A Message For The House & Senate

Dear House and Senate members who are increasingly doing fly-bys of the Monster,

Please stay awhile and tell all your banker, insurance and DOD contractor buddies to pull up a chair.  You may actually learn just exactly how exasperated we are with you, and then you will have the choice of what is sure to come being a peaceful transfer of power back to the American People or more like July 14th, 1789.  Look it up because I am convinced you do not know what date that is.

For those members of our congress that are still in the dark about the shadow players, (though not Al Franken because I do not believe anybody can teach him to walk in the light), wander around this site, look at the Fed and the Pilgrims pages and then make a decision about which side of this particular aisle you want to be on because in a very short amount of time you will no longer have that option!

I watch my stat programs.  I know who comes here and I know what they look at.  The smoke of Barack Hussein Obama’s ghostly past has become a smoldering fire as I watch thousands of small businesses, law firms, actuaries, and various mega-large corporations come here to see what his Occidental records (or the lack thereof ) are all about.

He is fooling very few people now, and his liberal left congress is starting to choke on all the radical socialist/marxist/fascist “WE WON/YES WE CAN CHANGE” they have been shoving down our throats.


Did you really think we were going to allow you to DESTROY our economy, our small businesses, and our wealth so that you could become yet even richer while demoralizing us so that we would accept being part of the “global government”? Did you think that upwards of 3 dozen czars and counting would go by UNNOTICED because we are still watching our flat screens and shopping at Target?  Did you think we were going to allow you to bankrupt this country with Obama DeathCare and Cap and TAX?  Did you think we were going to allow The Fed to continue to create bubbles and then pop them so that their shareholders could continue to feed at the trough of OUR WEALTH?  Did you think we were going to continue to allow you to send Trillions of our hard earned money to foreign countries?

Did you really think all of that was going to happen without so much as a whimper?


WE ARE COMING FOR YOU, and no matter how long it takes, no matter how much more wealth we have to lose to change the course of this train wreck, no matter what we have to do to achieve our goals, WE ARE AWAKE AND WE ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK!


Pick a side Congressmen and Senators, and remember there are more of us…

(P.S. You Can Run Google, but you can’t hide – are you burning up the phone lines to your buddies in DC?)


Thomas Paine:

MARCH On To Washington:

This IS the most seen video on this site:

By Logistics Monster


  • America is Rising, and we are taking our country back.
    NOV 2010, count on it.

  • I would like to address the house and the Senate both. You folks continually try to pass unconstitutional laws on gun control. It is my right under the constitution to bear and keep arms, which shall not be infringed. What part of this simple language you all don’t understand? Every one of you took an oath, which based on your behavior means nothing to you. You took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. As far as I am concerned and others who have firearms or air pistols etc, you are violating that oath and should be subject to removal from your position you hold (Impeached), you should never be allowed to hold another government position again. You should not receive any benefits associated with this position or office. You have let the American people down and your own families. You all go into office with these half cocked ideals and make decision on the fly from emotions and give our solvent rights away because you don’t understand the laws on the books already or are incapable of enforcing them. So too make up for your shortcomings you feel it is correct to attack the U.S. Constitution and try to make changes to it. You were not elected to make changes to the Constitution you were elected to uphold the constitution. Again what part of your oath you took you do not understand? Since you took the oath to uphold and defend the constitution and try to attack it then you are violating our countries basic law and should be impeached and put in jail. One, for committing treason to the people of this great country and the other for lying under oath. Don’t forget you took an oath while under oath to uphold and defend the constitution and failed to do so. This friend makes you a damn liar. This country is no different then any other country in the world, it was made from violence and can change under violence very quickly. We as a country are not exempt from having another revolution to get our country back. You politicians are so out of touch with your countrymen that it is not even funny anymore. While the country is going into a depression what were you idiots doing? Well, I will tell you passing pay raises for your selves. When business were asking their employees to take pay cuts you were all voting your selves huge pay raises. There is not one politician out their that is worth the kind of money you are paying yourselves. From the top down you are maybe, and I do mean maybe, worth half of what your getting. You all compare yourselves to CEO position in civilian businesses but you should be comparing your wages to that of the service sector instead. You ran to service the people and some of you even used those words in your campaigns. You do not equate to a CEO, your equal to a service provider. If you think your worth more than that then get your backsides out of government and prove yourself in the private sector. It makes me laugh when I hear all this bull of how when I get elected I want to hold frequent town hall meetings etc. Nice ideal, but change is need to be made first, for example, Why do we have so many representatives for each district. This concept was designed before the pony express because people lived so far apart and had to get the word out amongest it’s people. But today we live in a technology infested world with mass media. We can do conference calling, videoconference calling, instant polling and what ever else is available. You want to make changes to America then start right in your own kitchens, sort of speaking. Cut your wages in half if you don’t like that then resign but get it done. Reduce the size of government all these aids and helpers are not needed. Christ, you work half a year as it is! Get rid of all these representatives they are not needed. All this stuff is a big cookie jar and none of you want to take your hands out of it. It’s just a matter of time before mom and dad (The American people) close the cookie jar down. It can be done with respect or under violence. Enough is enough! Instead of going to the local Starbucks tomorrow in your BMW’s, Mercedes Benz, wearing your Armani suits thinking your better then the people you serve you should buy your coffee and instead of drinking it smell it. Cause not one of you idiots have a clue on how to keep America free and strong. Your all a bunch of self-indulgent Winnies who just bark heavy bull and think of yourselves. Leave our Constitution alone and stop trying to change it. Instead, do the job you were hired to do or elected to do and follow the damn oath you took to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.

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