Sarah Palin To Andrea Mitchell: “You Aren’t Listening…”

I loved it when Sarah said to Andrea Mitchell, “You Aren’t Listening!”.

Did you know that another ethics complaint was filed against Gov. Palin yesterday by a man who filed one previously that was thrown out?

Un-fricken-believable!  (ENOUGH ALREADY)

Kate Snow of GMA, Andrea Mitchell of NBC, Today Show, and CNN.

By Logistics Monster


  • I use to think that the media did not understand Sarah Palin, that the elite circle they run with just was not in the real world. This is true to a certain extent.

    I have come to the conclusion that they know her all too well, the fact that she can give hope to the millions of us who are looking for a voice. Now they can not destroy her and make her go away, they have brought on their own reckoning, at least in my opinion.

    The media has sold their soul and there is not going back for them, they have to figure out a way to keep her in check, of course they will not be successful as she has laid her cards on the table.

    Colin Powell has redirected his self on Obama and now is trying to save his reputation. All of the losers who thought they were joining the winning team are now frantically trying to switch back to neutral, they are worse then the Obama supporters, they have no real conviction at all.

    Then there are the incurably insane, apparently a caller to the Rev. Al Sharpton radio show suggested that Sarah Palin was responsible for Michael Jackson’s death, of course the Rev. did nothing to suggest otherwise. No details were given on how Sarah did that.

    These are the foes that Sarah Palin has in front of her and yet still she has taken on the challenge, amazing in my book.
    Unless something dramatic changes I will support her with all my heart.

    Sorry by in this climate I can not longer commit to anyone without leaving myself an out.

    I do believe she is the real deal and her bandwagon is the one to be on.

  • Sarah Palin: “You aren’t listening!”

    Andrea Mitchell: “Sure I am. You’re just not saying what I want you to, so I’ll keep rephrasing until it sounds like you really meant what I wanted you to say. See? That’s real reporting!”

  • and GG would be totally correct again! GG, have I ever told you how I really feel about Andrea Mitchell? Oops, not possible here. 😉

  • Um, let’s see; a MSM reporter (NBC nonetheless) married to the former ruler of the global oligarchy chairman of the Fed? I can only imagine the string of expletives…

    All we can do is be thankful they didn’t breed!

  • This is the same old game the media always plays, they continue to ask the same question over and over again in hopes to edit the answer in a way that suits their goal of destruction of character. I just saw the same thing on MSNBC today as some guy (I’m not sure who it was) was trying to get an answer from some GOP dude about Palin and if she was wrong to resign as Gov. of AK. The interviewer just wasn’t going to accept his answer that he thought Palin did what she did because of the simple statement she made…she was not going to allow AK to suffer because those filing ethics violations were not going to stop and she couldn’t get her work done. So, the interviewer threw up his hands and said, “Well, what I heard you just say is, ‘She wasn’t doing a good job as Governor of Alaska!'” The GOP dude started to say, “No, that’s NOT what I said”, but his mike was cut off and they ended the interview.

    So typical…there is no journalistic integrity, it’s nothing but a game of gotcha and voting people off the island.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    That interview was rediculous. Thanks for posting it, Diamond Tiger. I used to have some respect for Kate Snow. I used to watch GMA faithfully. I haven’t for a year or so now. My TV hasn’t even been on for weeks. I can’t stomach these people or these poliics any longer. Can we take the usurper out in shacles yet?

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