“Everybody misread the economy….”

Sorry Joe, the Monster and millions of American Patriots did not misread the economy; we screamed NO TARP, NO BAILOUTS, NO STIMULUS and what did we get? Rising unemployment.  We told you to cut taxes on Americans and small businesses.  Did you do that? NOPE!  You saved your contributors in the financial and insurance industries and let us swing in the wind.

2010 is looking more and more interesting.  Readers?  Have you changed your party affiliation to “No Party” yet?

By Logistics Monster


  • ” Everybody misread the economy”, Joe those of us who pay taxes did not misread the economy. Those of us who worry about our jobs, unlike you and yours, did not misread the economy.
    Those of us who watch gas, food and all the necessities of life go up did not misread the economy.

    Maybe if you morons would go back to your districts and listen to those you represent they could of informed you of how all of this reckless spending was not going to help.

    By the way Joe, I believe Sarah Palin had a handle on what was going to happen, maybe you should have a chat with her. I am sure she is more than willing to share her thoughts on the economy.

    I think the DC crowd knows they can not keep blaming Bush for this mess so now all of us are responsible.

    This reminds me of a child trying to wiggle their way out of a situation that they brought on and are now trying like hell to cover their ass. At least when a child acts this way a parent can use it as a teaching moment.

    I thought I had finished raising children but I guess I have about 535 more, I wonder if I can claim them as a tax deduction, that sure would be a help.

  • Oh No Kathy – we gotta babysit them until we fire them. I am so pissed that I have to put my LIFE and FAMILY aside to clean up the freakin’ mess they are making. It will take years to clean this up unless we turn over the whole congress and repeal all of the bullshit they have voted for starting with the Federal Reserve Act!

  • You are right Diamond the only way to start is to get them all out and hope we live long enough to see some positive results.

    With all you do you certainly have the right to be pissed , most of us could not come close to all you have given up , I for one thank you , I know you can not get this time back.

  • Practical Madman -

    Right Diamond…they must all go! I have always been “independent” registered and now I am going for

    We all have a right to be pissed. “THEY” passed TARP, Stealfromus, and the massive pork filled bloated budget, because “we know better” that We The People, now “THEY” have the NERVE to say “OOPS”????

    PS. Love the new “look” of the site.

  • Kathy – don’t remind me of the time I will never get back with my child – but I pray that it will be worth it in the long run.

    Madman! I’m glad you are going over to I have not decided if I have the time to do that also…still mulling it over.

    Thanks for the thumbs up on the new layout. As for the site – my spidey sense says that the Monster is going to get alot bigger very soon and I needed something more neutral and lowkey. I will miss my Angel, but I don’t want to give the Moonbats any more ammunition that what is stated on this site. Make sense?

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Diamond Tiger, I too, like your new look. And I SO much appreciate all the time and sacrifice that you put into this blog. I wouldn’t even know where to begin in doing the research that you do.

    We need to fight for our freedom and that of our future generatons. If we don’t do it now they will have to do it later and it will be harder for them then. I have several very wonderful grandchildren and I don’t want them to lose their freedoms and liberties. I’m willing to do anyting I can to make sure that does not happen.

  • Where the hell was John Boehner during the election? What was he doing while we waited for this kind of rhetoric against Obama by the Republicans? This is why you can’t trust either party; they only attack when it’s perfectly safe to do so.

  • Boehner was busy with his $2.5 Million budget for HIS office and trying to attain Nancy’s budget of $5.1 Million.


  • I am a non affiliated independent too, I already know most of what you have posted here but it is really good stuff. I was at a tea party too on the 4th. Thank you for coming to our blog and telling us about your 4th. I have a really crazy notion that I was going to post on my blog tomorrow, but I will spill it for you here since you promote us. I think Palin may not be a Republican for much longer. I think she will get into the tea party movement and may go from there. To find out the rest of my crazy idea you will have to check my blog tomorrow but note that I said SHE MAY NOT BE A REPUBLICAN FOR MUCH LONGER. Let that bounce around your brain for a while and see what options or opportunities pop up….

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