Rep. Jason Chaffetz: “Scam Wow”

…or “the government should get the hell OUT OF THE WAY!” $600 BILLION in interest payments to the Fed this year? WTF?  WHEN CAN WE ABOLISH THE FED AND CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEMS FOREVER? Rep. Jason Chaffetz at 5:00 is not only talking about giving our money back to us, but in very plain terms is … Read more Rep. Jason Chaffetz: “Scam Wow”

Have You Attempted This Death Defying Feat?

…I must be completely out of my mind! Have you: read in it’s entirety,  H.R. 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 or the appropriations bill for the State Department, (this is going to be a doozy – just like HR2918), or the Federal Reserve financial regulation reform white pages simultaneously?  There are … Read more Have You Attempted This Death Defying Feat?

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