Upcoming G. Edward Griffin Radio Interview

CreatureJekyllIslandI have been honored with the request to co-host The Dame Truth’s upcoming BlogTalkRadio show “The Dame Truth Welcomes G. Edward Griffin & Logistics Monster” on Monday, July 13th at 8PM EST.  As shy and nerdy as I am, I could not pass up this opportunity to talk with the “master” on the subject of the Federal Reserve, discuss the possible connections between the Pilgrim’s Society and the Fed, and the status/future of Ron Paul’s H.R. 1207/S604.

If you have not taken the time to go here and watch G. Edward Griffin’s vids about the banking cartel, now might be a good time to do just that, and then please join us on Monday, and/or call in with whatever questions are still nibbling at your little grey cells.  If you still do not know who the Pilgrims are, go here.

Also, the Dame has asked me to do another radio interview on the following day, July 14th, (Bastille Day), on Constitutional Radio to go into more depth about H.R. 2918 and the upcoming State Dept. appropriations bill, H.R. 3081 which starts out like this: “For necessary expenses of the Department of State and the Foreign Service not otherwise provided for, $8,229,000,000…” Does that not make you wonder where all the money is going?

An American Bastille Day 9PM EST

Join The Dame & Drkate for this Two Hour Special with Logistics Monster to talk about some of the dangerous content of the bills Congress is passing without even reading them.  It is a good bet that Logistics Monster is the ONLY American actually reading them in their entirety and she will be here to break down in plain language what they actually contain.  It being the anniversary of Bastille Day, it is appropriate to learn the truth of the matters at hands, now more than ever!

By Logistics Monster


  • Sorry I’ve been AWOL. Things are settling down here a bit, so I’m coming back now.

    You will absolutely knock them dead.

    That person with the flaming red hair (beautiful)in that photo I received couldn’t possibly be nerdy.

    Give the Dame my best. I miss all the good stuff because of this crummy dial-up service, but we are exploring wireless now. I hope it happens soon.

    Go get ’em, girl!

    God bless America!

  • Thanks and thanks Genie – but I am totally a nerd complete with the pocket protector and taped glasses. The person you saw was my disguise so I blennnnnnnnnnnd.

  • Genie – another idea for you and others with dial up is to just call in and listen to the show on your phone: Call-in Number: (347) 202-0569 – the host will keep you muted until you let them know using the keypad that you want to be in the q.

  • Practical Madman -

    Looking forward to this. I have been following Griffin for quite a while and I am a Freedom Force member. See you Monday!

  • Can’t wait to hear this….we have the book by Griffin and it’s what got us started!

    In the meantime….some economic insights…

    The Past Week: July 4-11, 2009 (Where We Are Now re: The Economy-Robert Reich, Nouriel Roubini, Robert Shiller, Chris Martenson)


    I’m still pushing the Chris Martenon site and the Crash Course which is a perfect compliment to Griffin….the Peak Oil post I did a couple of days ago has all the links to the CM Crash Course chapters….

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