Taxpayer MarchLadies and Gentlemen; it is time to pick a side and march on Washington D.C. on 9.12.09 to let this government know THAT YOU KNOW and YOU ARE NOT GOING TO ALLOW THEM TO CONTINUE THEIR WAYS!   If you have not figured out that our government has gone around the bend and is hell bent on destroying the middle-class and small businesses AND steering our country toward poverty and global government, then you must take the time to read the posts on this site and numerous other sites and educate yourself on the oligarchy of american aristocratic families, banks, politicians, and think tanks.

Here are the two umbrella organizations that are Marching on DC on 9.12.09 with numerous network groups.  I have joined Constitutional Emergency and urge you to join one of these groups if you feel that you can attend in September.

09.12.09 March On Washington DC

Patriots For America: Constitutional Emergency

Now for the message from The Monster.  As many of you know, I am a home schooling mom who now is working reduced hours that also believes in personal responsibility and running my household in the black, (unlike our Congress).  I have been wrestling with attending the march on 9.12 due to my own moral code about fiscal responsibility and self sufficiency.  I have asked friends for their thoughts and advice and have been informed that every single American Patriot that can attend; should.  Therefore, I am putting aside my cowboy hat wearing, lone tiger stance and requesting your assistance in gathering the funds to make this trip.  I have the added hindrance of 2400 miles of ocean to add to the type of travel that I am able to use, and am required to purchase a plane ticket.  My goal is $1500 for airfare and a shared hotel room.  If you can contribute, it will be greatly appreciated and if I do not reach the goal, all funds will be returned to their patrons.

Many Mahalos in advance for your kind patronage.

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