Day: July 4, 2009

Day One of Sarah Palin’s Independence

I never thought  Sarah was one to back away from a fight, and as I have been reading the newest smear against her and her family; the embezzlement of funds, I was wondering what would happen to Shannyn Moore and her cheetoh eating buddies. The attacks continue and the liberal moonbats have not yet realized that the gloves are off and Sarah's hands are no longer tied behind her back. On Day One of Sarah's independence, some people are already getting bloody noses!  Bitchin!..and good riddance to foul trash! Palin attorney warns press on 'defamatory material' Ratcheting up her offensive…
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July 4th Tea Parties

IT should be so noted that even though there is very little MSM coverage of the July 4th Tea Parties; the number of tea parties and the number of people attending is growing - which would explain why only citizen journalists are following them.  September 12th should be rather interesting, yes? I will be updating this post as more footage becomes available: MUST WATCH THE ASHEVILLE VIDEO!  Did you take your oath today? Asheville: July4thPatriot at Broken Arrow, OK Tea Party: Part 1 Part 2 Pittsburgh: Morristown, NJ Gilbert, AZ Sulphur Springs, TX 7/3/09 Part II: Atlanta 7/3/09 with Herman…
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