Where Is Our Robin Hood? Health Care, Cap and Trade, and Tax Increases

Robin_Hood_1My son asked me yesterday who Robin Hood was, and we had a discussion about the “legend” of Robin of Loxley and his stealing from the Norman rich to give to the  Saxon poor.  When I started to think about it though, Robin was really giving back what had been stolen by the lazy elite from the producers.  So, in this age of Obama and his Norman Congress stealing from the hard-working American producers to give to the lazy American and foreign layabouts, where is our Robin Hood?  Who exactly is going to stand up and finally say, “Everybody has to do their fair share of the work, and nobody gets to ride the clock!”

Yesterday, the senate health care reform bill came out and it features the very unconstitutional surtax on the wealthy of upwards of 5.4% to cover a government health care plan.  Today, the CBO’s long-term budget outlook came out and Robert J. Samuelson is stating that to balance the budget we would have to raise taxes by 44% on everybody.  Is anybody going to stop Prince Bambi, Sheriff Rahm, and the rest of the elites from unconstitutionally redistributing the wealth of the producers?

The Consequences of Big Government

We face an unprecedented collision between Americans’ desire for more government services and their almost equal unwillingness to be taxed. The conflict is obscured and deferred by today’s depressed economy, which has given license to all manner of emergency programs, but its dimensions cannot be doubted. A new report from the Congressional Budget Office (“The Long-Term Budget Outlook“) makes that crystal clear. The easiest way to measure the size of government is to compare the federal budget to the overall economy, or gross domestic product (GDP). The CBO’s estimates are daunting.

For the past half-century, federal spending has averaged about 20 percent of GDP, federal taxes about 18 percent of GDP and the budget deficit 2 percent of GDP. The CBO’s projection for 2020 — which assumes the economy has returned to “full employment” — puts spending at 26 percent of GDP, taxes at a bit less than 19 percent of GDP and a deficit above 7 percent of GDP. Future spending and deficit figures continue to grow.

What this means is that balancing the budget in 2020 would require a tax increase of almost 50 percent from the last half-century’s average. Remember, that average was 18 percent of GDP. To get from there to 26 percent of GDP (spending in 2020) would require an additional 8 percentage points. In today’s dollars, that would be about $1.1 trillion, a 44 percent annual tax increase. Even these figures may be optimistic, because CBO’s projections for defense and “nondefense discretionary” spending may be unrealistically low. This last category covers much of what government does: environmental regulation, aid to education, highway construction, law enforcement, homeland security.

Saxons?   Are you ready for that tax increase?

Can We Impeach Obama Yet?

Can We Recall The Congress Yet?

UPDATE: I just found this article on The Patriot Room. Make sure to go over and read it!

Bombshell: House Health Bill Makes Private Medical Insurance Illegal

By Logistics Monster


  • brityank -

    “We face an unprecedented collision between Americans’ desire for more government services and their almost equal unwillingness to be taxed.”

    Allow me to restate a comment I made earlier:
    I now realize that we are infested with parasites; as destructive as termites, dangerous as rabid dogs, and invisible like bed-bug mites. No, I don’t mean the welfare grifters or robbers in our society – indeed I wish they were all we had to worry about. The real parasites are the lawyers, especially those in any legislative position.
    We have allowed (?) them to create our laws AND interpret our laws. Meanwhile they blithely steal our time, treasure, and heritage “for the common good” – which they consider to be their wallet!

    You enumerated some of the theft of our treasure by Congress; you will find most State’s parasites also have their fingers caressing your wallet. Here in Pennsylvania they are quite loud and proud of the WAMs they distribute to their supplicants – at least they have the ‘courage’ to call it Walking Around Money instead of some innocuous feel-good moniker.

    Recall when Clinton pushed for and signed that retroactive tax bill he forced through Congress in 1993? I was living in NY then, and did a check on all the taxes and mandated fees I was paying out over the year to the Fed, NYS, my County, and Town tax authorities — it came to 53% before his retroactive increase took hold.

    “Unwillingness to be taxed”? No, Sir – sick of seeing our time and treasure being used for everything but that which it is claimed, and especially the unjust enrichment of liars and cheaters!

    I also found the following well written article you may find interesting: How to Defeat Barack Obama – The Most Subversive Politician in Modern US History at The Falcon Party website.

    I firmly believe in R&R – either we achieve Restoration, or we will see Revolution! ACTIVE

  • Practical Madman -

    The closest thing we have to Robin Hood today is Alex Jones. I thank God for his courage and loud voice every day, and pray for his protection. Robin Hood’s strength was in his organization of the poor to defend themselves and take back what was rightfully theirs, and Alex has the same goal. We need more like him to call the evil doers out and call them what they are. Everyone needs to visit prisonplanet.com and/or infowars.com (along with this site, your voice is VERY important also DT) on a daily basis. His radio show should be mandatory listening. Everyone needs to support Alex, buy, copy, and distribute his videos to everyone (he WANTS you to copy them, he wants the word out)! Our only hope is VOLUME in our numbers, and our voices. There are still too many asleep and unaware of the reality.

    The reality is soon to hit us in the head, when the evil doers force vaccinate every one of us against our will. It will hit us in the head when they succeed in collapsing the dollar. IT will hit us in the head when they have foreign troops on our streets.

    A side note to those that visit this site with intentions not in key with ours, you need to choose sides. You need to realize that right will win, and the good people that make this country what it is are in the right. The evil doers in DC and the capital buildings in the states are not in the right. The constitution is in the right, and if what you are doing is not constitutional, you are not in the right.

    “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void” Marbury vs. Madison, 5 U.S. (2 Cranch) 137, 164, 176 (1803)

    “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them” Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436, 491

    “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed” Norton vs. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425, 442

    The Supreme Court made these rulings in the past. The government and court today have left the constitution in the dust. We The People want our constitution reinstated, restored. As brityank said so well above: either we achieve restoration, or we will see revolution! I too believe in R&R!
    Thank you DT for this site. It is a great place for us to gather inspiration and share insight. God bless and protect you!

  • Leaping Spark -

    Few Americans realize that after Obama gets his Crap and Tax, and Obamacare that Americans in 39 states will be paying more than 50% of their income in taxes. Obama is rapidly accomplishing his goal of the destruction of America, and he is doing despite the protests of patriotic Americans everywhere.

    God gave us the freedom to live our own lives, and now we are saying; “No thank you” I would rather fight and die then give up my freedoms, but I guess I’m in the minority now as America the last shining beacon of freedom in the world slips whimpering into Communistic slavery at the hands of Obama and his lackeys in Washington DC.

    Obama is succeding because we continue to do nothing. What is it going to take to wake up America? Comrade Obama is stealing your wealth, will he have to take your home,your property and tax you 90% of your income to wake you up to the fact that America is worth fighting for.

    As my Native American ancestors did many years ago, I reluctantly surrender, because we do not have the guts to save our country. I will, as they did keep freedom in my heart and in my mind as these are the only places Obama can’t take it from me.

    Bill Ayres said it best; ” America is over”

    Practical Madman we are to few in number and to weak in the heart, Obama has won.

    Third world America will be no place for patriots.

  • Robin in Texas -

    Leaping Spark,
    Do not become discouraged. It is time for Prayer and quiet contemplation. The sleeping giant dreams, but will soon awake. We are not few, we are many! Even one soul can change the world. Be that soul.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Leaping Spark,
    Lisen to what Robin says. This is no time for pessimists. We ARE greater in number than they are. Have you hit the streets on tea party day? If not you need to. Go tomarrow to a local congressman’s office and hold a sign against the Obamacare bill with the rest of us Americans who are doing it. Go to teapartypatriots.com to find out what time yours is. It is supposed to be simultanious all over the country, so the time depends on your time zone.

    DT, thanks again for this great article and the links. Your hard work if very much appreciated!

  • letty aka Granny Gripes -



    DUMP useless MOM, DAD, Grandparents into HOSPICE; NO tubes, stiches, or life saving treatments for them

    POPULATION control SCIENCE CZAR Holderan advocates:
    MANDATORY abortions, Mandatory Sterilization !

    WELL FOLKS, TIME TO EMAIL day and night and get a chain started to get 10 to get 10 and so on:

    A quick email resource:


    In the middle of the page, left side, enter your
    10 digit zip code; hit go:
    in very small print above your Senators names is “FEDERAL”
    click it and PRESTO:::::::: a format with easy instructions, type your message, and SEND< SEND SEND SEND;


    SO DAY AND NIGHT FOR 2 WEEKS blast them;

    ALSO::::::::: letters to the editor, local papers, daily
    to expose this pending "BRAVE NEW WORLD" POPULATION CONTROL plan:

    what is next:
    OH yes, put the emotionally troubled into MENTAL INSTITUTIONS: YOU THINK ?

  • letty aka Granny Gripes -

    relentless action needed for 2 weeks, or is it 2 days now to salvage some footing:

    LETTERS TO THE EDITORS, daily local papers, rage::::
    and expose

    POST the frauds, name names, everywhere on the inernet:

    EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL, twice daily now:

    Call the talk shows, even Scare America,

    invade the liberal blogs::: post and post and post:

  • After hearing a long while ago from AARP that the “cuts” to Medicare were acceptable, I haven’t heard a peep from them since! How are they profiting from all this? Well, they ARE in cahoots with certain insurance companies after all…

  • I will be htting the streets here in Wichita today to protest government health care! I am speaking about the VA. I heard from a relative who works for CMS…Medicare/Medicaid that the VA system is the best run government health care. On the surface it seems that way but it really isn’t. What it is is an example of health care rationing.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Leaping spark is not discouraged, but it is difficult to get Americans to see what is really going on in America and around the world. Between the Communist and Muslims who have infiltrated every level of our government there is no chance to vote these people out of office. They are in complete control. Americans for some reason cannot accept the fact that their country is being stolen right out from under them. My employees all think I’m crazy and that there is nothing going on in America. Outside of a small minority of us who have read the Quran and the Communist Manifesto, I fear that the average American is more then happy to bury his head in the sand and hope it all goes away. Obama’s plan for the Communist take over of America is proceeding perfectly, and sooner or later he will launch an all out attack on the 2nd Amendment, don’t be surprised if he plans and stages the atrocities that will panic America into gun control. My opinions are often harsh, and critical, but I am just trying to shock Americans out of their complacent, and non-existent fairyland, it is going to get really ugly in America and it is coming fast, I’m ready I hope you are.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Leaping Spark,
    I get very discuraged, too. My own grown children won’t listen to me. A couple people I see at work are starting to listen to me. We do outnumber the ones who are trying to destroy us. We need to continue our demonstrations and recall the ones who are doing the most damage, esp BO.

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