Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Judge Clay Land

Un-frickin-believable….just unbelievable.

Silly me, I thought there may be just one judge in this country with the cajones to force this issue and follow the Constitution but I guess when the Supreme Court bows out time and again they have cover.

‘Begone!’ Georgia judge orders fired reservist

Officer’s orders jerked after challenge to prez’ eligibility

A judge in Georgia has dismissed a case brought by a U.S. Army reservist whose orders to deploy to Afghanistan were jerked when he challenged President Obama’s eligibility, telling the officer’s lawyer the case would be handled better in Florida where the lawyer lives.

According to Orly Taitz, an attorney for Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, the instructions came at today’s hearing scheduled in Georgia by U.S. District Judge Clay Land.

The hearing was on a complaint originally challenging the legality of Cook’s deployment orders, based on doubts about Obama’s eligibility to be president. Cook was to report to Ft. Benning in Georgia this week to be deployed to Afghanistan.

The complaint was amended after the Army suddenly rescinded Cook’s orders, and his civilian employer reported being pressured by the government to fire the officer.

Land told Taitz the issue now appeared to be a dismissal complaint, and it needed to be handled in Florida where Cook is a resident and was employed.

“Since the Army revoked its orders and we asked for a Temporary Restraining Order,” Taitz said, the judge concluded it was a dispute over retaliation.

“He says he no longer has jurisdiction and to refile the case in Florida,” Taitz told WND shortly after the hearing.

“It’s basically dismissed in Georgia. He advised us to have it refiled in Florida, because now he’s not being deployed from Ft. Benning, he’s not a resident of the state. He’s a resident of Florida, his employer is in Florida. The judge wants us to refile the case where he feels the case’s jurisdiction is proper,” she said. “Now we are re-doing the case. Now it’s not about the order to deploy but fighting retaliation he experienced on the part of the military. His employer stated he was under enormous pressure to fire him,” she continued. “We will be refiling the case in Florida.”

Hit the link above to read the rest.

Go here to read the backstory on his firing.

The Major has a point, considering every single piece of paper pertaining to Barack Obama’s origins is SEALED!

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    This is causing quite a stir. Apparently yesturday it got a lot of media coverage. It is bringing the BC issue out into the light where it belongs. Yea for Major Cook. Maybe there is real hope yet.
    One thing, in the video the major looks much older than I imagined him to be. What is the military doing deploying people this old. I’m sure he has been over there before. This is most likely not his first deployment over there.

  • More and more I believe it will be the military that will end this nightmare. The more the evil pushes against the good the sooner that day will come.

  • California Patriot -

    No-Nonsence-nancy, he’s a major, his age gives him experience and expertise that younger people don’t have.

  • Wow, a Major…this is huge!!!! Now there is a Patriot! He knows he has a tough road ahead of him now, just for staniding on the Constitution. Diamond Tiger, he will need a legal defense fund, if you hear about it please let us know.

  • Diamond Tiger,

    I have researched it a bit myself in the past few minutes and the following link sounds pretty promising. I would love your opinion. I have also requested the opinion of one of my State Senators who happens to be an attorney. Chech this out! American Grand Jury anyone?

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