Little Gray Cells Not Speaking With Each Other

I guess the message is not getting through or these people are just incredibly stupid because they would vote for Barack Obama again.  The small business owner is complaining about too much bureaucracy yet we now have 34 czars and Bambi is trying to create 600,000 more government jobs.

I am still wondering what it is going to take to wake these people up.

By Logistics Monster


  • Like I keep saying – these people will never blame Obama. We need to target Congress. He can’t do squat if he doesn’t own Congress, because an independent Congress will challenge all his Presidential end-arounds.

    We need to target Congress!

    Savona stated the problem perfectly: “It’s the Barakracy”

  • Jason is an idiot! The biggest of three. It makes me sick that they would still vote for the head community organizer bought by the banks and the greed that is ruining this country!

    The second stimulus would be about reelection. And it will be full of more pork. So these people are really dumb! To think they are voters. UGH!

  • Practical Madman -

    I think all of these NUTS are fine examples of the rest of the nuts that voted for “change” with no explanation of what it was. How’s that workin’ out fer ya???? Me? No so good!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I don’t understand these people who still defend Obama even though the country is going to pot. They just don’t see it. They defend every bad bill (they all have been bad) that congress has passed. They either don’t know what has passed or they think they are AOK. They will be in for a BIG shock when they find brown shirts on their streets to keep them in line. Then they’ll wonder how it all happened.

  • California Patriot -

    They’re three complete idiots! Where did FOX find these nut jobs? Put some real thinkers on the show, for crying out loud. FOX is not much better then the rest of the networks; they’re all in the tank.

  • Practical Madman -

    CP- FOX is owned b a CFR member. Ever hear of “good cop/bad cop”? FOX is playing “good cop”….they are still cops. (no offense to cops…I know a few really good ones)

  • California Patriot -

    Practical, I realized that concept for quite some time ago. What you will hear in the news now is that Holder is looking at charges against the bush administration. It’s just a diversion. Said to say many will fall for it; I don’t and won’t.

    It’s time to kick all their sorry asses out of office; they’re just a bunch of punks. We’re all sooo much better then they are, they’re just too stupid to know it. When the American people finally wake up, those animals will have no where to hide.

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