Michelle_Obama__Alligator_ClutchI have seen talking heads, and read bloggers covering the fact that Michelle Obama is carrying a $6k purse during a depression.  These talking heads and bloggers have missed the true point of this story; more Chicago arm-twisting thuggery, and now, backpedaling.

From NY Daily News

Bag manufacturer: Mistaken identity on First Lady’s clutch

Call it a case of mistaken identity.

Italian luxury goods manufacturer VBH boasted yesterday that First Lady Michelle Obama had toted their $5,950 alligator manila clutch earlier this week while on a trip to Russia.

No way, said the White House, which countered that the First Lady was carrying an $875 VBH patent leather clutch.

After sticking to their initial claim, the high-end leather manufacturer is now backing off. “If that’s what the White House is saying, then it’s a patent bag,” admitted VBH rep Kelly Vitko.

Despite being certain about the bag being the nearly $6,000 version – “it’s definitely ours [manila bag],” she said earlier this morning — the rep now says that she made an assumption and misidentified the bag.

  1. The bag  is more than likely the $6k version
  2. The rep was certain and stuck to her story and then “misidentified” a product she represents?
  3. How does one misidentify a $6k bag?
  4. Are you believing this line of crap?
  5. Still think the Obamas are not elitists?

It appears that calls were made VBH, and now Michelle Obama gets to have her cake and eat it too.

Have the Emperor and Empress added any new czars today?

Can We Impeach/Arrest Obama yet?

(Now excuse me while I go cross-eyed figuring out the State Dept. appropriations bill.)

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