Watching The Talking Heads

I am currently moving The Monster, and have been watching/listening to the talking heads in the background; various congressmen/women and senators and I have one question.  Who gave them permission to think?  They THINK (!) that the senate health reform bill that just came out of committee is going to save money?  They THINK? That’s right up there with “they thought” unemployment wouldn’t go over 8% if we passed the porkulus bill, and taxes aren’t going to go up for anybody making under $250K , $200K, $150K, etc.   Do people still believe that you can get something for nothing, and that “your taxes won’t go up.”?

Get ready for insane taxes, massive business failure concurrent when the next round of mortgages resets, and hyper-inflation because of the nits at the Fed printing money non-stop.  Real unemployment is running in the double digits and has for some states for at least the last month, (mine included).

Can somebody tell the stupid non-reps to stop doing interviews because it is really bothering me, and since they work for us, I still say, “You’re Fired!”.

Damn, the world is upside down.

Glenn Beck on the web of Goldman Sachs.

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