IT should be so noted that even though there is very little MSM coverage of the July 4th Tea Parties; the number of tea parties and the number of people attending is growing – which would explain why only citizen journalists are following them.  September 12th should be rather interesting, yes?

I will be updating this post as more footage becomes available:

MUST WATCH THE ASHEVILLE VIDEO!  Did you take your oath today?

July4thPatriotJuly4thPatriot at Broken Arrow, OK Tea Party:
Part 1

Part 2


Morristown, NJ

Gilbert, AZ

Sulphur Springs, TX 7/3/09

Part II:

Atlanta 7/3/09 with Herman Cain
Part 1:

Part 2

Part 3

Wichita, KS

Austin, TX; Joe the Plumber:


Bellingham, WA


St. Louis:

Washington, Missouri:

Sequim, Washington:

Colorado State Capitol:

Port St. Lucie:

Baton Rouge:


Inverness, FL:

Washington DC:

Monticello, AR:

Kona, HI:

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