected director.

Last month, it was revealed that Summers, whom President Obama appointed to essentially run the economy from his perch in the National Economic Council, earned nearly $8 million in 2008 from Wall Street banks, some of which, like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, were now receiving tens of billions of taxpayer funds from the same Larry Summers. It turns out now that those two banks have continued paying into Summers-related businesses.

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madmam -

    Whether Glenn Beck is a shill or not, I do agree with him on one point…I am starting to have blood shoot from my eyes as I learn more of the connections and corruption in this government (I mean corporation).

    This is total insanity and the same players, companies, groups, and organizations keep coming to the forefront as we (I mean DT) investigate further. We are being fleeced on a daily (I mean hourly) basis. How much can “they” steal form us? How much do you have? How much are your children worth?

  • “How much are your children worth?” That would be exactly the question. We are looking at the American version of lords and serfs. Now they are plotting the course of homeowners losing their homes and paying rent to the lender for 5-10 years with no hope of getting their homes back. Little lopsided, yes?

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    We have to fight it with all we have. My grandchildren are priceless to me. My kids and their spouses don’t want to hear anything I have to say but the little ones are completely innocent. I’ll fight it with everything I have in me for them. We CAN prevail!
    Thanks DT, again, for digging into this for us.

  • DaveinPhoenix -

    Well, hell…..here I thought that we were dealing with a really bad economy.

    Now that I know that less people are Googling the words “economic depression”, I feel like celebrating ! Thank God for that…man, I was actually worrying about our silly $43 trillion in debt, 9 – 15% unemployment, and ChiComs owning everything in America. Dam, I feel better. My taxes may go sky high in the next few months/years, and the dollar probably will become even more worthless than now, but as long as people aren’t Googling “economic depression”, we’ll be fine ! And even if that don’t work, we can blame it all on Bush anyway. The American people won’t know who screwed them in the end. Thanks, Larry ! What a good man you are !

  • OMG Dave – another crackup commentor here on the Monster. Thanks for that. We really have to keep smiling through all the BS.

  • I just listened to Lou Dobbs (on Larry Sinclairs website) calling out Obama for the birth certificate and all his other hidden documents. It’s in the main stream now- there has got to be a reporter somewhere who is ready to investigate, or a person somewhere, who knows Obama’s lies and is ready to spill the beans.

  • Lewisge -

    After seeing all the info on this site on the Fed, this Larry Summers’ comment, and then Joe Biden’s comment about how we “have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt,” I really do get the impression that these comments are really slips where they are speaking “truth” from their reality. Given the partnership of the banking cartel and the government, what Biden is saying is really true… Congress can’t stop spending money and the banking cartel doesn’t want to go bankrupt…. and since they are both connected at the hip, it all makes sense now. Excuse me while I now go throw up! 😛

    • Welcome to the party Lewis – this is your unconstitutional government operating right out in the open. I stopped puking many months ago….now it’s a case of keeping the top of my head attached.

  • Summers is an idiot. Yesterday there was a piece in the Wichita Eagle about Kansas’ unemployment numbers….they are 8.3% … and our numbers usually lag behind national numbers. It also takes longer for us to come out of recessions. The last time we saw high unemployment numbers was in 1983…they 7.1%. The recession is no where near over unless you want to count out states like Kansas. By the way our local economists there is no good news in sight.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it Larry Summers…instead of the koolaid you are drinking.

  • California Patriot -

    Navy, Summers isn’t drinking the koolaid (he knows exactly what he’s doing), the American people are; they’re being force fed it by the corporate media. And it appears many of them (the people), lack the ability to listen to their gut and/or follow their instincts.

    Madam, I’m surprised by your remark about the possibility that Glenn Beck is a shill. What makes you wonder? I have been wondering for some time.

    Finally, thanks for listing all the groups, Diamond! I’m not surprised by who’s on them, as I am reading “The Shadows of Power” by James Perloff. Also, I have read the book titled “Insiders”. All the players are intertwined. They’re entrenched. Just like Freedom Force International states in its mission statement (in part), “The identities of these elitists are known. They have names. They belong to organizations. They meet together to create strategies and they work jointly to implement them. They dominate the power centers of society. We will not escape their plans by looking only at what they are doing. We must focus on them and remove them from their present positions of power. Any other plan of action is doomed to failure.”

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Thanks, IAG for the links for the search engines. glad to have them.

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