THIS Is The Real Cap And Trade Effect

The current administration is appearing to make a concerted effort to destroy the engine of our economy; small businesses.

David McArthur, a small businessman, on ‘Your World’:

By Logistics Monster


  • Robin in Texas -

    There are millions of Small business owners with scroll signs
    in this country. If we all asked if our Senators were going to put us out of business it might be very effective.
    Just thinking.
    How do you make the message go viral? Diamond?

  • Robin,

    Grassroots! Every time you drive past a business with a reader board, stop in or call them up and ask if they would consider posting a message.

  • Small businesses have been doing it here in Kansas for sometime now. They are worried everything they have invested is going out the door.

  • David McCarthur spoke at the St Louis Tea Party, Saturday July 4.

    BTW: They have great bakery products (just down the street from me) love their jelly donuts, gooey butter cake.

  • .
    We must call our Senators to vote NO on Cap & Trade!
    Man-Made Climate Change is a lie and a scam!
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    destroy ALL corporations

    put people out of work
    make the world a better place

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