Watching The Talking Heads

I am currently moving The Monster, and have been watching/listening to the talking heads in the background; various congressmen/women and senators and I have one question.  Who gave them permission to think?  They THINK (!) that the senate health reform bill that just came out of committee is going to save money?  They THINK? That’s right up there with “they thought” unemployment wouldn’t go over 8% if we passed the porkulus bill, and taxes aren’t going to go up for anybody making under $250K , $200K, $150K, etc.   Do people still believe that you can get something for nothing, and that “your taxes won’t go up.”?

Get ready for insane taxes, massive business failure concurrent when the next round of mortgages resets, and hyper-inflation because of the nits at the Fed printing money non-stop.  Real unemployment is running in the double digits and has for some states for at least the last month, (mine included).

Can somebody tell the stupid non-reps to stop doing interviews because it is really bothering me, and since they work for us, I still say, “You’re Fired!”.

Damn, the world is upside down.

Glenn Beck on the web of Goldman Sachs.

By Logistics Monster


  • BHO is just granting FDR his dying wishes. Government everything! FDR lusted for government control of energy, wallah cap and trade. Health care is no different, power to the government! Oh and thwat sound you hear if you listen real close…it is freedom…and she is leaving.

  • Well I used to just call them Goldman Ponzi and Sachs but I wonder if Goldman Lucifer and Sachs might be closer to the target.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Only one more freedom for Obama to steal, the right to bear arms. With Sonya a shoe in for the Supreme Court that shouldn’t take our Kenyan Communist Muslim Radical POS usurper long to destroy the 2nd Amendment and leave us and our families defenseless against his hordes of black militants, radical Muslims, brown shirts, ACORNS thugs, mindless leftist liberals, illegal Mexicans and just the normal everyday scumbags.

    Patriots our future is not very bright.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    But we can fight it. We out number them by far. March on to Washington, America!!

  • Practical Madman -

    Good point GG. When something takes top billing in the media, it is a distraction. Glenn Beck is trying to be our friend and on our side just a little too hard lately. Something is in the works. Are they letting us know how deep the web is because they know there is no way to stop them and they are trying to push us over the edge?

    Is it time to lock and load yet? Things are so screwed up and we are so screwed. This is the culmination of plans laid long, long ago, and unfortunately, we are the ones to see them come to fruition. Even more unfortunate are the children. It is up to us to go down fighting this evil fiat empire to at least try to save it for them. We have been used, and abused, and now it is decision time. Do we go down quietly in the night without a whimper? Make no mistake, we are going down. America is just a shadow of what she was, and that shadow is in debt that can never be repaid, and that shadow is a slave to the “Gold”men. The golden rule is in effect…he that has the gold..makes the rules, and it AINT US! We are just the game pieces!

  • GG and Madman:

    My intuition says that this isn’t distract and deflect. This is a symptom of America waking up. It will be interesting to see how far back Beck goes…and if he reaches the Pilgrims and Andrew Carnegie. He may be overwhelmed by the size of the web though and not wish to be seen as a conspiracist.

  • one more thing – personally I am glad that Beck is actually catching up to the rest of us. It’s been how many months that we have known about the connections but we still need some talking head to tell the rest of the country.

  • Practical Madman -

    I listen to Beck on the radio, and he upsets me when he is steering us in the wrong direction. Many times I am proud of his patriotic lessons and voice, and many many others I am screaming at the radio for him to wake up. I still think that he is a shill, and I think that his handlers are giving him a little more rope these days. I think that he knows more than he can say, and the money is keeping him in line, and from time to time he bows down to TPTB.

    “‘Gold’men sacks” should be the way we refer to these crooks and what they are doing to us and America.

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