A Tale Of Two Americas

Marie Antoinette

For many of you, the similarities between the events that led up to the French Revolution and what is currently happening on a daily basis in our country has not been lost.  The veil that has separated the Two Americas is becoming more transparent even though our current administration is becoming more opaque and working hard to make everyone believe that Mr. & Mrs. O are just like us.

As the decimated middle class and working poor are losing their battle against foreclosure, not being able to feed their children, and worrying themselves to death, the Beltway Aristocrats and their New York Bank Buddies gorge themselves on our money reminiscent of some french aristocrats.

Here is a tale of two Americas that you may not hear about in all the chatter about how stupid Sarah is, how great Cap & Trade and Government Medicine is going to be for us, and how much Barney Frank is really concerned about homeowners in foreclosure.  If Barney had two gray cells speaking to each other, he would not be considering loosening the lending protocols for condos and therefore creating another housing bubble later.

When unemployment hits 30% in the inner cities, we patriots that have been trying to avert a disaster will only be able to step aside and keep our families safe.  If you really believe that unemployment is currently at 9.5%, I have a bridge I can sell you as the indexing for unemployment was changed a few years back.

And now, a Tale Of Two Americas:

Much Needed Tax Refunds Delayed From Georgia to California

ATLANTA (AP) – Colin Daymude was out of work last year after his business failed and eagerly filed his taxes in mid-January, figuring he’d get his refund sooner. He was wrong.It took the 44-year-old entrepreneur more than six months to get his $1,300 check—money that he needed to pay living expenses while he worked a few side gigs.

Tax day—April 15—has long since come and gone, but sharp budget cuts and falling revenues have forced many states to delay income tax returns for months—and left taxpayers longing for their money.

“I’m just trying to get my money back,” said a frustrated Daymude. “It’s my money anyways.”

Some states say plummeting tax collections drove them to hold on to the money so they can make ends meet. Others complain of not being able to keep up because the economic downturn has forced staffing cuts in revenue departments.

But critics worry governments are withholding funds that rightly belong to taxpayers when they need the extra cash the most. And some of the tardy states are fast approaching a stiff deadline of their own: The longer they wait, the more likely they’ll have to pony up interest from thinning state coffers.

That prospect could soon become a reality in Georgia and Alabama, where tax officials are racing to beat a mid-July deadline to send hundreds of thousands of tax refunds or risk racking up millions of dollars in interest.

“I know some of the taxpayers are wondering if the state is going to pay the refund,” said Carla Snellgrove of the Department of Revenue in Alabama, where more than 120,000 taxpayers are waiting for at least $63 million in income tax refunds.

That is the America we live in, where we are unemployed, not able to sleep at night, and wondering what is going to happen next while our Congress and White House work feverishly long into the night to either spend our great, great, great, great grand-children’s money or collapse our dollar completely.

Here is the America that we ALLOW Washington DC to live in:

White House Won’t Reveal How Much Michelle Obama’s European Vacation Cost Taxpayers

(CNSNews.com) – America may be in the midst of a deep recession, and the nation may be facing unprecedented deficit spending and debt, but the White House will not reveal the cost to taxpayers of the European vacation that first lady Michelle Obama and the president’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha, took last month.

Travel by an American first lady typically includes the military passenger jet that carries her and the children, Secret Service personnel to provide security, and a separate cargo plane to haul official vehicles.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s tour of Paris with her children included a convoy of 20 vehicles, according to news reports. She also moved by “motorcade” through London.

The full cost of such a trip would also include the expense of meals and lodging for Secret Service agents and possibly other staff.

In response to inquiries from CNSNews.com last week about the cost to taxpayers of the first lady’s European vacation, the White House did not provide a figure.

“Like previous administrations, the first lady will follow all the rules and regulations that are related to reimbursement for personal travel,” Michelle Obama’s press secretary Katie McCormick Lelyveld told CNSNews.com in a written response.

Combined, the first lady’s air travel cost would have been $44,843.28, under the White House estimate or $163,560.50, under the Air Force estimate, but these estimates are for fiscal year 1998 dollars.

Adjusted for inflation to 2009 dollars, the cost to taxpayers of the Washington-to-Paris-to-London-to-Washington air travel would have ranged from $58,834.02 to $214,591.38, according to the inflation estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

NBC News reported on June 10 that the first lady’s trip to London was supposed to be a “secret,” but the conspicuous movement of her motorcade made her presence in town known.

“It was supposed to be a secret trip, but the motorcade gave it away. First lady Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha and Malia, and their grandmother made a whirlwind trip to London minus dad, who flew home on Sunday.”

Here is the Obamanation’s promise of transparency for all to see.  I am wondering what it is going to take for America to completely and totally wake up to the path we have been led down for the last 120 years?

The articles you have just read are THE REASON for every single patriotic American to stop and consider converging on Washington D.C. on 9.12.09 to shut this government down for just one day.  If 5-10 MILLION people gather it might be difficult to move around the city or actually get anything done, and 5-10 MILLION Pissed Off Americans are somewhat hard to ignore even for the MSM!

My sincere hope would be to just send all their behinds packing, but I do realize baby steps are required.

Think hard fellow patriots.  This is a unique time only witnessed a few times in history and it is our curse to be living in interesting times….

For more information on the March, go here.

By Logistics Monster


  • Excellent, as always. Planning on being in DC on the 12th of September!

  • LM, most excellent as always! I,too, plan to be one of that 5 or hopefully 10 Million in DC on 912, reporting live and helping to Rally this Great and Grand Republic! See you both there–let’s make our room rez now!

    P.S. The tumbrils roll…and we are coming…

  • Thanks Dame…I did not want the insanity of these two stories to get lost in everything else they are slamming us with.

  • Practical Madman -

    Great post! It is time for a new revolution. I am not sure if we need the scale of the French, or even the American, but things are not going well and this ship MUST change course if we are to survive. Washington spends money faster than they can print it, and we are responsible for the bill, or rather our descendants, because they have already spent more that we could ever repay. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!

  • Leaping Spark -

    What a great coming out party for Sarah Palin if she wanted to be the keynote speaker.

  • Leaping Spark -

    I can only imagine the uproar she would cause at the 9/12 march on Washington DC, it would be a uproar heard from sea to shining sea. Obonzo would be hiding under his desk or behind Meanshelle. I would be a defining moment that would probably send a message to all the good old boys and girls of both parties that “We the People” are coming after them.

    Someone needs to extend the invitation to Sarah Palin so that she can write a kickass keynote speech followed by Lee Greenwood singing God bless the USA, the chants of USA,USA would probably shake the peoples crib right off it’s foundations.

    Just thinking out loud ya’ll.

  • as long as Uncle Ted is up on stage playing the Star Spangled Banner, then I can deal with Lee Greenwood. 😉

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Yes we can fire, abolish and impeach! Well, maybe not impeach. Why have’nt our military gone in there and taken him ut in hand cuffs yet? I’m gettin very impatient. That would be a very nice surprise for his welcome home from Russia. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I don’t know how my last comment got on this thread. It was suppossed to be on the previous one.

    Anyway, I’ll be in DC on Sep 12th with the rest of you. I think we should all carry signs demanding he show his credentials on the spot or we have millitary ready to go in after him with handcuffs. Why should we fool around with this usurper any longer? They can’t tell us at the last minute that we are not allowed in the city, can they?

  • Practical Madman -

    Be careful on 9/12…. I would be willing to bet that the capitol will be surrounded by FOREIGN troops armed to the teeth on that day! That is not our government anymore and our will means nothing to them.

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